Hail the King Chapter 159.2

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Chapter 159: Vigorous Change PART 2

Other than that, nothing was out of the ordinary.

Fei could not understand the meaning of the patterns on the stone tablet, and the functionality of the five spherical stone pillars seemed to just activate the stone tablet so this pattern would show. Other than that, no matter how Fei tried to stimulate the magic arrays on these five spherical stone pillars, nothing new appeared. Old man Cain was still studying that five magic arrays that Fei copied down onto a sheet; from his initial research, he thought that these magic arrays were supporting magic arrays for some kind of teleportation array. These arrays were missing a very important center piece, so they couldn’t be operated. In the meantime, Fei had taken Priestess Akara to the stone room to check out the mysterious pattern, but she wasn’t able to make any discoveries as well.

After all this, Fei had to be patient and take it one step at a time.

For the next ten days or so, Fei took half of his day exploring tens of thousands of corridors on the other side of the abyss to see if he was able to find the correct path to get out the maze and check out the big secret that was hiding behind it. Although he wasn’t progressing at a high speed, he was making some progress. From Fei’s estimation, after more than ten days, he might actually find the right path. Other than that, he had explored the big mysterious space and found that this space that was at least several dozen square kilometers big. It contained chilling abysses on all three sides. Except for the wall that was connected to the underground cave where Fei came in from, all the other three sides were cut off completely. This space was U-shaped.

Of course, except for exploring the mysterious space, Fei didn’t forget to kill monsters in the Diablo World to level up his skills.

After fifteen days, the first two quests in the second map 【Lut Gholein】were completely by all seven of his characters. His Barbarian Character was level 27; his sorceress Character was level 27 as well; his Amazon Character was level 26, as well as his Paladin Character and his Assassin Character; his Druid Character followed at level 25; and his Necromancer Character came in last at level 24. Fei’s strength improvement was very obvious, and his overall fighting ability approached a mid-tier five star warrior; he even had the confidence to challenge a top-tier five star warrior that was one rank above his level.

Other than killing monsters and trying to level up every day, Fei would switch to Assassin Mode and sense how the Zen Energy was flowing in his body so he could reference it with the training scrolls from his storage space and add new energy connection channels to them and create brand new energy training scrolls.

After fifteen days, Fei had made more improvements to [Lightning Speed Fists] and created several other new energy training scrolls. After he tested, experimented and refined them himself, he gave them to Elena so she could take them to [Castle of Heroes] and give them to Fei’s preselected henchmen.

When Fei was working hard and improving his skills and Chambord’s strength, the other people weren’t relaxing and chilling around.

In the same fifteen days, old man Cain had used five [Perfect Rubies] to operate the magic array and finally pulled the legendary【Flames of Earth Core】out of the cracks. He gave it to the female blacksmith Charsi so she could start forging 【Black Stone Essence】ores. Charsi didn’t disappoint Fei and extracted a ton of pure 【Black Stone Essence】, forged it onto [Remains of Demons], and created a ton of pure black armor and weapons. This way, the white colored[Remains of Demons] armor would be covered so the soldiers and commanders of Chambord wouldn’t look too terrifying. If Chambord was deemed a kingdom of the undead, the Holy Church would definitely take action. Since【Black Stone Essence】didn’t take away from the magic and warrior energy conductivity of the weapons made from [Remains of Demons], Fei put all these items back into his storage ring in satisfaction.

The obscene old man Cain and Priestess Akara spent most of their time selecting the best [Remains of Demons] since the bones had different qualities. Except for when they were called to [Castle of Heroes] to lecture the first generation of University Students, they spent all their time here selecting and organizing all the [Remains of Demons], and they took these bones back to 【Rogue Encampment】to store according to their quality.

Time slowly passed. When Fei was about two-thirds done exploring the beehive-like corridors on the wall, the mysterious space finally had some changes.

“What is this? I feel like the temperature is getting hotter and hotter…”

Female blacksmith Charsi who was extracting 【Black Stone Essence】with the help from 【Flames of Earth Core】and several female rogues frowned as she looked around curiously. As a talented forger and blacksmith, her sensitivity to temperature was far superior to ordinary people. Even the slightest temperature change wouldn’t escape Charsi’s senses.

As they heard what Charsi said, the female rogues stopped what they were working on and looked around as well. A loli-like girl who had brown hair suddenly looked at the cracks on the ground and pointed at them as she gasped, “Yeah! Look! There is steam coming out of the cracks…”

Everyone looked at the cracks on the ground and they discovered that heat energy in the form of hot steam was slowly coming up from the cracks on the ground.

Fei lightly put his hand into the crack; he could clearly feel that the temperature coming from underground was increasing at the slow yet steady speed. In a blink of an eye, the whole mysterious space felt a little humid and hot. At this moment, Fei made another strange discovery. “Why is there so much fog in the air?”

“Fog? How could fog form in this condition?”

After Fei was stunned shortly, he thought of something and his face changed color.

Boom! The ground under Fei’s feet exploded as his body shot away like a bullet towards the chilling abyss’ defense line. As his body turned into a phantom, his voice also sounded clearly beside Charsi and female rogues’ ears. “Quickly pack up. Return to the camp in ten minutes! Don’t delay at all!”

Since no one dared to object the Supreme Leader’s voice and Charsi and the female rogues sensed the seriousness of Fei’s words, they quickly packed up the tent and the finished and work-in-progress weapons and armor. They retreated to 【Rogue Encampment】in the Diablo World from the teleportation portal.

In a few seconds, Fei had arrived beside the dark chilling abyss that was at the edge of the mysterious space.

As he expected, the chilliness around the abyss was getting greater and greater as a cold moisture that gave Fei a chill to his bones rushed out of the abyss rapidly. The cold air from the abyss and the hot air from the cracks collided into each other and created this enormous amount of fog. The two forces in the air started to fight with each other and started to create some wind…


A light bulb went off in Fei’s head; in an instant, he knew how the huge amount of suction force appeared out of nowhere when he was stilling exploring the corridor that let to this place. He was very curious as to how wind could be created when there wasn’t a huge amount of air flow in here…… So this was the root to all the problem.

As Fei was thinking for the few seconds, terrifying howling noise sounded from the abyss that seemed bottomless; all these howling sounded like numerous ancient demons were roaring and struggling under the abyss. As this terrifying noise resonated in the mysterious space, numerous white hard dust-like objects shot out of the abyss with the cold and moist air. Fei grabbed onto some of them and realized that they were all chipped ice pieces. But before he could figure out where these chipped ice pieces were from, loud “booming” noises sounded around him. He looked up and saw huge pieces of ice that were the size of a large rock shoot out of the abyss and land beside him.

“Oh s–t!”

This really took Fei by surprise, and he started to dodge the icy rocks.

As time passed by, the ice pieces that were shooting out of the abyss were getting bigger and bigger; from the size of a car to the size of a hill, it seemed like an invisible hand was throwing them at Fei. The terrifying cold air was rushing out of the abyss alongside the ice pieces, and a thick frost appeared on Fei’s eyebrows and hair. Fei felt like he was so cold that his nose hairs were frozen and super hard. He quickly switched to Sorcerer Mode and put on his 【Arcanna’s Tricks】item set. After he summoned a thin layer of fire magic elements around him, he finally felt some warmth.

The only thing was that the temperature of the air was dropping at a significant pace, and Fei was having a hard time blocking this cold air as a level 27 Sorceress. He was in danger of freezing to death.

Fei quickly backed off.

However, the hot steam coming from the crack under the ground was also getting stronger and stronger. At this point, red light appeared from all of the cracks, and even some orange-red flames appeared in these lights. As the hot air and cold air met in the air, a thick fog was instantly created. Soon, hail the size of beans started to fall from above and smashed down on Fei’s head… In this mysterious underground space, a storm was actually pouring.

Boom! Rumble! Rumble!

As the thunder sounded, some lightning flashed in the thick fog.

Then, the air in the mysterious space started to turn and cycle around each other crazily. Fei quickly backed off to a huge stone pillar beside the mountain of bones to hide from the strong wind. When he raised his head and looked up, what he saw shocked him…

Table of Content

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