Hail the King Chapter 172.1

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Chapter 172: Domination (Part 1)

“Swear to destroy my Black Stone Kingdom?” The Black Stone King laughed, “Hahaha, Chambord King, you are too naïve. We can talk about it after you get out of this scorching mountain…” But in the middle of his sentence, his voice suddenly stopped, as if he was choked by someone right beside him and no words followed after that.

Thousands of archers hidden in the outposts and mountain walls shot into the sky. The sound of arrows pierced the sky, and the vibration of the bow strings echoed in the mountains. Waves after waves of arrows that blotted out the sun began flying towards Chambord’s army.

The arrows dropped down like a torrential rain, and as can be expected, the arrow rain actually completely covered the battlefield indiscriminately. Many Black Stone soldiers didn’t have enough time to retreat and were shot by their own archers. Some gained a hole in their chest, some got shot in the eye, and some got shot in the leg. They all cried miserably as they fell to the ground, and before they even had time to struggle, they were instantly shot into hedgehogs.

“Ahhh… same side…”

“Stop shooting, we are on the same side…”

The Black Stone soldiers’ screams sounded like hell on earth.

However, such a level of arrows wouldn’t trouble high level elites like Lampard, Cech, and the others. Before the arrows even come into a meter-distance around them, the arrows would powerlessly fall. To fighters like Warden Oleg and the other muscular men, their physical body were enhanced by large doses of the [Hulk Potion]. Their skin became tough and thick, and normal arrows, if not shot from heavy crossbows or not aiming for eye or other key parts, wouldn’t hurt them at all.

Other than the 6 master fighters, the sky-covering arrow rain still brought a little trouble to the other Saint Seiyas. Although there was heavy armor covering large areas of their bodies, there would still be someone that got shot in the arms or legs that were not covered. However, at this moment, the Chambord soldiers’ morale already surged because of King Alexander’s words earlier. The blood-boiled warriors actually forgot the feeling of pain. They just pulled out the arrows from their body, roared and continued their charge.

“Hahahaha, Chambord King, today I will let you witness your own elites dying under a rain of arrows due to your impulsiveness and stupidity!” The Black Stone King’s voice sounded again, but it was a little erratic. Fei tilted his ears trying to capture the direction of the source, but there were no results.

“What a joke, you think your douchebags can kill my Chambord warriors?” Fei sneered and shouted, “Bylaw Enforcement Officers, shoot down all of those archers!”

Pew pew pew pew pew pwew~

A series of even more sonorous bow string sounds began echoing in response to Fei’s command, and they instantly took command of the sky.

The arrows were like hungry locusts, eagerly flying to their enemies.

The bows used by Chambord’s Bylaw Enforcement officers were manufactured by Chambord’s blacksmiths under the guidance of high level blacksmiths and casting masters of the Diablo world. These officers all more or less took some [Hulk Potion], although their change weren’t as drastic as Warden Oleg or the others. Their strength, though, had definitely significantly improved, capable of lifting thousands of pounds of weight. So, these bows were all super powerful bows tailor-designed for these officers. Plus, these guys also learned from the female rogues, and they became god-tier shooters. Very soon, 50 or so of these bows gradually suppressed the thousands of enemy archers.




Even though the enemy archers were hiding, they were still shot down easily by the Bylaw Enforcement officers. And those Black Stone Archers that were standing on the high ground with their flies wide open, they had nowhere to hide or run. Just like dumplings getting boiled, they suddenly began falling down as they screamed.

“Kill the archers first!”

With the command, the six master warriors jumped out of the crowd at the same time. They all chose a different direction and began mercilessly slaughtering, and all the skills they used were large area ultimate killing techniques. After a quick slaughter, the black castle walls kept breaking apart due to the immense force and the two mountain sides also began to collapse. Giant boulders began falling off and killed many Black Stone soldiers that were trying to hide. At that moment, it felt like the end of the world, with all the dust and dirt covering the sky. Under the terrifying attacks, the thousand Black Stone archers were like crops exposed to the scorching sun and the brutal blizzard. Soon most died, and those that luckily survived all turned around to escape, not daring to pop up their head again.

Chambord city reclaimed their upper hand.

The Black Stone Army’s defeat was inevitable. This fortress that was carefully operated for many years would turn into ruins, and become history, bearing witness of the Chambord Warriors’ glory.

But, just then, Fei’s face changed.

Because he suddenly felt clearly that there were more than 10 weak magical forces fluctuating, beginning to gather on both sides of the mountain walls in the distance. This phenomenon was clearly caused by sorcerers or magic matrices gathering magical power and charging to make a powerful strike.

As Fei expected, a kingdom like the Black Stone Kingdom indeed hid magic power from the public.

They already possessed the power of magic.

The Black Stone King painstakingly ran his kingdom for so many years. Not only had its army size and equipment tiers far surpassed Chambord’s, they were even ahead in the cultivation of magic. The voice-transmitting magic array that appeared in the secret chamber on the side of the mountain was one piece of evidence. Now, there were dozens of magic energy fluctuations that would for sure deal significant damage to the Chambord expedition army if activated.

Table of Content

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