Hail the King Chapter 164.2

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Chapter 164: Wiping the Edge of the Sword (Part two)

Although they just entered the enemy territory, Black Stone’s cavalry scouts very quickly appeared in the expedition team’s sight. Although the Black Stone King was already more than 50 years old, he was still very ambitious, especially after the promotion to a tier-4 kingdom three years ago. At that time, the kingdom received lots of scrolls and currency as reward, and the army size and population limit were also extended. For the past three years, the nation indeed made significant progress, so it was not surprising for Fei to see cavalry units at the border.

“Ignore them, raise my Chambord flag, shoot out warning arrows at 500 meters around campground. If they dare to enter, immediately kill without pardon!” Fei looked into the distance at those Black Stone cavalry units that were deliberately riding back and forth left and right, he sneered and ordered.

Soon, the big banner rose up in the middle of the campground.


Four sharp tones cut through the wind.

At the next moment, the four arrows with hollow white feathers, and tails stained with a wisp of blood, broke through the air and mercilessly nailed at a distance 500 meters away from the camp. This move only represented one thing in the Land of Azeroth – go past the bloody arrows, kill without pardon!

After doing all this, the Chambord expedition army began setting up their stoves and cooking.

It was soon night time, the moon shone bright in the sky, and the earth was as if shrouded by a layer of mercury-like silver sand. Sounds of laughter came from the camp ground, and one can also see from afar at beside the bonfire, there were half-naked muscle men wrestling…

“Marshal, what shall we do?”

About a thousand meters away from Chambord City’s expedition army, a team of 20 armored cavalries equipped with the standard spear and kite shield, quietly appeared on a small hill under the cover of night. The one leading was a man in his 50s, his left hand held a rare rounded ruby Milan type helmet, the thick blond hair and the beard on his face erect like needles, and his eyes were sharp like a falcon’s. The thick armor still couldn’t cover up this old man’s violent and murderous character, as if he was a demonic beast that would suddenly start eating humans any time.

Hearing his assistant’s request, the old man put on his helmet, only leaving a pair of flashing cold eyes exposed outside. He looked at the white-feathered arrow stained with blood not too far away, and some ideas in his mind disappeared instantly. Hesitating for a second, he turned his horse back and said, “Follow the plan, inform all departments to finish preparing, and then send out scouts to monitor their movements anytime. Also, send someone and tell those few people about the arrival of Chambord’s army!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

The hostile old man then whipped his horse on the as*s, and they soon disappeared in the vast night, with 20 knights closely following behind.

But what those knights didn’t expect was, just a few seconds after they left, a tall and upright figure appeared. The long and pitch-black hair danced in the night wind, his body adorned by a black cloth light armor, and his dark red cape blew in the wind. Like a demonic god, his eyes could snatch the spotlight of the starry sky. Seeing the figures disappearing into the night, a smile appeared on this man’s face, “Hahaha, looks like I’ve overestimated you. It had just been a little more than half a day, and you guys already couldn’t hold back anymore. Come on, come on, let me see if the duo swords in my hands are still sharp.”


Green and purple, two lights flashed, and the black shadow disappeared from the hill into thin air. At the same time, two giant trees that were 3-4 meters in diameter were cut instantly. The two cuts were clean like a mirror, but one was charred with the smell of burnt cinders, and the other one was covered by a thin layer of ice.

At the lakeside, the bonfire was still raging, and it was when the atmosphere was especially exciting. The warriors of Chambord City were half-naked and took big bites of meat under the chilly autumn wind, and the tempting malt wine fragrance floated further and further away.

At midnight, balls of storm clouds suddenly appeared, covering up the bright moon and stars.

The night became unprecedently dark.

At this time, in addition to the duty patrol soldiers, most of the expedition army already went into their sweet dreamland.

In Chambord King Fei’s tent, on the warm and soft magic beast bed, Angela and Emma’s bodies were covered with sick quilts, and both pretty faces showed a sweet smile. To two girls that haven’t been out of Chambord city, all the sceneries they saw today were as fresh as ever, and this was a beautiful day.

But Fei sat in a chair in the middle of the big tent, holding a white leather sheet in his hand. He carefully and slowly wiped the purple and green sword. The sharp sword radiates a kind of palpitating coldness under the brazier’s light. There was a faint smile on Fei’s face, and in the smile lurked a grim trace…

Just then –


“Charge! Kill them all!”

Countless hoofs trodded the earth, and the overwhelming shouting noises sounded from afar.

Table of Content

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