Hail the King Chapter 172.2

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Chapter 172: Domination (Part two)


“Haha, I was afraid that you wouldn’t show up!”

Fei had long been ready for this. He instantly switched to [Amazon warrior mode]. Making a light grip in the air, a red flame flashed past, and at the next second, there was a peculiarly designed bow with triple edged barbs, just like a pair of opened eagle wings. The feathers stacked neatly, and the bow’s body was slender and refined, covered in crimson red scale-like patterns. Such a long bow appeared out of thin air in his left hand. With his left hand holding onto the bow string, a crimson magic arrow with fluctuating energy appeared.


Fei’s left hand became a red blur and the bowstring sounded as loud as thunder. Rows of red magic arrows shot out like bullets, in strings of ten, all towards the same direction. Under just three seconds, Fei actually shot out 120 magic arrows.

The Amazon’s powerful arrow skill – [Strafe].

Very soon-


A barrage of explosion sounds came from the distance, and don’t know what the arrows hit, but they triggered multiple violent explosions after piercing the stone walls. Dozens of magical energy fluctuations of different elements leaked out, and they were accompanied by a series of miserable screams…

Lampard and the others suddenly realized what happened. If it wasn’t for His Majesty the King’s fast reaction, the enemy’s charged magic attacks would’ve successfully been launched. By that time, casualties were inevitable. Everyone was once again shocked by Fei’s peerless shooting skills. This is their first time seeing Fei use a bow, and as a type of weapon that was usually deemed weak by elite warriors in the world of cultivation, it could actually give birth to such a powerful magic attack in the hands of His Majesty the King. It was even able to instantly kill dozens of hidden magicians. This inspired the Bylaw Enforcement Officers to tightly hold onto their ball, as they saw the direction for their future.

“Ahhhh, damn it, Alexander… It is not impossible for both of us to exist together!!”

The Black Stone King was flustered, and the malicious and vicious voice sounded again.

But this time he didn’t use the magic speaking array. The direction which his voice came from was very clear. Fei almost immediately leaped off the ground, and as he shot himself towards that direction, the eagle-wing-like bow also violently trembled once, and another barrage of magic flaming arrows shot out towards that direction too.


A giant fissure was torn open on the west side of the mountain wall by those magic arrows. The stone collapsed and revealed the buildings inside – there was indeed a secret chamber. Fei’s eyes were sharp like thunder, right away spotting the Black Stone King’s muscular back image running his a-s away into another passage in the secret chamber under protection of guards.

“Haha, running away now? Too late!”

Fei stepped into the stone chamber, and with the Eagle-Wing Bow in his hand, he dashed into the passage and closely followed.

This was a very narrow passage, so narrow that it could only let one person pass at a time. It was dark, narrow, yet long.

Fei maintained a high degree of vigilance, but his steps did not slow down at all and he was in hot pursuit.

It was about 10 minutes, and Fei started hearing the sound of footsteps coming from afar.


Fei raised his arm and shot an arrow right away.

A painful cry came along right after.

Fei got closer and took a glance, two guards were shot through the heart and died, and the Black Stone King was still running.

After about another 5 to 6 minutes, Fei’s vision suddenly broadened. He finally got out of the tunnel, but there was no trace of the Black Stone king and his guards. Fei jumped up to a higher ground, and he spotted the Black Stone King and 6 guards riding away on horses. So they had already prepared horses at the entrance of the secret tunnel, and the moment they got out, everything would be ready to go.

A cold smile hung on Fei’s face.


Another arrow shot out, and a Black Stone guard in the distance let out a shrilling cry as he fell off from the horseback.

“Black Stone King, you can’t escape!”

The current Black Stone King and his guards were still within the [Amazon] archer mode’s range.

However, Fei wasn’t in a hurry to kill this tyrant, but rather wanted him to experience the fear of death. Fei just casually let out arrows one after another, each taking away a life of a Black Stone guard that was riding beside the Black Stone King. Very soon, beside the king, there was only one heavily armored guard left.

Such a move really brought great deterrence and fear to the Black Stone King!

He was whipping his horse’s a-s like crazy as he was covered in sweat himself. Then, there would come miserable cries right beside him as he lost more and more guards. He couldn’t help but shiver, and an unprecedented feeling of fear came, he was this close to death for the first time. It was as if someone was already holding a sharp sword against his back, and a chill surged all the way from his tailbone to the top of his skull.

The Black Stone King’s soul was about to jump out of his body, he mercilessly stabbed the dagger into his warhorse’s a-s, which caused the horse to cry and run like crazy.

At that moment, Fei’s arrow had locked onto his back.

The moment he let loose the bowstring, the arrow could instantly kill this ambitious conspirator and tyrant right on the spot. But at that moment, Fei suddenly changed his mind, because he thought of an even better way to deal with this brutal king who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of defenseless Chambord citizens!

Table of Content

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