Hail the King Chapter 162.2

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Hail the King Chapter 162.2

Chambord City Palace.

King’s Hall.

On the white stone king’s throne accompanied by two giant magic beast lion stone statues, Fei’s eyes were like electricity, overlooking all of his followers.

The atmosphere in the hall made Fei feel satisfied.

In the past month, no one had been lazy. With Fei’s current strength, just one glance was all he needed to tell that the strength of those in the hall had grown significantly.

Drogba and Pierce, the two big men, had grown to the two-star peak, and their breakthrough was imminent. They were one foot into the ranks of a three-star Warrior. If coupled with their Taurus helmet and Excalibur which they acquired earlier, the strength of these two would even be able to match pinnacle three-star warriors.

Saint Seiya leader Peter Cech’s growth also shocked Fei. Currently, he broke into the three-star level rank. This former pinnacle two-star warrior was once turned into a useless samurai by the herald official Barzel, but after receiving the [Hulk Potion]’s refinement, his recovery speed was appalling. If Fei let Cech fight against the former Black Armor Army’s number 1 swordsman, Cech could instantly kill his opponent. However, for Petr Cech’s real combat ability, Fei didn’t have a good estimate. It was said that this Saint Seiya leader was a genius in terms of defense. Back in the old days when he was at the pinnacle of 2-star level, he could already defend the attacks from 3-star elites. He was quite famous among the affiliated kingdoms, and now Cech’s energy level had reached intermediate 3-star level, in addition to his [Hulk Potion]-enhanced physical body that already far exceeded others at the same level. It was absolutely worth looking forward to the combat ability he could exert in the future.

Chambord City’s military giant Brook was at the intermediate 2-star level. Although his growth was far slower than Drogba, Pierce, Cech and the others, in comparison to other warriors, this speed was already incredible. Of Course, Fei knew that there was a reason behind this situation. Brook managed the Bylaw Enforcement and Saint Seiyas, which were the two major military forces. Moreover, he was normally very busy, exhausting himself just to completely carry out Fei’s design for the city’s military. Naturally, he would have less time for training, but his loyalty towards Fei was undisputable. He was more careful than the big muscular men Drogba and Pierce, and also more intelligent than the training maniac Pierce. He truly had the glory and honor of a true knight. Whether it was before or after Fei’s rise, Brook deeply won the hearts of Chambord citizens. For such a person, although his strength may have not been the highest, he could let the others listen to him, and then use his own charisma to affect others. This was also why Fei appointed him to be the military leader in Chambord City.

Warden Oleg’s strength also surged. His energy almost approached the immediate 2-star level, except that he seemed to enjoy violent hand-to-hand combat with Drogba and the others. For a short and fat man that wasn’t even 1.7 meters tall, it was hard to believe that he went through a second growth with the residual [Hulk Potion], thereby reaching a height of 1.9 meters tall. However, all his fat was still there.

Of course, among everyone, the one that surprised Fei the most was the #1 elite of Chambord City in the past – Frank Lampard. Now, Frank still carried a big black sword on his back, but his water energy seemed to be gradually disappearing. Instead, what took its place was a rich thunder-type energy ready to surge. Fei could clearly feel that Lampard’s thunder-type energy’s level had faintly reached the intermediate 4-star level… This was too fast! To be able to re-start his energy training in a month and reach the intermediate 4-star level, how did he do it? Even with the help of the thunder-energy scroll [Thunder Lightning-Speed Punch], it still wouldn’t be possible to accomplish this much. What kind of secret was hidden behind the back of the former #1 elite in Chambord City? Fei became a little curious.

Besides a few newly rising elites, Fei’s personal bodyguard, Fernando Torres, also made some progress. This young man with a chivalrous heart had finally acquired the spirit of a soldier. This was a very talented teen. Fei previously gave this young man a book called [Aurora Sentence], which was an ice-type energy scroll. This was a 3-star scroll with 25 energy passages, and it seemed like Torres was practicing it well. Fei could feel that an incredible force of frost been cultivated inside this young man’s body, and it should have reached about the beginner 2-star level.

These few people are all elites that Fei focused on cultivating, and he was satisfied with their progress.

In addition, the strength of the several muscular men who participated in the Battle of the Stone Bridge had also improved. Due to being refined by that “holy f*ck why can this exist” potion, their physical body strength reached the intermediate 1-star level. However, among these people, not everyone had the talent to cultivate energy. Although their energy channels had been expanded, their progress in cultivation varied, with the best staying at around the 1-star level, and the worst not showing any signs of energy cultivation.

But besides these natives at Chambord city, Elena, Charsi, Kane, Akara, Kashya and the other elites from the Diablo world also showed up in the King’s main hall. Since they had previously appeared before in the underground stone maze at the back mountain as teachers, everyone was used to seeing them.

In terms of the civil side, although Bast was really busy, because Fei secretly arranged Angela to occasionally add a little [Comprehensive Recovery Potion] in his father-in-law’s daily diet, Bast’s stamina stayed at a good level, even showing a little sign of growing back towards his youth. Unfortunately, this old handsome man showed no interest in the world of cultivation.

But besides Bast, it was a bit awkward to discuss the talents in the civil side of Chambord city. The people by Bast’s side were all reputable old men with white hair and white beards. They were aging terribly. Right now, Bast occupied the spot of left and right prime minister, and the officials of the six sectors were all temporarily given to the old people. Right now, Fei could only wait for a few more talents in this field to come out from Chambord University. But fortunately, Chambord was a small kingdom that didn’t have too many citizens, so it wasn’t that hard to manage. Plus, during the battle on the Eastern mountain, Fei already borrowed someone else’s blade and completely cleaned up all the nobility, so of his new orders experiencing no opposition.

Fei’s eyes slowly swept past everyone in the main hall, and a sense of accomplishment arose in his heart.

In just four months, who would have thought that Chambord City’s strength would experience this kind of explosive growth?

With today’s national strength, even if the Black Armor Army invaded again, Fei was completely confident that he wouldn’t have to resort to the turtling strategy. There was no need to rely on the terrain advantage, nor was there a need to fake death again. Only one charge was needed, and Chambord’s army could eliminate the entire Black Armor Amy below the city’s feet. For those black knights that were once high up there, Chambord’s current saint seiyas could kill them within seconds.

“The Arms Drill Battle competition is right around the corner. I know that everyone already can’t wait anymore…” Fei faintly smiled, and his majestic voice sounded in each person’s ear. “During this drill battle, we will use our own hands and take back everything that we once lost!”

Then, Fei stood up and said, “Pass on my order. After three days, dispatch the entire army. Our destination is the empire capital St. Petersburg. Get ready to participate in the Arms Drill Battle competition!”

Table of Content

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