Hail the King Chapter 149

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Chapter 149:  Taming Roaring Flame Beasts

A bunch of captives were getting locked up into jail, and the armour and weapons were organized and sorted into the six carriages that the female rogues were riding on. Even the damaged armour and broken swords weren’t left out. Chambord Bylaw Enforcement Officers didn’t bring shame to their titles at all. The plains in front of the castle were searched by them for more than two dozen times; not even a feather on the rear of the arrow was left out.

Chambord had gotten a lot of rewards from this war.

Except the fifty complete and rare heavy cavalry armour, there were also about more than a hundred shields, more than two hundred spears and lances, more than three hundred iron swords, and more than eighty delicate hauberks. These items were more than enough to fully equip all the soldiers at Chambord. All the armours and weapons that were either broken or damaged could be treated as scrap. They would be delivered to the blacksmiths in the Back Mountains. After some fixing or reworking, new armour, weapons and items would be forged out. It would greatly release Chambord’s pressure of lacking proper items.

The soldiers were still busy, but Fei who was on the big black dog was already walking back to the castle with the kids. When Fei was chatting and laughing with them, he was able to tell that these kids were extremely excited.

When they got close to the gate of the castle, Chambord’s citizens couldn’t wait and rushed out of the kingdom to welcome them back. Young girls had flowers in their hands and threw them on the road that Fei and the soldiers were about to walk on, and things along the lines of “Hail King Alexander!” resonated in the sky and echoed in the ancient defense walls like surging tides. All the kids beside Fei stood straight up and raised their chests. They were proud since they witnessed the notable victory that Chambord just got.

The big black dog [Blacky] was also proud like these kids.

This beast was so smart that it seemed to have the intelligence of a human. With its squinted eyes and big smile, it made people felt like it was another big yet sly man like Drogba walking by them. When faced with Chambord’s people, the dog was calm and cute; it wasn’t at all vicious or ferocious like how he was in front of enemies. By this time, people of Chambord had also got completely used to this dog who was insanely big. Since it was always with King Alexander and it was so smart yet battle hungry, many people started to address it as the “Godly Dog”.

Fei saw his fiancée Angela and blonde haired Emma in the crowd.

Both of them were following Priestess Akara to the Back Mountains to learn about the potion creation and herbs. Although Elena had the situation with her body in midway, Fei arrived on time so they didn’t need to hurry back to the castle. They spent more time with the little girls from Chambord’s Civil and Military Academy and Akara to learn a bit more. After Akara had to go back to Diablo World, they came down the mountain longing for more. When they arrived at the castle, they heard that Chambord was under attack again! They quickly rushed to the defense wall and calmed down after they heard that the battle was over and Chambord had a splendid victory.

Fei laughed as he jumped off of the big black dog’s back. Without minding that there were a lot of people around, he helped his beautiful fiancée get on [Blacky]’s back. Angela who blushed under the beautiful sunset looked like a goddess. In the citizen’s cheers and friendly clamours, Fei slowly walked back towards King’s Palace with Angela’s hand in hand and Emma’s in another. The sun created a few long shadow behind them, and the scene looked peaceful and warm.

When passing by Chambord’s Civil and Military Academy, Fei dismissed the kids who were following him. Of course, before he let them go, he assigned them “homework”. He told the kids to get some feather pens and paper that were made from leather from the academy. He wanted every one of them to hand in a “Thoughts and Reflection Report”. Fei wished that all these kids could grow up the next day and become leader material. Chambord at this point really needed talents badly

After a road of laughter, they finally returned to the King’s Palace. Fei started to recall every moment of the battle today and carefully recorded them onto a leather sheet. This was a habit that he developed for a long time. He had to record everything that he found or had thought about in a day; it was another way for him to get stronger. He had to use other methods other than Diablo World; it was not enough on its own.

It was another period of business.

The dinner only started after the sun had set under the mountains on the west side for a long time.

The dinner was very sumptuous. Because after this period of observation, Angela who was smart and paid a lot of attention to details gradually realized that Fei didn’t like the food in the King’s Palace. She even sensed what Fei liked to eat and what he didn’t like to eat. Plus, Fei had unintentionally mentioned to Angela and Emma how to make a few simple and small dishes from Earth. After all that, the king’s dinner was almost 100% prepared by Angela and Emma; Fei really enjoyed the meals.

“Alexander, is Elena ok?” Angela suddenly asked during dinner.

Fei tensed up after he thought about the erotic circumstance that occurred in the stone room. He thought that a woman’s terrifying intuition made his fiancée sense something, but when he looked at Angela’s pure and worrying expression guiltily, he instantly knew that he thought too much. He felt a little ashamed as he smiled and said: “Don’t worry, it was just that Elena ran into a little problem when she was training her magic power; the magic power backfired and hurt her body. It was fortunate that we found out early! After some sorting and resting, she is not in any kind of danger anymore.”

Angela fixed her black silk like hair that fell from her eye as happiness filled her pretty face. She lightly tapped her chest and said: “Thank the God of War, that’s great! I was really scared when I saw Elena bleed that much! We were all worried about her.”

Fei smiled as he took in a mouthful of food.

He was going to disclose what happened between him and Elena to Angela sooner or later; Fei didn’t plan to hide it from Angela at all. That would be unfair to both Elena and Angela.

That’s right, he liked Angela. He liked her pureness and kindness. However, he also gradually liked Elena subconsciously; he liked the indescribable tacit cooperation they had during battles. Fei was kind of an Otaku (a guy who mostly stay indoors) when he was on Earth; he had no resistance towards girls. He couldn’t help but to like the two goddess like girls after spending time with them. He thought that since he had Angela as a fiancée, it would be both of them spending the rest of their lives together; however, he didn’t expect the relationship that he had with Elena would occur; it seemed like the mysterious voice in Diablo World intentionally tried to make it happen.

Today wasn’t a good time; Fei decided to keep quiet for a bit before he would talk to Angela about this.

After dinner, since Fei wasn’t very tired, he suddenly thought of something and took Angela to the royal horse stable.

All the war horses and more than sixty Roaring Flame Beasts that were captured were delivered to this stable. This stables that were usually very empty was finally getting some noise. There weren’t a lot of servants and maids in the King’s Palace; there were only a dozen of them. For a moment, they couldn’t keep up with all the work. So Fei decided to take Angela here to calm the frightened horses and Roaring Flame Beasts down; it was like going to see some pets to relax.

“Be careful, they are not use to the new environment yet. They are aggressive now and might hurt you.”

Fei carefully reminded Angela and told a few servants to take care of Angela just in case. He walked to the middle portion of the stable. That was where more than sixty Roaring Flame Beasts were at.

He started to carefully observe these descendants of Godly horses and Saint Beast – Unicorns.

The outer appearance of these Roaring Flame Beasts were like other horses, but only stronger and bigger. They all had hard scales on their skin; the armor like hard scales were denser near their hooves. When these beasts were angry or nervous, their eyes would turn red. They bodies had a graceful figure, but they had very sharp teeth and were very aggressive. They were able to carry weights three to four times as heavy as regular horses. They were classified as level 4 Demon Beasts, and they were like the perfect mount for heavily armored cavalry.

However, these beasts were rare and wild; they were hard to capture and hard to train. They were so aggressive that they would starve themselves to death when they got captured. Chishui Kingdom was very lucky to find some Roaring Flame Beasts when they were still in their infancy. After several generations of training and domestication, these Roaring Flame Beasts were the result. These Roaring Flame Beasts had kept the carrying and running ability of wild Roaring Flame Beasts, but they were a lot more docile; that was why they could be rode by the cavalry.

But since the environment changed, their former owner were gone, a lot of them were injured after the collusions in the battle, and all the Roaring Flame Beasts that were still alive were brought here and more than sixty Roaring Flame Beasts were crowded in this small space, these beasts’ eyes were all dark red; it was obvious that they were extremely nervous and aggressive. Any stranger to them couldn’t get close to them at all.

A first, Fei tried to get close to them, but he was kicked and bit back by the Roaring Flame Beasts.

Fei thought about it and had an idea; he immediately switched to the Druid Mode.

At this point, his druid character was already level 21. His [Oak Sage] and [Animal Spirit] were no longer just at the entry level; he had a much deeper understanding of this class. As soon as he switched to Druid Mode, he immediately sensed a nervous, anxious, and ferocious feeling coming from these Roaring Flame Beasts. Fei clearly captured all the negative fluctuation in emotion; these Roaring Flame Beasts were like a bunch of helpless kids – they were all quietly sobbing.

Fei slowly used his spiritual energy to approach them; he tried his best to seem friendly and harmless to cease the guards that the Roaring Flame Beasts had for him. Then, he slowly approached these Roaring Flame Beasts step by step……

“Your majesty, these guys are very aggressive, don’t get too close to them……”

Some servants beside Fei quickly warned him. But before they could finish, they were all stunned. The Roaring Flame Beasts that were very anxious and aggressive and didn’t let anyone close to them didn’t react at all. Some of them even got close to the king and used their heads to rub his body voluntarily, as if they were kids who were trying to complain to their parents. These servants rubbed their eyes; they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “This is too magical!” They all thought. You should know that they tried a lot of methods, but none of them were able to get close to these beasts; one of them almost got kicked in the face.

Table of Content

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