Hail the King Chapter 165.1

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Chapter 165: Masters all out, the murderous intent at night (Part 1)

The loud shouting and metallic clanging had instantly woken up the girl from her sweet dream. Angela immediately got up and saw Fei who was already up and holding a sharp sword in his hand.

She calmed down and asked, “Alexander, what is happening?” She always felt safe around Fei.

“We will see!” Fei took his dark red cape and wrapped Angela’s nice figure in it. “Come out with me, let the soldiers see that their king and queen are standing right behind them.”

At this time, the blonde loli Emma had also woken up. She was still very sleepy.

The three of them walked out of the tent together.

Chambord’s Bylaw Enforcement Force reacted very fast. By now, they had positioned themselves into a defensive formation. The fifty huge black iron tower shields locked onto each other by the hooks on the sides and formed a remote tall defense wall. This wall curled and circled the king’s tent and protected the king against any possible arrow projectiles. Although some of the soldiers only had time to put on a pair of pants, their huge bulging muscles that were exposed under the cold air made the soldiers look more sturdy and doughty.

Compared with the Bylaw Enforcement Force, the Saint Seiyas reacted even faster. It was pretty obvious that these fifty soldiers slept with their armors on. They were all in their armors and got onto the Roaring Flame Beasts under the lead of Drogba, Pierce, and Warden Oleg. With the huge devastating axes in their hands, they tilted their bodies forwards and the Roaring Flame Beasts that they were riding started to restlessly stamp with their two front hooves on the ground like angry bulls. As soon as Fei commanded, they would dash out and smash whoever was in their way.

The two most powerful warriors of the Saint Seiyas, the commanders Peter-Cech and Frank-Lampard had both jumped onto two tall trees beside the camp. Their long hair fluttered in the wind, and their tough and tall figures gave everyone a sense of security. Like two ferocious tigers, they carefully observed what was going on with their dark red capes fluttering in the air.

The big black dog let out a hoarse roar as a terrifying light flashed through its eyes.

Not too far away from the king’s tent, the elder princess Tanasha’s tent was also guard by her elite Zenit soldiers. Knight Captain Romain and the swordswoman Susan were both standing in front of the tent and on the lookout.

At the point, the shouting and metallic clanging was getting close and closer.

Numerous numbers of torches were like the stars in a dark night. It was pretty clear that a ton of people were charging towards the camp.

But what was surprising was that this troop had suddenly stopped about seven hundred meters away from Chambord expeditionary force’s camp. With the help from the dim lights, Fei was able to tell that these were cavaliers from the Blackstone Kingdom. There were about three to four hundred of them, all in shiny armor and their weapons resembled a forest when all were pointed upward. The war horses were breathing heavily, and the cavaliers on the horses were clanging their weapons against their armors. Although they were shouting and making a huge scene, they didn’t get any closer to Chambord’s troops.


Under Cech’s command, a series of metallic clanging noises also sounded from Chambord’s camp. Long swords were pulled out of the scabbards, sharp axes were raised, and spears were pointed forward. It didn’t matter if it was a soldier in the Bylaw Enforcement Force or the Saint Seiya Force, their bodies and spirits were like bows that were pulled to the limit. As soon as there was a command, they would charge out and tear the enemies in front of them into pieces.

This presence caused their enemies who were shouting loudly to freeze for a second.

However – “Hahahahahahah – Retreat!”

At this moment, no expected the captain of Blackstone’s cavaliers, who was very thick and tall, to laugh as he waved his hands. In the laugher, the three to four hundred cavaliers all turned around with their horses. Then the cavaliers whipped their horses and quickly disappeared in the dark night. They actually had no intention of attacking.

“Was it just an act?”

Fei frowned. When he saw people like Cech and Lampard looking at him for an answer, he shook his head, lightly waved his hands, and let the soldiers to go back to rest.

As he expected, things didn’t end off here this simply.

After about another hour when everyone went back to sleep and started to dream again, the shouting and clip-clop noises suddenly sounded again. Everyone woke up again and realized the cavaliers of Blackstone Kingdom was here to harass them again. And just like last time, they stopped when they were about six, seven hundred meters away from Chambord’s camp and didn’t go pass the warning signal of the white feathered arrow and the line that it made on the ground. After they shouted for a while, they would laugh and directly turned around and retreated.

This event repeated itself again and again. By the end of the night, this harassment occurred more than ten times.

When it was about dawn, the cavaliers from Blackstone Kingdom finally disappeared and didn’t come again. However, Fei could clearly tell that all of his soldiers were tired from looking at their faces. After all, they didn’t get a good rest at all. Peter-Cech was instructing the Saint Seiyas to pack up and get ready to leave. At the same time, a lot of scouts were sent out to carefully observe any abnormal activity that might occur in a two to three kilometers radius.

The expeditionary force started to move again. Fei rode on the back of the big black dog; he rubbed his chin and was thinking of something.

As they proceeded forward, they didn’t see a large number of cavaliers from Blackstone Kingdom anymore. But there were about a dozen scouts from the Blackstone Kingdom who followed behind Chambord troops and closely monitored the troop’s movements. Drogba and Pierce, the two strongest, shorted tempered warriors who hate thinked were getting very impatient. They were very close to swinging their axes and killing these scout, but Cech stopped them. Although these Blackstone cavaliers were up to no good, Chambord’s troops were traveling through their territories. It didn’t matter where these cavaliers went in their territories, it would be legal and it was their freedom. If Pierce and Drogba charged at these dozen cavaliers and wiped them, there would be no reasonable argument for that, and it might cause more trouble for this trip to the Capital of Zenit. On top of that, King Alexander didn’t say anything, and that meant the king had other considerations. Cech didn’t want these two reckless strongmen to ruin the king’s plan.

The Blackstone Kingdom was a level 4 affiliated kingdom, so it’s territories were much bigger than the Chambord and Raice Kingdoms. After the expeditionary force traveled for a whole day, they still hadn’t marched out of it territories yet.

But around the sunset of the day, the troop finally walked out of the grass plain.

Seeing the mountains, hills, thick forests and jungles from afar caused the Chambord soldiers to cheer unrestrainedly. Some soldiers even let loose and started to sing. To many Chambord soldiers who had never traveled this far before, their eyes were hurting a little after staring at the golden grass plain that seemed endless. A continuous mountain range and steep hills gave them the familiar and intimate feeling of going home.

The mountain that they were seeing was called the [Burning Sun Mountain]. One end of the mountain was in Blackstone Kingdom’s territories, and parts of the mountain existed in numerous affiliated kingdoms territories; the other end of the mountain range ended somewhere near the Capital city of the Zenit Empire. Although it wasn’t comparable to the mountains behind Chambord that were steep, magnificent, and endless, it did contain a lot of minerals. It was ranked number one in terms of the iron ore deposits in all of the mountains in the Zenit Empire’s territories. This was one of the reasons why the Blackstone Kingdom was powerful and able to achieve the rank of a level 4 affiliated kingdom. They had the money and the resources. In comparison, Chambord was a lot poorer. If Chambord didn’t get two beautiful and consecutive victories, it would have had problems providing its soldiers with basic weapons and armor.

On the [Burning Sun Mountain], there were numerous mining pits that were different sizes placed everywhere like the stars in the sky. In some way, these mining pits acted as the military fortresses. There were many watchtowers and road blocks in the way and every road was guarded strictly. When Chambord’s expeditionary force got closer to the mountains, the number of cavaliers from Blackstone Kingdom drastically increased. However, they would only appear from afar and never appeared within a kilometer radius from Chambord’s troops.

However, if Chambord’s troops wanted to arrive on time for the Military Exercise at St. Petersburg, crossing these mountains was their only choice.

The length of the voyage was so long that even horses could die from it. The expeditionary force finally arrived at the feet of the mountain.

At this point, it was already dark out. Fei thought about something as he looked at the military fortresses of Blackstone that were guarded tightly. He ordered Cech to call back all of the scouts that were out and setup the camp at the feet of the mountain which was visible to the military fortresses that were lit up by lights.

After midnight passed, the Blackstone cavaliers appeared again.

They still didn’t get into the five hundred radius zone from Chambord’s expeditionary force. They laughed crazily and provoked them by smashing their weapons against their shields. They tried their best to make the loudest noises as they could and bring more trouble to the soldiers from Chambord who were in the camp not too far away from them. When they saw shadows and figures suddenly getting busy in the quiet camp, they laughed proudly.

Table of Content

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