Hail the King Chapter 166.2

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Chapter 166: The Meeting of Two Kings (Part two)

However, Chambord Kingdom and Blackstone Kingdom were currently in a hostile relationship; it would be very hard for Chambord’s Expeditionary Force to get across. If the expeditionary force of Chambord didn’t put up the flag that stated that they were going for Zenit’s Military Exercise, they would be treated as invaders by Blackstone Kingdom as soon as they stepped into Blackstone’s territories. Someone had recommended Fei to choose another path and avoid going through [Burning Sun Mountains]. They wanted to get to St. Petersburg by walking on the edge of the mountain since the Roaring Flame Beasts and the war horses were fast. Therefore, they would be able to arrive at St. Petersburg on time. However, Fei rejected that recommendation.

If they did that, wouldn’t it show that Chambord was scared of Blackstone?

Fei was going to step over Blackstone Fortress directly with pride.

The only thing was that before Chambord’s Expeditionary Force could get close to Blackstone Fortress, the gate to the fortress suddenly opened. Then, a series of bugle sounds resonated in the sky. The dust on the ground was sent into the sky as a black armored cavalier force rushed out of the fortress; there were at least two thousand cavaliers in that force. A blonde haired and bearded elder that was about fifty years old led the charge. He was wearing a golden helmet covered in diamond. His expression was gloomy, and viciousness filled his eyes. He pointed his hands forward, and the cavaliers divided themselves into two streams and charged at Chambord’s Expeditionary Force from the two sides with unhidden hostility and murderous intent.

“Formation – Defense!”

Cech kept his cool the entire time. He shouted and the fifty Saint Seiyas jumped off of the Roaring Flame Beasts and hooked the fifty-iron tower shields together. They instantly formed one mobile iron defense wall. The defense wall formed into a V-shape. At the very front of the formation, Warden Oleg laughed viciously with the huge axe held tightly in his hands. Right behind him, Pierce and Drogba stood beside each other with two hammers… When facing enemies, the three battle hungry warriors didn’t have any sense of fear on their faces, and an excited and hungry expression appeared instead.

Crack, crack, crack – !

The hundred Bylaw Enforcement Force divided themselves into two groups. One group sat on their horses and drew their bows. White-feathered arrows shined in the sun and were aimed at the enemies that were charging at them. These soldiers were all god-tier archers, and they had the ability to shoot down fifty elite enemy cavaliers with one round of firing. The other group in the Bylaw Enforcement Force made of fifty soldiers guarded the Eldest Princess’s magic carriage to prevent Her Highness and the future queen Angela from being attacked by the cavaliers.

As for King Alexander, he had no one beside him except for his bodyguard Fernando-Torres.

In every soldier’s eyes, their king was a true invincible master who didn’t need the protection of weaker soldiers. If they actually stood in front of the king, it would be an insult to him.

The cavaliers from Blackstone Kingdom rushed by quickly.

Although they had a strong presence, they didn’t charge and initiate the attack right away. Instead, they circled around Chambord’s Expeditionary Force. They rode their horses around Chambord’s force in circles as they collided their spears with their shields and made loud sounds. The noise from more than two thousand people hitting their shields sounded like an earthquake and the gods’ anger. These sounds were so loud that they seemed tangible. A violent wind blew the dust off the ground and pushed it towards the Chambord’s force that was surrounded in the middle.

This was battle presence, the battle presence of cavaliers.

On the battlefield, if their battle presence was used properly, it would achieve the goal of making the enemies surrender without fighting them.

In many situations, the rookie soldiers who had never fought in battle or wars before would mentally break down and crap their pants when they experience it for the first time.

It was obvious that these two thousand cavaliers were veterans who had been through numerous battles. They were very experienced at creating impressive battle presence. Although there were only a little more than two thousand enemies, they created the presence of having more than ten thousand soldiers. The palms of every Chambord soldier started to sweat. Their lips started to dry, and their throats started to tickle as they felt nervous. After all, they had never been through a real battle on the battlefield.

However, all these were not important because Chambord had a super big black dog.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

The big black dog that was letting out a deep roar through its throat suddenly started to shouted angrily; it was so loud that it sounded like a huge dragon’s howl.

What happened next was unimaginable – The dog’s bark instantly covered the battle presence that the more than two thousand cavaliers created. Also, this dog bark had an indescribable and shocking effect on the horses. More than a dozen Blackstone’s horses that were running around Chambord’s Expeditionary Force suddenly collapsed onto the group due to fear. Their bodies started to twitch, and white foam spurted out of their mouths. The cavaliers that were riding on them didn’t expect this to happen. Like dumplings, they all fell to the ground due to the momentum… This scene made the battle presence that the Blackstone’s cavaliers created with a ton of effort instantly disappear.

Everyone from Chambord didn’t hesitate to laugh at this.


The elder with the golden helmet shouted, and the Blackstone’s cavaliers that were circling around Chambord’s Expeditionary Force stopped. The dozen poor cavaliers were already stomped on into meat paste by their peers. The viciousness and hatred in the elder’s eyes was so great that it could almost be solidified. He divided the cavaliers in half and rode his horse forward towards Fei slowly as he stared at him tightly. He was holding onto the golden sword in his hands so tightly that his palms were turning white. His knuckles were popping, and his veins were bulging. After a while, he let one of his hands go from the sword unwillingly as he said maliciously, “I’m Condi, the king of Blackstone. King Alexander, leave the murderers of my third prince Eric and my two hundred cavaliers and I will let you guys go. Otherwise…!”

As he said that, all of cavaliers that surrounded Chambord’s Expeditionary Force pointed the tip of their spears at them in cooperation with their king’s threat.

The murderous spirit was real.

“Yawn… Auh. I don’t know what you are talking about.” Fei stretched his back and said, “Someone was killed last night? No wonder why there was a bright rosy dawn this morning. The shouting last night prevented me from getting a good night of sleep. King of Blackstone, the public security and order in your Blackstone territory is not very good!”

“You…” The golden haired and golden beard strong elder was so mad that his heart skipped a beat. His expression became very serious as he shouted, “Alexander, how dare you act to arrogantly in front of my Blackstone’s elite soldiers.  Hehe, for killing a prince of a Level 4 affiliated kingdom, the law is on my side even if we take this case in front of Emperor Essen. If I want, I can command and make the Royal Family of Chambord lose their bloodline!”

Fei lightly glanced around at the cavaliers with a murderous spirit and said with a very disdainful tone, “Clear a path for us in ten seconds and let us move. Otherwise… Blackstone Kingdom will never have a king again!”

After he said that, Fei’s body lightly shook. Everyone felt like Fei had blurred for a second. The king of Blackstone felt his neck get a little cold, and he instantly reached for his neck in surprise. He found that the blonde beard that he combed and took care of every morning was shorter. When he looked up, he saw the King of Chambord, who was standing on his opposite side, sprinkling his blonde beard in the cool autumn wind…… Every cavalier from Blackstone gasped in shock.

Except for a few high level warriors, no one else saw how King Alexander of Chambord moved and attacked.

Table of Content

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