Hail the King Chapter 173.1

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Chapter 173: Devastating Undead Curse (Part 1)


The bowstring on the Bow of Eagle’s Wing vibrated mercilessly as Fei shot out the arrow.

However, the target was the Blackstone King’s horse.


Blackstone King who was already so scared lost all of the basic instincts of a two star warrior. When his horse fell to the ground, he didn’t react fast enough and fell down with the horse as well. He rolled on the ground for a few rounds; his face and clothes got all dirty, and a few of his teeth got knocked out of his mouth. The golden crown with the ruby as a decorative piece, which he would even wear in his sleep, also fell down and rolled to a bush quite far away.

In front of him, the only guard who was left looked back at him and whipped his horse as he escaped like a madman; he didn’t care about his king’s life at all. At this point, he just didn’t want Fei to target him with the sharp arrow.

A cold smile appeared on Fei’s face as he saw his enemies in such chaos.

He quickly switched back to Necromancer Mode, and the grey-whitish gloomy cold death energy surrounded him and covered his face and body. Then he quickly rushed to somewhere that was about twenty meters away from Blackstone King. At this moment, the Blackstone King didn’t notice Fei’s approach as his head was still dizzy from the fall.

Fei formed a fist with his hand and suddenly spread out his fingers. Grey death energy shot out of his five fingers and instantly turned into five grey ghost like creatures that were whining and crying. Like sharks that smelled blood, the five “ghosts” dashed towards Blackstone King and disappeared as they tore open the king’s armor and bit into it.

Necromancer curse skill – [Decrepit].

The target of the curse would quickly age and be slowed. Any damage that the target received was amplified.

After Fei casted the curse, he thought about it and wasn’t satisfied. He opened his palms again, and a cloud of death energy rotated in his palm like a mini-tornado. He pushed that energy towards the Blackstone King, and it instantly went into the king’s body as well. Then, Fei was the only one who was able to see that a light red flame appeared above the Blackstone King’s head.

Necromancer curse skill – [Confusion].

The target of the curse would fall into a state of anxiety and chaos. The target would turn very aggressive and want to attack everything around him or her while ignoring if they were allies or foe.

After casting the two spells, Fei finally stopped. Without hesitation, he switched back to Barbarian Mode and used [Leap]. In a few dashes, he disappeared from where he was standing. He was rushing back to Blackstone Fortress through the underground path he took before.

This was the first time he used cursed skills of Necromancer in real life.

[Decrepit] would make the king of Blackstone lose all of his energy and spirit and stay in a state of fast-aging and pain. Any kind of injury, including splinters from wood, would make him bleed continuously. [Confusion] on the other hand would make him very aggressive; even the closest people like his kids, wives, and trusted ministers would be attacked by him.

The Blackstone King would turn into a wasted man with these two curses on him. He would turned into a ferocious and violent beast.Tthe cleverness that he once had would all be gone. With regards to the Blackstone Kingdom, this king would only lead them to chaos and killing, and the kingdom would be in fear, uproar, and turbulence.

These two curses would be with the Blackstone King until he died – Unless someone voluntarily help him to get rid of the curses; but the chance of that happening was very slim. From the obscene old man Cain’s analysis, although the Necromancer skills and the undead magic on Azeroth Continent shared the same roots, they differed a lot of the techniques and casting processes. Fei was sure that no one in the Zenit Empire was able to get rid of the terrifying curses from the Diablo World.

Of course, Fei had thought about conquering Blackstone Kingdom before.

But this wasn’t the right time.

First, Chambord Expeditionary Force needed to go to St. Petersburg for the Military Practice. This opportunity had the priority on the list. Before Chambord had the power to battle with its parent empire, Fei would have to play by their rules. Through participating in the Military Exercise, Chambord was able to get more resources and space for future development. Also, Zenit, as the parent Empire, was able to protect Chambord who was in its infancy from external dangers like an umbrella.

Although the battle between the two kingdoms was already illegal, it could be covered by excuses like all of the corpses of mine slaves from Chambord, just like how Chambord used the excuses of the attack of the nine kingdoms to capture their princes. It didn’t really matter if Fei destroyed the buildings on the surface, but killing the royal family of a kingdom was considered treason since most of the kings were canonized by the Zenit Empire. Especially since Blackstone was a level 4 affiliated kingdom and Chambord was only a level 6, and thus the King of Blackstone had a higher status than Fei. If Fei killed the Blackstone King, the Law Enforcement Knight Palace would definitely be after him. Although Fei wasn’t scared of them, Chambord needed peace and time to grow, so it was smarter just to not get into any trouble. At this moment, Fei had to let this king live; there were plenty of opportunities to kill this enemy.

Through the dark and long underground tunnel, Fei soon returned to the Blackstone Fortress.

The battle was pretty much gone.

90% of the four thousand elite soldiers from Blackstone Kingdom were dead. The rest of them had dropped their weapons and kneeled down in the square, shivering as they waited for the Chambord’s soldiers’ commands.

Table of Content

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