Hail the King Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: The Big Reform Before Leaving

Fei shook his head and his stare became softer as he looked at Oleg. Since this fatty could behave in such a manner, that meant he had a conscience. Fei felt that he did the right thing by keeping Oleg when he was fighting with Bazzer.

“Relax, I know what I’m doing.”

What Warden Oleg said was right. The space behind this black iron gate was very dangerous. Many adventurers who went into it from the command of their former kings had never come out. However, Fei had reasons why he had to go in there and see what was behind this gate. From many perspectives, there were many secrets about Chambord. Although it may have seemed to be mysterious and cool, to Chambord, the kingdom was like sitting on a volcano that could erupt anytime. Therefore, Fei had to reduce the scope of the damage if this “volcano” erupted into a controllable and acceptable range.

Of course, Fei wasn’t going to risk his life carelessly.

After passing【Rogue Encampment】, Act 1 (Stage 1) of the Diablo World, the rewards that he received gave Fei confidence in exploring this dangerous maze. Before entering this black iron gate, he had to organize and plan some things. Fei had a clear feeling that this exploration would take a long time. Therefore, he had to make sure that everything in Chambord would operate and run smoothly after he left.

Fei started the preparation work before he entered the iron gate.

Meanwhile, Warden Oleg prepared a ton of ropes, iron chains, and dyes. There were also food and water prepared in secrecy. Except for this fatty that Fei used effectively, no one else knew about Fei’s plan.

At the same time, Fei added the final details to the planning of [City of Heroes].

“Chambord University, the higher-level academy compared to Chambord’s Civil and Military Academy was quietly established in the [City of Heroes]. Compared to Civil and Military Academy where people like Brook taught simple fighting techniques and basic mage meditation courses, the courses at Chambord University were a lot more focused and advanced. Priestess Akara taught Mystic Potion Creation and Scroll Creation, Military Leader Charsi taught a course on Magic Arrow and Archery, and the “Obscene” Old Man Cain taught Magic Fundamentals and Magic Meditation. Warriv, the caravan leader who no one really cared about taught some courses on Military Traveling, Boating, and Outdoor Survival. Even the fatty NPC Gheed who hid deep in 【Rogue Encampment】and loved gambling and deceiving others was summoned to the real world by Fei using his title as the Supreme Leader. Gheed could teach the Art of Deceiving, Diplomacy, and Psychology…

Other than that, Fei took on the role as the principle and taught all the following specific courses: Assassination, Close Combat, Beast Training, Ice Fire Lightning and Poison Magic, Healing Magic, Archery, Weapon Throwing, and Magic Trap Creation.

The university was established in the [City of Heroes]. The classrooms were already created when Fei decided to redo and restructure the underground cave. Except for the teachers, each subject and program had their own space and open classrooms. All the basic infrastructures were set up. Fei designed everything according to his bottom-tier university in his previous life.

Of course, there were also entertainment rooms for enjoyment.

Fei was feeling good, so he made three swimming pool, an average-sized bar, a soccer field, and two basketball courts in the underground cave. Then, he asked his smart and crafty fiancée Angela and blonde-haired Emma to make the outer layer of soccer balls and basketballs. The inside of the balls was made from tenacious demon beasts’ bladder. After blowing the bladders up and fitting them inside, they weren’t any different from the premium soccer balls and basketballs made from the machines. It was later proven why these two sports were very popular in his previous life. After Fei explained everything and promoted the two sports, soccer and basketball quickly spread around Chambord like a disease. The popularity was beyond Fei’s expectation. After more soccer fields and basketball courts were constructed, many of Chambord’s citizens only went for walks after dinner, but now these two sports occupied a lot of their free time. Then, the basketball team formed by the twenty two strongmen including Drogba and Pierce became invincible in Chambord… the recreational activities quickly became something that every citizen was involved in.

Of course, the existence of the underground cave had to be kept a secret from the citizens temporarily.

From Fei’s design, the people who would get to attend the university were selected among students who graduated from the Civil and Military Academy and soldiers who were loyal and had experienced battles and wars. Other criteria such as talent, age, and background which were heavily weighted by traditional forces on Azeroth Continent held little weight to Fei. Since Chambord was desperate for loyal leaders, Fei had to loosen up the requirements for the university and give more people chances!

However, these students would only have access to the areas in the underground cave before the last ten iron gates. There was a total of twenty one iron gates located before the core area of the underground cave, and most of the classrooms and experiment spaces of Chambord University were located before the eleventh iron gate. Only students who passed many stages of tests would get the king’s approval and get to enter the eleventh iron gate and see what was behind it.

Other than leader and talent development, military infrastructures were something that Fei paid a lot of attention to.

From what Fei read in books and saw on TV in his previous life, obstacles such as high walls and spiked wires were all perfectly implemented in the military training ground. Except for the ordinary training ground, Fei also made a very dangerous battle training ground that no one expected.

This was a deep hole about ten yards into the ground. There was a small “iron elevator” that was fixed to one side of the wall. Anyone who wasn’t a three-star warrior or mage could only get up and down from the hole by this elevator. In this deep hole, Fei had raised more than a dozen Fallen Warriors; fifteen Fallen Warriors and a Fallen Shaman to be exact.

“Each of these monsters has the strength of a one-star warrior. The monster that is bigger and has a strange wand in its hand is about a one-star mage. These monsters are all very cruel and sly. Their only weakness is that they are very timid. We need to make sure that it’s safe for our warriors to battle with these monsters and to obtain real battle experience. As long as the bigger Fallen Shaman is not killed, it will be able to revive all the dead monsters with its magic. That way, you guys don’t have to worry about finding replacements for these monsters after they are killed.” Fei took the core leaders like Warden Oleg, Taurus Gold Saint Saiya Drogba, Capricorn Gold Saint Saiya Pierce, and Cech to this location. After carefully telling the use for this Battle Coliseum, he took them down and let them experience the battle abilities of the Fallen Warriors. Since Fei, who could instantly kill these monster was around, none of them experienced real danger. Fei let Cech, the strongest among all the leaders, take charge of this place after they all had a clear understanding of these monsters.

Fei summoned these monsters by using his Miraculous Skill 【Summon】. It was upgraded when all seven of Fei’s characters passed 【Rogue Encampment】. Fei could use some of his in-game experience to summon any kind of monster or demon from all the maps in 【Rogue Encampment】.  However, since he couldn’t control any of the monsters that he summoned, he figured that it was a great way to train the students who had no real battle experience.

After everything was completed, Chambord started to operate smoothly without any direct commands from the king.

Fei spent some time with his fiancée Angela. He gave the job of carefully adjusting the dosage of the [Hulk Potion] needed in the feed for the war horses and Roaring Flame Beasts to his fiancée, who had an insane affinity with animals. Then he decided to announce that he was going to do closed door training and practice a powerful technique for a month.

In reality, Fei secretly went to the deepest location in the underground gave with Oleg and the items that Oleg prepared. After quietly opening the door that was shut closed for close to a hundred years, Fei said seriously to Oleg for the last time before entering the dark and narrow corridor, “After I enter this gate, you have to immediately close it. Don’t allow anyone to get close. After a month, if I knock on this iron gate from the other side, immediately order soldiers to open the door. You got it?”

“As you wish, Your Majesty!” The fatty knew that he couldn’t make Fei change his mind; he could only strictly follow Fei’s order.

Fei turned around and stepped into the corridor.

Then, Warden Oleg utilized his warrior energy and slowly closed the iron gate and swept away all the traces. No one was able to see that someone had opened this gate that had been closed for about a hundred years.

Chambord started to develop at an insane speed after Fei left.

Of course, Fei had set up Plan B before he entered the corridor. Military Leader Charsi, Akara and all the female rogues who had the strength of five-star warriors were guarding Chambord, and Head Minister Bast and General Brook were also on duty. Even without Fei, Chambord wouldn’t let any enemy get close to the castle.

Table of Content

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