Hail the King Chapter 165.2

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Chapter 165: Masters all out, the murderous intent at night (Part 2)

“It’s about right. We will come back again in forty minutes!” A muscular young knight resembling the captain of this team of cavaliers took off his helmet and laughed on his horse. “I do feel pity towards these Chambord peasants. They couldn’t get a good night sleep, and they probably won’t have the energy to pick up their weapons tomorrow……”

“Hahaha, yeah. Condi, his majesty came up with a great strategy!” A cavalier beside the captain added.

An arrogant expression appeared on the young knight’s face. He said with a disdainful smile on his face, “Of course. My father is intelligent and far-sighted. How could that idiot king of Chambord compare with him? We will let him live a bit longer. Humph! When the time is right, we will conquer Chambord Kingdom, capture all those Chambord low lives, and make them mining slaves that work in the dark and moist mining pits in the [Burning Sun Mountains]! All their descendants can only be slaves as well!”

“Retreat – ! Let’s head back to the Blackstone Bunker and have some rest. We will come back in forty minutes to ‘comfort’ these pitiful low lives!”

The young knight waved his hands, and all the cavaliers turned their horses around and was about to rush back to the military fortress that was located in a short distance…… But at this moment – “Since you guys came to seek your own death, why are you guys leaving?”

A sneer sounded, but the cavaliers couldn’t tell where it came from. Before the cavaliers were able to react, a green and a purple light suddenly shone in the pitch dark night. Like two lights from hell, they dashed towards the cavaliers like meteors and make four puffing sounds. Four streams of red blood spurted into the air, and the four heads also fell to the ground. The heads belonged to the four cavaliers on the very right side of the formation who didn’t even have the chance to defend. But now, they were four headless corpses…… “Enemy strike!” A high-pitched screamed instantly sounded.

“Be careful, he is on the right……”

“Kill him! Kill him right now!!”

“I couldn’t spot him, he is too fast. Back, back back! He is a master! A very powerful warrior!!”

The cavaliers fell into a state of chaos. The assassin who suddenly appeared was like a demon that was harvesting lives. His speed was so fast that it was unimaginable. Every time the green and the purple lights shone in the dark, two cavaliers would die like wheat under a sickle. They couldn’t even put up a fight. Although these cavaliers were trying their best to defend, they couldn’t even slow this figure down for one second! The powerful presence of this assassin made the situation become more and more chaotic.

“Don’t panic! Establish the formation!!” The young captain shouted.

However, his command wasn’t very useful.

When all the cavaliers were looking at their right in panic, something suddenly happened to the left side of the formation. A star like light suddenly shone, and the light instantly grew brighter and hotter. The violent lights made all the cavaliers lost all sensations for a second as a series of lightning like light beams exploded around them …… “Lightning Speed Fists!!”

A deep roar suddenly resonated, and the strong lights beams struck on every cavaliers that was within ten meters radius from the voice. The young knight captain opened his eyes wide and big as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was actually seeing something the he couldn’t even imagine – Every soldier who the strong light beam shone on had their iron armors struck thought, their helmet broke apart, thick shields dented heavily, and their weapons chipped as if these items were made out of wood. Even the war horses that they were riding on bled through their noses. He felt like they were struck by numerous fists as dense thudding sounds resonated in the area around him. He couldn’t do anything but watch those invisible yet devastating fists do their work. After that, the attack toned down a little.

Finally, those bright light beams disappeared.

A thick and strong body appeared in his eyes. There a huge black sword on this man’s back as if the man was carrying a magnificent mountain. Despite the fact that he struck through a lot of cavaliers, there wasn’t a single blood stain on his dark red cape.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

After the breeze blew by in the dark night, more than twenty cavaliers who had terrifying punch marks and indents on their bodies and died already couldn’t keep their balances any more. With their dead war horses that also got all the bones crushed, they fell to the ground one after another powerlessly.

So fast!

It was just way too fast!

It was so fast that it beyond the detection of human eyes. In other words, ordinary human eyes couldn’t even catch this man’s movements!

The young knight instantly felt a chill going down his spines, dispersing into every corner of his body. He was not weak; in fact, he was a mid-tier two star warrior and was one of the strongest princes in the Blackstone Kingdom. However, even he was not able to capture this strong man’s movement, attacking angles and fists’ trajectories…… “How fast are this man’s punches?”

The fact that his eyes couldn’t capture this man’s movement meant that he was no match to the enemies even if he fought himself.

“Who are you guys? Don’t you guys know that we are the Wind Cavalry of Blackstone? How dare you provoke the Blackstone Kingdom? Do you all want to die?” The young captain’s heart started to sink towards his stomach. He shouted angrily and dropped the name of the Blackstone Kingdom as if it would bring him more courage and confident.

“Hehe, we are here to kill all the bastards of Blackstone Kingdom!”

“Yuck! Is your shitty little kingdom that strong?”

The man who had the huge black sword on his back didn’t bother to acknowledge the young knight captain, but two loud thunder like shouts sounded from not too far away and answered the young knight’s question. His cavaliers’ screams started to sound right after a second as two topless strong men with muscles that made them look like mountains charged towards him with huge axes that were about two meters long and square iron shields that were about a man tall. These two strong man were like human dinosaurs. Their strengths were so strong that every cavalier that they hit as they charged were all thrown into the air like scarecrows in a tornado along with their warhorses …… “It’s you guys…..”

The young knight captain’s pupils instantly contracted as he finally recognized the identity of his enemies. These two strong men were the two Golden Saint Seiyas of Chambord – Taurus and Capricorn Saint Seiyas.

In rumors, these two men were very strong and very cruel. They liked smashing their opponents’ heads in or chopping their opponents into a pile of meat paste by using their comically oversized axes. It was said that both of them had special techniques: Taurus Saint Seiya could use his head to smash though mountains, and the palm of the Capricorn Saint Seiya was as sharp as any god-tier weapons. Both of these men were noted as very dangerous characters on Blackstone’s intelligence report, and the young knight didn’t expect to see both of them tonight.

As he saw the two beasts getting close to him unstoppably, the young knight captain finally understood the truthfulness of that intelligence report. The bit of royal arrogance and disdain he had on his mind instantly disappeared; he clearly knew that he was no match to these two if they really wanted to kill him. He quickly turned his horse around and was about to escape…… however, these two beast like strong men clearly locked on to him; both of them chased after him.

“You want to f–k with me and not let me sleep? Die!” Pierce shouted.

“Daddy is mad, and the consequence will be bad!” Drogba laughed viciously.

The two strong man were like two vicious sharks that had divided the sea waves in half. With bloody murderous intent, they divided the cavaliers in half and instantly arrived in front of the young knight captain. The sharp wind that were created by the two huge axes when they struck downward were like knives and hurt the young captain’s face. The young captain only had the time to draw out his knight long sword and barely blocked the axes that were striking towards him. Although powerful energy flames enveloped his body and empowered the sword, the long sword only lasted a second before it was smashed into iron chips. The poor young captain was cut in half by one of the axes from the waist before he would let out any screams or cries, and the other axes smashed the war horse that the captain was riding on into a pile of meat paste!

The upper half of the young captain’s body flew into the sky under the huge impact. There was still a bit of life left inside of him, but he wasn’t able to let any sounds despite the fact the he opened his mouth and wanted to scream. What made his mentality collapse was when his eyes, that were filled with fear, saw a big and fat man with a scar on his forehead struck into his cavaliers from another side. Wherever he went, Blackstone Kingdom’s cavaliers were turned into flesh and blood. No one would put up a fight against this fat man who also had a huge axe in his hands. Every time this man took a step forward, all the fat on his body would shake violently, but his movements was even more agile than ordinary people.

At the same time, a thin and tall man who was in a light armor and dark red cap also appeared. The sharp sword in his hand let out shiny flashes so bright that it made the stars in the nightly sky pale in comparison. Just like the star lights, they curved towards Blackstone cavaliers. Like the artists on the dance floor, the sword was light and agile, fast and vicious. Every time it showed itself, death followed.

Each of the masters appeared out of nowhere and dashed into the sheep like Blackstone cavaliers.

When the young captain’s upper body landed on the ground, the last scene he saw was the last cavaliers of Blackstone getting killed by the green and the purple light that first appeared and getting chopped into the six parts along with his horse…… all two hundred cavaliers from Blackstone were completely wiped out in a few seconds.

Until death, the young knight captain still couldn’t believe what was happening.

He had recognized all the faces of the attackers; they were all the warriors and masters under the king of Chambord. Even Chambord’s king himself participated in this raid.

“The king of Chambord…… the king himself dare to kill off all the cavaliers of Blackstone on Blackstone’s territories?”

Table of Content

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