Hail the King Chapter 167.1

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Chapter 167: A Scream (part 1)

Watching the scattered golden hair dancing in the wind, the Black Stone King’s face turned pale. This humiliation was akin to being slapped across the face in public. He felt a burning anger welling up in him. However, the cold feeling on his neck was a reminder to control himself from expressing his anger.

It was clear that the strength of the Chambord King far exceeded the description on his report. He was absolutely capable of cutting off  his head instantly … this was too horrifying!

The Black Stone King reluctantly turned around and looked at the cavalry soldier by his side in silver armour, and he saw his eyes flash as he undetectably shook his head.

The Black Stone King heaved a sigh. He instantly understood the meaning from the cavalry soldier – it was clear that the Chambord King had greater strength, which had far exceeded the plan they envisioned before. It seemed that the plan would never be achieved…  No matter how unwilling his heart felt, there was nothing he could possibly do. In the Azeroth continent where the Law of Jungle, the deterrent force of an elite fighter is way beyond the army. The Black Stone King had only mediocre talent, he had only achieved the two-star strength rank when he reached age fifty. However, the reason he was able to become one of the kings that specially focused on military strength, aside from his royal bloodline, was his forbearance and tactics, so he naturally knew what kind of strategy was the best choice in such situation.

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” One….. Two……”

Fei ignored the enemy’s thoughts. His Majesty sat on the back of [Black Whirlwind] counting numbers. Each number sounded like a heavy hammer that struck into each and everyone of the Blackstone King and knights’ hearts. Fei’s cold voice caused their hearts to beat faster and ther hands to subconsciously grip their weapons strongly.

“Four….. Five……. Six ……”

Fei counted number unhurriedly.

The chilly late autumn wind blew through the whole Blackstone force army. Don’t know why, the Black Stone Army suddenly felt that this gorgeous orange morning sky was unprecedentedly cold.


“……. Seven…… Eight……”

These were just a few simple numbers coming unhurriedly from His Majesty’s mouth, but at this moment these words boiled the blood of every Chambord soldier. It seemed that there were something trying to pour out from their chests.  The Black Stone kingdom had always been harsh towards Chambord’s citizens, using any excuse as a chance to abuse them. Who knew that there would be a day that the King of Chambord could, with only sword, deter a whole two thousand Blackstone knights, in addition to forcing the selfish and arrogant Blackstone King to become obsequious, afraid to speak and express his anger. At this moment, Chambord soldiers sunk into anger, and counted the numbers with Fei, as if they were about to vent all the humiliation from the Black Stone Kingdom.

More than a hundred muscular men from Chambord shouted angrily together. The momentum came simultaneously, the voices flowed with the sound of their eagerness to kill, shaking everyone’s soul.

The tide of battle was instantly reversed.

Even though the Chambord expeditionary army was smaller in number, they gained the upper hand in this battle.

The roar from less than two hundred soldiers was even more ground-breaking than the two thousand Blackstone Knights banging their spears against their shields to signal their horses to charge.

Pressing the edge!

No one dared to look straight!

“ Nine……”

Simultaneously, Fei held up an empty hand. There was a purple light that turned into a long purple sword. Every soldier looked at His Majesty the King’s action, and all Chambord city soldiers immediately drew their swords. Along came the sound of metal clanging against each other.

The clash of cold steel became the last straw that broke the camel’s back. The Black Stone King was frightened, and at that moment he as if he remembered the previous phantom-like figure flying through the air to get him again.  His horse suddenly reared and neighed, and the king finally exclaimed “Retreat……”

Rumble- !!!

Like a black lake tide receding, the two thousand Black Stone knights backed up the route immediately, and disappeared into Blackstone fortress leaving behind a cloud of white smoke and dust.

“Pooh!” Taurus Golden Knight Drogba spat on the floor in disdain.

“They ran pretty quickly… …” Capricorn Saint Seiya Pierce appeared a little disappointed.


Ten minutes later, the Chambord army arrived at the Black Stone fortress gate.

Fei originally thought that the Blackstone king would try to make things difficult. He even prepared to have Elder princess Tanasha knock on the door. But surprisingly, the Black Stone fortress gates were widely opened, Blackstone defenders obviously had received an order to not block the Chambord army. They directed Fei’s people into the city.

“Could it be that the Black Stone king wants to trap us in and fight us … wrap me up like a dumpling after I enter the city?” Fei thought casually, without a trace of fear. He petted the [Black Whirlwind] under his crotch and became the first who stepped into the Black Stone fortress.

Cech and Lampard who were behind Fei obviously also had the same thought. Several commands were passed down, and the expeditionary formation changed. Angela and Natasha’s carriage got assigned more Bylaw Enforcement Officers to guard and the formation became looser on the outside, but tough on the inside. Everyone stayed highly alerted. However, there weren’t any attacks from the beginning till the end.

Inside the Black Stone fortress was very calm, and everything was running orderly.

Fei carefully observed this hostile country’s number 1 military fortress with thoughts in his mind.

Table of Content

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