Hail the King Chapter 164.1

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Chapter 164: Wiping the Edge of the Sword

The Roaring Flame Beasts sprinted in the wind, and the autumn wind blew past the knight’s blonde hair and dark red cape. Under the sunset, the long bow and arrows reflected with a chilling golden light.

At this moment, everyone in the Raice Kingdom was frightened, and there actually wasn’t a single person that dared to stand out and speak for the knight that was killed by the one arrow. Even though this young noble was quite an influential figure in the Raice Kingdom when he was alive, now even the Raice Kingdom’s king was trying to wipe away his cold sweat as he prayed, hoping the god-like knight in the distance would put out the anger in his heart and go away, and not look into this incident further.

Recently, the sudden rise of Chambord City placed the entire Raice Kingdom in panic. The nine-kingdom coalition travelled past the Raice Kingdom on their way to attack Chambord city, and of course the Raice Kingdom was aware of the kind of power that this coalition army had at its disposal. At least, if this army was used to deal with Raice, their power could instantly crush Raice into dust. But it was this very powerful army that was completely annihilated by Chambord City. If Chambord city wanted to start some trouble with Raice Kingdom, then there was really no hope for survival. This was why the whole kingdom, from the king himself down to the normal citizens, were living in fear. This time upon hearing that the Chambord King will be traveling past their Kingdom to attend the Arms Drill Battle Competition, Raice’s King suddenly got an idea. In his mind, as long as he can defuse the wrath of the Chambord King, then he would be able to maintain his country’s position, so what’s the big deal of just acting like a b*tch for once.

Clearly, the disrespectful words said by that damn little noble earlier was overheard by the Chambord City’s scouting knight, that’s why he was killed with one shot. But right now, there was no one in the Raice Kingdom that dared to scold the knight for killing their noble. They just hoped that His Majesty the knight could hurry and extinguish the anger in his heart, and hopefully not report those words to that Chambord King… Otherwise, the Raice Kingdom might be doomed.

At this time, the white chubby Raice King almost had the urge to kick that dead noble a few times… Why the f*ck would you stand out and say some sh*t. You can die yourself but don’t drag the entire kingdom down too!


The Roaring Flame Beasts hissed in the wind, the Chambord knight finally withdrew his cold eyes, turned around and dashed away.

Then the entire Raice Kingdom let out a big sigh of relief.

The Raice’s king then gave an order before he was able to fully calm himself down, “Pass down my orders, from today on, everyone must respect anyone from Chambord City. And tell those little nobles like that little sh*t here to better behave well from now on! If one triggers the wrath of the Chambord King, no one can save them!”

Fei of course knew everything that happened behind him.

After shooting the insolent little nobleman, the bodyguard Fernando Torres came back, and the first thing he did was to report everything that just happened. Fei just slightly smiled and did not get angry because in his heart, cleaning up bad neighbors like the Raice Kingdom was something that would happen sooner or later. However, right now, fighting for interests and power in the Arms Drill Competition was what was most important to Chambord City. It’s no rush to ride back to clean up those little puppies and kittens, that’s why Fei just kept his army moving forward.

As the tier 5 subsidiary kingdom, although Raice Kingdom’s frontier territory was a bit bigger than Chambord city, but by nightfall, the expedition army had completely crossed Raice Kingdom and arrived at another subsidiary kingdom’s territory – the Black Stone Kingdom.

If Raice was just a bad neighbor, then the Black Stone Kingdom was the real mortal enemy of Chambord City.

On the Arms Drill Competition three years ago, it was this Black Stone City that colluded with some of the big forces behind it that used some vile means against Chambord, and they were able to be promoted to a Tier 4 subsidiary kingdom on the corpse of Chambord City. As for the friction and battles between Raice Kingdom and Chambord City, the majority were also secretly provoked by the Black Stone Kingdom. Other than the Raice Kingdom, there still were four nearby kingdoms that shared the same strength as Chambord City, and they were all either convinced or forced by the Black Stone Kingdom to be hostile towards Chambord.

Through these frictions, the Black Stone Kingdom was able to create a huge amount of wealth, especially through plundering their population to enhance their own strength.

The hostile state between Chambord and Black Stone had lasted for many years, and it became unclear a long time ago who was right and who was wrong. However, not long ago, the Black Stone Kingdom’s king already let out his words, saying that he will completely burn Chambord to the ground during this Arms Drill Competition. In addition, at the crowning ceremony not long ago, the Black Stone Kingdom had also sent people to Chambord city to directly provoke Fei, and even joined in on the assassination conspiracy of the Elder Princess. However, due to bad luck, not even their men’s bodies were found…

That night, Chambord City’s expedition army camped out in a lake beside a forest within the Black Stone Kingdom’s territory.

Table of Content

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