Hail the King Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: Coming Out

In front of his eyes, a tornado that was about a hundred meters in diameter thick had formed some time ago. Like a pillar that was connected to the sky, it slowly moved towards the mountain of bones as it twirled its vicious body. The white fog continuously rushed into the pillar like tornado, and the tornado’s diameter gradually grew bigger and bigger. Soon, it had enveloped the entire mountain of bones in it.

An irresistible suction force was created by the tornado that seemed connected to the ceiling of this mysterious space.

Huge blocks of ice were also being thrown from the chilling abyss from all three sides. These cold gales were like tangible objects; although Fei had already backed to the very center of this mysterious space, he was still able to feel the cold air. He felt like the cold wing was like numerous needles poking his face. This degree of freezing sensation was far beyond everything that Fei thought about before. If he didn’t use all of his magical power and spread a layer of fire magic elements around him, he would be frozen into a corpse already. At the same time, a ton of hot air was being injected into the mysterious space from the dense, spider web like cracks on the ground. 【Flame of Earth Core】also appeared sometimes and emitted terrifying heat; Fei felt like the stone like ground was getting soft to the point that it was going to melt.

These two completely opposite forces started a battle till the death between them in this mysterious space.

When the hot air met the cold air, a series of magnificent meteorological wonders appeared.

Fei should immediately open up the teleport portal and leave this extreme and dangerous place. However, he felt like a voice out of nowhere was calling him deep down in his ears, “Stay, if you stay, you will get the stuff that is beyond your imagination……”

It was a very strange feeling; it was very vague, and it felt like the calling and the sensation of a close relative who he shared blood with.

Fei wasn’t someone who was so careless and would risk his life for some benefits; instead, he was very careful most of the time. However, at this moment, he decided firmly to stay for some reason. He took out the rope from his storage space and tied himself tightly onto the thickest and the strongest stone pillar that was not too far from the mountains of bones. At the same time, he held onto the stone pillar tightly with his hands to avoid getting pulled into the tornado that was getting bigger and more terrifying. He also used all of the magic power in his body to protect himself against the coldness from the abyss and the hot heat from the cracks that took turns to invade him.

It was an extremely painful process.

Although he had 【Arcanna’s Trick】, a level 7 Green Items Set to protect him, but the coldness from the abyss and the heat from the cracks weren’t simple energies. They were able to penetrate through this item set easily and invade into Fei’s body. This pain wasn’t tolerable by ordinary humans; it felt a little similar to how the 【Hulk Potion】transformed and strengthened his body. These energies froze Fei’s body to an icicle, then roasted his body till half-cooked for a while. However, Fei was still able to clearly felt that his body’s strength was slowly increasing as these two extreme energies took turns destroying his body repeatedly. Different from killing monsters in the Diablo World and leveling up, every single cell in his body was experiencing destruction and regeneration; during the process, the impurities and the hidden toxins in his body were completely wiped out……

It was quite hard, but Fei had his consciousness completely clear during the process. He stared at the mountain of bones that was enveloped by the tornado closely; the mysterious call was from the mountain of bones.

At this time, the cold air and ice blocks was coming out of the dark abyss more and more, and the heat energy from the cracks on the ground, as if it didn’t want to show weakness, boosted its heat output significantly as well.  The two difference forces continued to run into each other and formed a lot more white steam and violent air flow. In the mysterious mountains, there were thunder, lighting and numerous other meteorological phenomena; all these together formed a bad weather microcirculation.

The diameter of the tornado was getting so big that the entire mountain of bones was covered by it. As the suction force from the tornado was getting stronger and stronger. Cracking noises sounded from the mountain of bones, and some of the big bones were getting pulled into the air and swirled and cycled around in the tornado crazily.

Gradually, more and more bones were getting pulled into the tornado and rotated aggressively in the air with the tornado.

Fei suddenly noticed something very strange. Not sure when but since the tornado started, didn’t matter which meteorological phenomena occurred, it had always been around the center of the mysterious space, right on top of the mountain of bones to be more exact, and didn’t diverge away from it at all. As the tornado got stronger, all of the bones that formed the mountain in the first place got sucked into the tornado and flew around like straws as if they were locked in some kind of a fish tank.

This was the source of the suction force that Fei experienced when he just went into the corridor behind the huge iron gates in the underground cave.

For that past twenty days or so, Fei was thinking about where the suction force was from, and now it was all in the open. The reaction of extremely cold air and hot air created the tornado phenomena. This tornado was stronger than all the tornados that Fei had heard about; it was like it had broken the wind scale that people in his previous life created, and it wasn’t surprising to see this level of suction force.

As the entire mountain of bones was pulled apart and pulled into the air, Fei had finally seen what was behind the mountain of bones.

It seemed like it was a pile of bone powder. Since this powder was extremely light, they were sucked into air immediately after the bones were up in the air.

At this moment, Fei’s pupil instantly contracted as an unbelieving expression appeared on his face.

He saw a complete magic array under the piles of bone powder. It was a magic array that was still functioning! With all kind of colors shining on it, it broke the space as these lights combined together and formed a dark blue teleport portal. This portal was very similar to the teleport port used in the Diablo World; it was in a blue oval shape and was about two meters tall. Water like blue light would flash though it infrequently, and it looked like condensed amber from afar.

At this moment, that kinship like calling became stronger and stronger in Fei’s mind.

Fei was completely sure that this intimate calling was from that dark blue teleport portal.

“What is behind this portal that is attracting me this much?”

Fei had an irresistible impulse of untying the rope on him and rushing into that portal to check it out. But at that very critical moment, that last tiny bit of consciousness that he had stopped him from doing so. Without question, if he broke away from the rope, he would definitely be sucked into the terrifying tornado and turned into meat paste by these [Remain of Demons] that were as hard and sharp as god-tier weapons and rotating at an insane speed. There was no chance for him to actually reach the center of the tornado and get into that mysterious teleport portal.

He had to come up with better ways.

Fei forced himself to calm down.

After two three hours, the speed of ice blocks shooting up at the mysterious space and chilling air coming up from the abyss slowed, and the heat energy coming from the underground was getting weaker and weaker as well. The result of the two forces slowing down was that the pouring rain toned down, and the thunders and lightings soon disappeared as well. Even the tornado in Fei’s eyes was getting weaker.

Then, as Fei expected, all the changes started to calm down.

As the wind slowed down, the huge bones that were flying in the air started to fall down back onto the ground. The bigger and heavier bones landed on the ground first. They fell back down on the magic array and the teleport portal; although they were heavy, the magic array wasn’t damaged at all. Slowly, more and more bones dropped and they stacked up onto each other; soon, a new mountain was formed. The tornado was like an agile huge hand and placed each bone to the most suitable position. The higher up on the mountain, the smaller the diameter.  Soon, the final piece of bone was placed on the top of the mountain, and the mountain was reformed.

Then, the flying bone powder slowly fell down from the sky and sprinkled onto the mountain of white bones.

Although the wind was decreasing, it was still shaking and pressuring this new mountain of white bones. All the bone powders that were sprinkled on top of the mountain gradually “sunk” to the bottom of the mountain through the gaps between the bones……. Till the end, the tornado disappeared, all the bones stacked onto each other firmly and tightly, and a brand new mountain of white bones was reformed.

Fei was stunned as he witnessed the whole process.

Extremely fine craftsmanship!

It was the real craftsmanship that nature had!

“So this is how the mountain of white bones was formed. So it looks like the chilling abyss and the 【Flame of Earth Core】would “erupt” every twenty days. It will create all the meteorological phenomena, and it will also reform the mountain of white bones!” This explained why this mountain of white bones didn’t had any dust on it when Fei just came here and looked brand new. It looked like it was newly constructed and made Fei think that there was a hidden creature in here who just build this dark and horrifying bone mountain.

After thinking about the mysterious magic array and the teleport portal under the mountain of white bones, Fei tried to “dig” up a path in this bone mountain and get to them. However, it was very hard and almost impossible. These [Remains of Demons] were so tightly stacked onto each other that Fei was only able to pull out a few bones on the surface. These bones were also very tough, and Fei wasn’t able to use his sharp sword to break open a path.

“Looks like I have to come up with some better plans later!”

After trying for a while, Fei decided to give up on this mission. Maybe after he gets strong enough or finds some way to withstand the strong wind or find a way to directly break through the mountain of white bones and get to the teleport portal, he could give it a shot. However, that wasn’t the case now!”

Fei had got a ton of benefits from witnessing these meteorological phenomena. His body was strengthened under the two completely opposite energy of the abyss’s chill and the crack’s heat; his body was strengthened at least one time over. Since Fei’s body was already very special and was immune to the【Hulk Potion】at this point, it was quite a surprise that his body had improved again.

To Fei, this improvement meant a lot to him.

This meant that the strength and power he had from Diablo World could be unleashed more; his body was too weak for him to use all of his powers.

After this incident, Fei returned to Diablo World and continued training and having some moments of peace.

In the blink of an eye, another ten days passed. In the ten days, Fei repeated what he did before: kill monsters to level up, use the Zen Power of his Assassin Mode to revise training scrolls by adding more energy connection channels, help Charsi to get a design, forge all kinds of items, follow Priestess Akara and old man Cain to learn the knowledge about magic…… the month long time limit had arrived, and he had to come out and return back to Chambord city!

Table of Content

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