Hail the King Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: The Mysterious Teleport Array

Elena didn’t say anything. She leaped into the air and landed on the big raven’s back. Like a goddess with her clothes fluttering in the air, she flew across the abyss and towards the caves on the other side. Elena was very thin and was very light if she took off all her armor. The huge raven also had a good carrying capacity, so it was able to easily carry her over.

Fei could tell that Elena wanted to go over first because she still was afraid that there might be something dangerous in the caves.

Fei shook his head as he sensed Elena’s intention.

He took a long rope with a spear head attached to one end from his storage space. He then swung the rope with all of his strength and threw it out. The rope instantly flew out in a straight line, and the spear head broke through the stone wall and stabbed deeply into it. After a loud roar, he used Druid’s skill 【Werewolf】. His body transformed into a tough wolverine and dashed towards the other side of the abyss by sprinting on the rope. Different from 【Werebear】that increased strength and defense, 【Werewolf】increased his sensitivity and agility. Therefore, Fei was able to dash very fast and very steadily on the rope. Soon, he even surpassed Elena who was in the sky. After Fei arrived at a cave near the location where the spear head stabbed into and packed up the ropes, Elena flew in on the huge raven.

The corridor was pitch black. Fei summoned all of his equipment and put on a ring that had the special property of + 15 light radius. The view instantly lit and Fei and Elena were able to see their close surroundings. Fei re-summoned the white wolves and started the exploration again. After all seven of his characters passed the stage of 【Rogue Encampment】, Elena received all the strength and magic powers from other mercenaries and was now able to use all four fire, lightning, ice, and poison properties. Perhaps it was because all seven of Fei’s characters passed the first stage, people from 【Rogue Encampment】were no longer surprised to see Fei using skills that Barbarians couldn’t learn. When Elena saw Fei summon the raven and the white wolves, she wasn’t surprised at all.

The stone walls in the corridor were still very clean. Since there weren’t any decorations or inscriptions on the walls, they couldn’t get any information about this place.

But after they walked forward for a few miles, they had to stop.

The road in front of them was forked.

And there was more than one forked road.

After all that walking, they were now in a stone room that was about a hundred square meters large. The room was pretty spacious, but it was connected to ten unknown corridors. But what made Fei smile was that there were finally some statues – there were five unevenly sized spherical rocks that were about a meter tall placed at the tip of each arm of a five pointed star that was drawn on the ground. In the middle of the star, there was a stone tablet that was about two meters tall.

After walking closer to it, Fei made more discoveries.

There were numerous delicate and thin engravings on the top of the five spherical stones. If Fei didn’t guess wrong, this was an unprecedented magic array. The patterns and engravings were so delicate and clear that they must were made from a mage who was on a master level. All of the patterns and engravings pointed towards the center of this stone, and there was a reversed cone dent at the center. it seemed like there was something embedded at the center of the stones before, but it was long gone.

The more Fei stared at this cone shaped dent, the more Fei felt like the shape was very familiar. A light bulb suddenly went off in his head. He took out a 【Perfect Amethyst】, a shiny purple gem that was processed by the Horadric Cube. He slowly placed the gem bottom down onto the dent; as what he expected, the 【Perfect Amethyst】embedded into the dent perfectly.


A light noise suddenly sounded. As if the amethyst was stimulated by something, a cloud of purple fog appeared around it. The fog soon turned into flames, and these visible purple flames started to “flow” through the delicate engravings as if they were alive. All the patterns and engravings on this small magic array were filled with the purple surging magic power.

But other than that, nothing happened.

Fei looked at the four other spherical stones and found that all of them had a similar magic array on them. Although the magic arrays and patterns looked different, they all had a dent in them. The only thing was that Fei didn’t have any other gems that were at the perfect quality, and other lower quality gems couldn’t get the magic array on the stones to function when Fei embedded them into the dent.

The stone tablet that was surrounded by all five smaller stones didn’t change or light up at all. This was a stone tablet with no writings on it, nor did it have any patterns or engravings. The surface of it was smooth as a mirror, and there was definitely no existence of any kind of magic arrays on it. After Fei looked at it in detail, he couldn’t make any new discovers.
Except the five smaller sphereical stones and the stone tablet, there wasn’t anything else in the stone room.

Fei only could copy the magic arrays on the five spherical stones onto a sheet and then start the exploration again.

Fei and Elena looked at each other after they glanced at the other connecting corridors. “Looks like we have to test out our luck!” They sighed.

After randomly choosing a corridor, Fei walked in first, and Elena followed him tightly. The two of them explored this corridor slowly and steady. Just in case if they get lose, Fei would leave a flower mark on the stone wall after every five minutes of walking. The corridor turned left and right, and raised and lowered as Fei and Elena proceeded forward. After more than ten minutes, a similar stone room just like the one before appeared, and more than a dozen corridor were connected to the room as well.

Fei was very surprised; he didn’t expect this to happen.

This stone room was exactly the same size as the other one, and they all had multiple corridor that they were connected to. Also at the middle of this room, there were five small spherical stone surrounding a smooth stone tablet. There were magic arrays engraved onto the five spherical stones, and the magic arrays were the same when Fei took of the sheet where he recorded the magic arrays from the other stone room and compared. If this room didn’t have the mark that Fei left off, he would have thought that they were back to the first stone room.

“Looks like we have to try out our luck again!”

After leaving a mark at the corridor that they stepped out from and another one on the stone tablet, Fei chose another corridor. With the white wolves exploring at the front, Fei grabbed Elena’s hand tightly as they followed in the back steadily.

But after more than ten minutes, sweat started to drip from Fei’s forehead.

Another same looking stone room appeared at the end of this corridor! It had the five small stones with magic arrays surrounding a stone tablet, and it was connected to a lot of other corridors as well! Fei felt like he was walking in a dark endless hole and didn’t know where it connected to……. It was crazy! This place was like a huge maze where even gods might get lost. One stone room after another, multiple corridors after multiple other corridors. Every single corridor represented a possibility, and every possibility may mean different results. Although Fei wasn’t that good at math in his previous life, but he knew that only trying to use luck to get to the end of this maze under these conditions had less than one in a billion chance of succeeding.

“I shouldn’t continue like this blindly!”

After something thinking, Fei quickly made a decision. He and Elena went back through the same path that they took to get here with the help from the marks, and they quickly got back to the entrance to this maze that they took to get in. Fei used the same trick with the rope and his【Werewolf】ability to get over the chilly abyss, and Elena jumped back on the huge raven and flew back to the other side.

“You should go back to the [City of Heros] first. Oh, one more thing; here is an energy training scroll, please give it to uncle Lampard. Let him see if he is able to train using it……” Fei took out a book named [Lightning Speed Fists] from his storage space in his belt and handed it over to Elena as he remind her carefully: “But remember, you have to explain it to uncle Lampard clearly that I created this scroll. Although I trained with it and didn’t find any short comings or problems, you have to tell him that to be careful. If he finds anything strange, he has to stop the training immediately!”

This energy training scroll was the one where Fei added a few more energy connection channel after sensing and comparing with how the Zen Power of his assassin character flowed through his body. Fei had been training using this revised training scroll for a while now. Although his body couldn’t store any warrior energy,  so training wasn’t useful for him at all, but that also gave him the best opportunities to experiment with the newly revised scrolls; he won’t mess up anything in his body such as the energy connection channels even if his revised scrolls was imperfect or completely garbage. During his experiments, he had changed and edited the scroll many time. Till now, he couldn’t find more errors in the scroll. The reason why he named this scroll [Lightning Speed Fists] was because Fei realized that the energy connection channels that he added were able to increase one’s attack speed drastically; it could let the user attack as fast as lightning, and also increase the attacker’s strength by a few times.

Elena remembered what Fei said. She walked into the blue teleport portal that appeared out of nowhere and went to the [City of Heroes] with some unwillingness to leave.

This was one of the benefits of getting the miraculous skills leveled up; he could not only summon monsters from the first stage 【Rogue Encampment】, he could also teleport NPC characters from one location to another location not exclusive to just Diablo World. This alone saved Fei many trouble.

Actually, Fei could even teleport himself back to Chambord using this miraculous skill if he wanted to. However, he decided not to do so and announced that he won’t be around for a month because he wanted to allow the leaders of Chambord to develop Chambord on their own for a month. Fei must give the leaders under him the space and the chance to demonstrate themselves. If he did everything perfectly on his own, he would be very tired and exhausted, and the people under him would be underutilized and wouldn’t get the chance to shine. If a kingdom wanted to be powerful and prosperous, it couldn’t depend on one man. Fei had constructed the foundation for Chambord’s future growth, and now he wanted to see other leaders and talents at Chambord grow like the bamboo shorts in spring after rain; get strong and big quick!

After sending Elena back, Fei walked towards the direction from the mountain made out of the white bones.

He had already copied all the magic arrays from the spherical stones onto a sheet, and he was hoping that the Priestess and the “Obscene” old man could discover something from them. He felt like he had enough time to make more discoveries about this place before he explore it more. Or, he could use the Horadric Cube to create a few more [Perfect Gems] and see if he could start the magic arrays in those stone rooms; that might be the only way to get out of that maze. Of course, after the exploration that was close to a full day and a full night, Fei was very tired despite the fact that he was very strong. He had to rest for a bit.

Table of Content

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