Hail the King Chapter 170.2

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Chapter 170: Conquer the fortress, leave no lives behind! (Part Two)

The sky was bright, but suddenly the wind started to blow. Then, a ton of dark cloud started to appear from a side of the sky. Soon, the clouds covered the entire sky and made everything very dark as everyone felt a terrifying storm in the making.

“Who else is still alive?” Fei asked: “Where are they now?”

“Four days ago, all the survivors from Chambord were gathered together and locked up at the underground water dungeon in this Blackstone Fortress. I heard that the Blackstone King was getting ready to kill them all to vent his anger…” A concerned expression appeared on Zolasc’s face when he said that.

Fei held his fists tightly.

He looked at Blackstone Fortress below the cliff that looked very organized and tight with a decisive expression on his face. He made a decision, “King of Blackstone, humph! He will pay for his actions with blood. The entire Blackstone Kingdom will be wiped out… As the king of Chambord, I swear on it!”

“Let’s go!”

Fei grabbed onto Modric and Zolasc and jumped down the hundred meter tall cliff like a bird. When they were about twenty meters above the ground, Fei switched to Druid Mode and summoned a big bird in front of them. He stepped onto the back of this giant raven with his toes and to stop falling as he and the other two landed on the ground safely.

Modric, who had seen Fei’s power, was already used to this, but it was the elder Zolasc’s first time seeing anyone this powerful. He was shocked, but when he remember that this young man was the twenty fifth king of Chambord, he became every excited again. “All the rumors are true; the king of Chambord does have an unbelievable power!” He thought.

In a few leaps, he had already returned to that square.

At this moment, the situation changed.

The soldiers of Blackstone were already forming into groups and charging towards Chambord’s forces through all streets and back alleys. They soon tightly circled around Chambord’s Expeditionary Force. Shouting and battle noises sounded, and many corpses were on the ground at the battle’s frontline; however, they were all blacked armored soldiers of Blackstone.

Without Fei’s command, Chambord’s Expeditionary Force only defenced and didn’t attack.

Even so, more than a hundred Chambord’s soldiers were like large stones in a fast current. They weren’t backing off and were virtually indestructible. Every time the black flood rushed onto the stone, they were smashed into pieces and bled severely.


Fei roared as he raised his hand. The druid’s elemental power rushed and circled around his hand, and then a red beam of fire dashed into the Blackstone soldiers.

The dim red beam of fire was around the thickness of an arm. There was no magic surging around it, and it looked harmless. Therefore, the soldiers of Blackstone didn’t pay attention to it, and some of them even mocked it.

But that this moment, things changed –

When this red beam was about two meters away from the ground, this flame suddenly bulged and turned into a dark red spherical ball that was about three meters in diameter. Spider web-like slits and cracks were on the fireball, and every single crack emitted terrifyingly hot orange flames. It smashed onto the ground and instantly killed five Blackstone soldiers who couldn’t get away.

However, the nightmare wasn’t over.

When the fireball landed on the ground, it started to roll with the momentum towards the crowd. Everywhere it went, lava floated out of the cracks and created fiery walls about two meters high. The terrifying fires burnt the soldiers around it into ash; even their weapons and armors were turned into metal liquid…

It was the Druid’s skill – [Molten Boulder].

The chaotic elemental power summoned a huge lava stone that smashed all the enemies into ashes. It was one of the two Druid’s skills that Fei had aside from summoning and shape shifting skills. It was perfect for a ground battle.


A series of red beams of fire shot out of Fei’s hands, and all of them turned to [Molten Boulders]. Except for where Chambord’s Expeditionary Force was standing, everywhere else turned into a sea of fire. The screams and cries of Blackstone soldiers resonated in the sky!


Fei landed beside Lampard.

“Your majesty…” The six masters of Chambord came close to him. They relaxed when they saw that Fei was okay.

“Warriors’ of Chambord, listen to my order… Kill!” Fei passed Zolasc and Modric to soldiers around him as he switched back to Barbarian Mode. His hands reached into the air and he grabbed onto the purple and green dual swords as two lights flashed by. He shouted, “Kill! Leave no lives behind! Wipe this Blackstone Fortress clean!”

At this time, the [Molten Boulder] had already disappeared, and the elemental power dispersed into the air. The fire slowly went out, but these magic strikes had killed three to four hundred Blackstone soldiers. The unbelievable power scared these soldiers to death. Although they had a numbers advantage, they didn’t dare charge at Chambord’s soldiers anymore.

Under Fei’s command, the fifty Saint Seiyas turned into six groups under the six powerful warriors’ lead and charged into their enemies, and bloody rain started to fall from the sky.

Table of Content

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