Hail the King Chapter 168.1

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Chapter 168: Waiting for the Great New King (Part 1)

Accompanying this eyebrow-raising scream, they saw a skinny teenager who was crazily struggling in the distance. His shoulders were brutally pierced by several Black Stone soldiers using a giant iron hook. The young teenager was being driven mad by the pain, and his scream pierced everyone’s heart. However, the howling, begging, and crying didn’t play even have a little effect, but instead were perceived as entertainment in the eyes of those soldiers.

The poor lad was dragged for over 20 meters, leaving behind a long bloody trail.

After being dragged to the small stone square, the young lad was quickly tied ruthlessly to a stone pillar by the grim-looking soldiers with barbed iron chains. The iron hooks deeply dug into the young man’s muscles, and immediately after, an officer resembling person began whipping this teen. At this moment, this poor young lad clearly didn’t have much life left inside of him, losing his consciousness and just letting the whip torture his body. He only instinctively twitched once or twice, and even lost the strength to make any noise…

Fei frowned even harder.

Just at this moment-

“Pooh! This damn pitiful Chambord bone, I should’ve dragged him out to feed the dogs! He actually dares to be lazy, now just watch me skin him alive!” The little officer mercilessly whipped the young boy a few times, and then he angrily scolded as if he hasn’t gotten enough enjoyment and the young boy’s already about to die.

“Boss, is this little tramp also from Chambord city?” The other soldier asked.

“Well, half a year ago, the Blood-Edge mercenary group sent him here, and he was said to be from Chambord city… F*ck I was blind, I saw his skinny as* and pitied him so I kept him in the city to sweep the barracks, but who knew that this little bitch would dare to steal my things. All of those Chambord bastards are lowly and despicable. It was said that their idiot king is back to normal now, but in my opinion, that r—-d should’ve been send here to mine for us a long time ago…” The officer kept on cursing.

At this moment, in the distance, Fei was immediately enraged.


This teenager was from Chambord city?!

Beside him, Pete- Cech, Frank Lampard and a few other elites all had good hearing, and they naturally heard the conversation of those few Black Stone soldiers. Immediately, a raging anger was ignited in their heart instantly, and they immediately realized that sh*t’s about to go down. Ever since their Majesty the King was restored to normal, he was absolutely the embodiment of mercy, justice, courage, and matchless might, and there’s just one thing about him… he’s for sure famous for taking his people’s side no matter who was in the wrong. In the past, at the victory celebration party for defeating the Black Armored Army, just for a few citizens, Fei dared to massacre the ten knights and the Imperial Knight command Chemac, in front of the Empire’s prince. After seeing today’s scene, without a doubt, His Majesty the King wouldn’t care at all about his situation of being inside Black Stone’s military fortress. There will for sure be someone that will bear the wrath of His Majesty, and pay the price.

Chew chew chew chew~

The bow strings successively sounded, and the four sharp arrows almost hit those soldiers at the same time. An arrow penetrated the arm of the officer of those four that was holding the whip, and nailed him to the stone pillar. The other three soldiers all took an arrow to the knee. With a few bloody flowers blooming, they involuntarily kneeled to the ground.

However, the person that acted was not Fei.

It was Fei’s personal bodyguard, the blond man Fernando Torres.

This personal bodyguard of Fei’s was very smart. He was also very hard working. After the [Hulk Potion] refined his body, he not only trained hard to reach two-star levels, he also followed the powerful mercenary Elena and learned god-like bow skills. Initially, he was promoted by Fei to be his personal bodyguard after he almost died committing a righteous act, so naturally, he was the type of person that didn’t like seeing someone getting bullied. Speaking of the personality, he’s probably liked to protect his people even more than Fei. But at this moment, Torres also had another thought. He understood that it is indeed a little not suitable for His Majesty the King’s position to punishes those thug-like soldiers himself, so he decided to act before Fei had to. Also, Torres’s shots were right to the point, the four arrows were controlled really well, only injuring those people but didn’t instantly take their lives.

Fei nodded to Fernando Torres with satisfaction, then gestured to tell everyone to stay and remain vigilant. He hurried to the pillar with Lampard and the other six elite warriors.

Fei summoned the purple sword, and with a shake of the blade, Fei easily broke the barbed chains on that young boy’s body. Not disgusted by the blood, he gently placed the little boy into his arms and then changed to [Paladin Mode]. A light gold aura began surging around Fei’s body as he activated the [Prayer] skill. Then, a little golden ring was thrown out from Fei’s palm and disappeared into the young boy’s body.

At this time, Fei’s [Paladin] had reached almost level 34, so his skill [Prayer] was already incredibly well practiced, allowing Fei to freely control the size of the ring.

In the Diablo world, this golden ring could heal 100 HP within 10 seconds. In the real world, the effect of this golden ring obviously wouldn’t show a numerical effect, but the healing effect was obvious. After the golden ring disappeared into the young man’s body, his body began exuding a faint layer of gold light, and the external injuries began healing rapidly. All the bloody scars began sealing on their own, and even the two wrist-sized holes on his shoulder areas slowly stopped bleeding and began healing.

The five senses seemed to have slowly returned to the thin body, and the young boy let out a painful screen. Then, as if he just had a nightmare, the young boy’s body began trembling before he even opened his eyes, and he started saying some begging words…

“Ahhhhhh!! Where did these wild dogs come from? Are you guys tired to living? How dare you do this to your Master Robbie, me! You are really try to die aren’t you!!” That officer-like soldier also began acting tough. He pulled out the arrow from his wrist with a grim look and shouted, “Taylor, Eddie… What the f*ck are you bastards doing? Get the f*ck out there and kill those dogs that don’t know who they are messing with!”

Table of Content

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