Hail the King Chapter 163.2

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Chapter 163.2: Far-Famed Chambord, and Hostile Kingdoms Paying their Respects

After about ten kilometers into the Raice Kingdom’s territory, they finally encountered one of Raice Kingdom’s watchtowers.

It was a simple and cheap watchtower that every kingdom could set up on the borders of their territory, and typically five or six poor soldiers would be sent here to suffer. To be honest, these watchtowers wouldn’t be much help during actual wars; they were just there to intimidate others. But what took most of people in the expeditionary force by surprise was that they actually encountered the king of Raice Kingdom and most of the royal family.

“Stop —-!”

Fei waved his hands, and the troop that was marching forward instantly stopped. Even the war horses that the soldiers were riding on paused and froze as if they were able to understand Fei’s commands.

However, the sharp and flashy weapons all shone under the sunlight as a series of tinking metal colliding noises sounded. All of the chilliness were targeted towards the people from Raice Kingdom. The presence that was comparable to a landslide from a mountain erupted instantly. All of Chambord’s soldiers showed their hostility. With all the murderous spirit filling  the atmosphere, the people from Raice Kingdom felt like if they made any movements, the king of Chambord could just make a command and all of Chambord soldiers would charge towards them and chop them into pieces!

After feeling Chambord’s hostility and sharp murderous intent, the expression on the fat king of Raice Kingdom’s face changed drastically. He quickly walked out of the circle of guards as a flattering smile appeared on his face. Although he was scared, he opened his palm and widened his arms to show that he wasn’t threatening. “Honorable King of Chambord, please don’t take this the wrong way. We have no hostile intent!”

“What do you want?” Fei sat still on the big black dog and asked as his eyes squinted.

“Honorable King of Chambord, we heard that Chambord’s expeditionary force would be traveling through here, so myself, most of the royal family, and the ministers came here to welcome you. There have been conflicts between Chambord and Raice Kingdom, but those are all in the past now. From now on, the royalty of Raice Kingdom is willing to become the closest friend of Chambord Kingdom. Here are some presents…” As the king from Raice Kingdom was still speaking, he waved his hands, and a few guards behind him carried four heavy iron chests near Fei carefully. Bam! They dropped chests on the ground and they opened the lid. A bunch of golden lights shined and made Fei dizzy for a bit. All four chests were filled with golden coins that were commonly used in the empire.

The king of Raice Kingdom was actually waiting here to lower himself, hand out tributes, and beg for forgiveness.

Although Fei didn’t say anything, every officer and every soldier of Chambord Kingdom felt something hot and boiling cycling through their bodies. They all held onto their weapons tightly and straightened their backs even more. An unprecedented feeling of pride resonated in their hearts.

Fei reached out into the air, and a sharp and completely black spear appeared in his hand.

Everyone from Raice Kingdom was shocked. They were very worried that the king of Chambord that was powerful and shining like a star would be merciless and deny their pleading, and they were also shocked by Fei’s power. Grabbing a spear from mid-air without using any magic power or warrior energy… this strength was also far beyond their imagination… “So the strength of Chambord is unpredictable, just like what the information we obtained stated!” they all thought.

As he played with some gold coins with the tip of his spear, Fei didn’t hurry and jump off of the big black dog. Only after he saw the king of Raice Kingdom sweeping the sweat off of his own forehead due to awkwardness and embarrassment did Fei wave his hands lightly. A few Chambord soldiers jumped off of their horses and took the four chests of gold coins onto the carriages in the troop.

The king of Raice Kingdom only let go of his breath after he saw that.

After he straightened his fat body, he waved his hand as the flattering smile appeared on his face again. Then, a few soldiers of Raice Kingdom walked forward with more than a dozen pretty girls. These girls were about eighteen to nineteen years old. They had some make-up on them which enhanced their looks, and their thin silk-like clothes were very intriguing to regular men. It was obvious that these girls were carefully dressed and trained. It was late autumn, and the weather was getting very chilling. Although these girls forced smiles onto their faces, their thin bodies still shivered uncontrollably due to the coldness.

Fei was a little bit surprised, and then he instantly knew that was going on.

These girls were actually a part of the tribute from Raice Kingdom.

After a moment of silence, Fei lightly waved his hands and some soldiers came by with a horse carriage. Fei didn’t reject this tribute as these girls were temporally settled in the horse carriage. These girl were trained and treated like presents and slaves for these purposes. Even if Fei didn’t accept them, their fate wouldn’t be much better – maybe even worse. It might actually be a salvation to keep them. But of course, Fei didn’t have the plan of starting a harem.

After seeing the king of Chambord accepted both presents, the people from Raice Kingdom felt a bit more at ease.

“As the king of Raice, I have set up a splendid dinner at Raice Castle to treat the honorable king of Chambord and all these mighty Chambord warriors. I’m not sure if…” The king of Raice Kingdom wanted to walk closer and become more intimate with his flattering smile, but as soon as Fei shook his head, it made him swallow all the words that he was going to say and shut his mouth.

Fei said with a bossy tone as he stared at this white and fat guy coldly, “As the king of Chambord Kingdom, I was going to conquer Raice Kingdom with my soldiers and take ten or a hundred times the revenge for what you guys did to Chambord Kingdom before. However, since you have some brains, I will accept these gold coins. However, things won’t end this easily. You better be this smart all the time, otherwise the royals of Raice Kingdom won’t be able to handle Chambord Kingdom’s anger!” Fei emphasized “being smart” multiple times, and the disdain and insult was so obvious that it was overflowing in Fei’s speech.

However –

“Of course, yes, yes… we will be the closest allies, friends, friend…”

The king of Raice Kingdom didn’t dare to refute what Fei said. He felt a huge pressure coming from Chambord Kingdom; his knees softened and he started shaking. If he didn’t have his guards standing beside him, he would have actually kneeled to the ground and lost all of his face.

“Friends? Remember to never say this word in front of me, because… you guys don’t qualify!”

Fei spit at the ground. After he did that, he waved his hands and Chambord’s Expeditionary Force immediately started to march forward again like an irresistible iron flood. Even the ground started to shake violently under the iron hooves. The bright armor and chilling blades reflected warm sunlight onto the faces of the Raice Kingdom’s royals and made them shiver in fear. No one from Raice Kingdom dared to look down on this troop; the chilling and murderous spirit that came off of Chambord Kingdom’s soldier’s body terrified them.

After seeing Chambord Kingdom’s troop leaving from afar, the king of Raice Kingdom stood up straight while breathing heavily.

A noble looked young man with a gloomy expression walked up and helped the king of Raice walk properly. He stared at the figures of Chambord KIngdom’s cavaliers viciously as he said with a unwilling tone, “Hehe, let him be arrogant for a while. He thinks he is invincible after getting a bit stronger? Hehe, it’s still unknown whether the expeditionary force from Chambord will make it to the Capital St. Petersburg alive. It would be the best if they all died in those people’s hands. It’s too bad that little beauty will die alongside with that idiot king, but the fiancée of Chambord’s King is really coquettish…”

Whoosh – !

A sharp arrow suddenly came from afar and pierced through the young noble’s mouth.

This gloomy young noble instantly fell back as his eyes told everyone around him that he couldn’t believe what just happened as the white feather on the tail of the arrow that was still vibrating traveled out of his head…

“The God-tier archer from Chambord Kingdom!”

Everyone from Raice Kingdom fell into chaos. All the guards were shocked and quickly guarded Raice Kingdom’s king, who was panicking even more. They all saw a figure several hundred meters away holding a strong bow in their hand, and the Roaring Flame Beast that this person was riding on had its hair fluttering in the wind… It was a God-tier archer from Chambord Kingdom who dominated over the force made up of the nine kingdoms.

Table of Content

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