Hail the King Chapter 171.2

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Chapter 171: Undefeated (Part 2)

Instantly, the 60 or so enemies within 20 meters in front were clearly cut in half at the waist, including their armor and the weapons in their hands. Even the castle wall behind them had a 1-meter deep sword cut in it. Many soldiers didn’t even feel any pain, let alone know what was happening. Their feet were still running but the upper half of their body was stopped in place…

“Giiiiigaaaaaaanttttttttiiccccccccccccccccccccccccc Hoooooooornnnnnnnnnnnn!”

The Taurus Saint Seiya Drogba’s huge body leaned slightly forward. A golden light flashed on his head, and a golden helmet with two sexy giant horns appeared. In the next instant, Drogba’s legs unleashed explosive strength which sent him sprinting forward! They saw that all the enemies that got in his way had their bodies shattered into pierces, and suddenly heads, arms, legs, bodies, butts, began flying everywhere…

Such a simple charge of about 30 meters sent 60 soldiers to hell.

Aftering witnessing this incredible scene, the old man Zola and the thin boy Modrich that were situated inside the Chambord army’s protection circle went through the emotional stages of the initial shock, to the current state of blood-boiling. Even though, in the past, the fame of the Chambord King and the knights under his command had already been spread to their ears, which lit the fire of hope as their body went through all kinds of painful torture and supported them through all hardship… even though they once fantasized about how mighty the Chambord King and his army were… but even with the most optimistic fantasies, they did not imagine that they would see what they are seeing now…


Too powerful!

This degree of strength had gone far beyond the imagination of all Chambord citizens that were enslaved here.

Old man Zola couldn’t help but let his tears roll down his wrinkled face. Thank f*cking god, our Chambord City finally has a mighty king and powerful knights that can protect its people! Such a sudden feeling of happiness was so unreal, Zola and Modrich both tried to rub their eyes, scared that at the next instant they would come to the realization that it was just an illusion.

As their blood was boiling, the young man that saved them both, the back image of Chambord’s King Alexander, suddenly transformed into a purple and green light in the mad wind. Everywhere he went past, all the enemies from Black Stone Kingdom were sliced in half. Even those star-tier warriors that were normally well-respected and normally referred to as elites were not able to survive for an instant under the Chambord King’s sword.

This was a truly unrivaled king!

“Shoot arrows! Hurry and shoot arrows!”

A sharp, angry voice suddenly came from above the walls of the Black Stone Fortress, and this loud voice finally snapped those Black Stone archers that stood in the mountains back to reality. They fought back their fear and began pulling on their bow.

“Black Stone King, I’ve waited for you for a long time!”

Fei shouted, he suddenly leaped up and shot himself towards the cliff where the sound came from. The purple and green swords disappeared, and Fei’s two fists brutally struck the mountain side with terrifying strength!

During this time, in addition to killing all the elites that could pose a threat to the Saint Seiyas, Fei had been searching for the Black Stone King’s hideout. He was certain, under this situation, such an ambitious and brutal king would surely hide at a corner to command his army. During that morning, Fei already remembered the Black Stone King’s voice, and when that voice sounded, Fei was immediately certain that the speaker was definitely the Black Stone King.


Two terrifying punches bombarded the mountain side, and the steep mountain wall suddenly exposed a 2-meter wide and deep pit. A large amount of gravel fell down. There was indeed a hidden chamber on the mountain side, and the people hidden inside were instantly killed by the shockwave.

Fei swept past the dead bodies, and noticed that the enemy king was not among them.

But, a simple small magic seal appeared in Fei’s vision, and it was destroyed.

Fei suddenly understood what happened. This was a very simple voice transmission magic seal, just like a speaker in his past life, it could broadcast words from elsewhere to here and amplify it… Looks like the Black Stone King was talking out of this magic seal just now.

“Chambord King, you dare to attack my Black Stone Fortress! You breached the imperial law, hehe, don’t get too happy, sooner or later you will be trialed by the Empire’s judgement team!”

Black Stone King’s voice echoed in the valley.

“Go f*ck yourself! You harmed my people, I will slaughter your entire city…” Fei roared, “When thousands of people from my city died at that death pit in the back mountains of your Fortress, how come the Imperial Law didn’t cross your mind? Black Stone Kingdom must pay the price for what it did! I swear to the God of War, Your Majesty the King Alexander swears with the royal glory of Chambord City, I will kill the Black Stone King, and destroy Black Stone City!”

Table of Content

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