Hail the King Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: The Gap between Two Sides is too Big

Chambord city’s army formation was more like a festive celebration that had nothing to do with the war.

After the 22 heavily-armed soldiers finally used all of their strength and dragged themselves to the formation at the north shore, with a wave of crisp hoofs, six gorgeously decorated carriage slowly made their way over the stone bridge, each carried by four big horses, beautiful young ladies sitting above. Their laughter and beauty tickled the heart of the Alliance army soldiers. Looking at their angel-like faces, countless soldiers on the other side began drooling, and they were suddenly filled with the courage to fight.

“That dumb king, he even brought out his harem out. Is this fighting or sight seeing?”

The kings of the Alliance army all became a little dumbfounded. They’ve head that King Alexander of Chambord city was a big idiot, but didn’t he return to being normal after? Seeing the situation now, if he’s not a r—-d, who else would be stupid enough to bring out his wives? This was basically a military taboo, and he was basically asking for death.

The kings of the Alliance army all became very optimistic about the coming battle.

But what made them even more dumbfounded was, what followed was even more exaggerated. After those 6 carriages joined the formation, immediately behind was actually a hundred or so little kids around the age of ten. They laughed and chatted as they followed behind the carriage, bringing a few guards protecting them on the side. They lined up and stood on a little hill behind the Chambord City formation, and all of them stretched their necks and curiously looked at the enemy army.

“What is that retarded king really thinking about?”

Almost all the kings felt faint.

Just when they were feeling very puzzled, the main protagonist that everyone was expecting finally appeared. They saw Chambord city’s formation open up a two-meter-wide path in the middle, and then a black-haired young man in a white fluttering robe, with an unspeakable kind of posture, crotch riding a strong and burly black “horse”, slowly appearing from the stone bridge. Along the path opened up by the soldiers, he came to the front.

Fei’s appearance successfully attracted the attention of the opposing allied leaders.

“Is this idiot the Chambord city king?” Almost all the kings instantly compared their own heroic self-image to this young person in front of them, and after a quarter of a second they immediately came up with a surprisingly consistent conclusion. “Although this guy has good looks and temperament, but from the Chambord city’s battle formation perspective, this Alexander King is clearly a peasant… No, calling him peasant is even too light. They must use the name that was previously accepted by the entire empire – r—-d! Since that’s the case, then how can a r—-d be compared to the mighty me? Yep, it’s just that that big black co- I mean horse looks pretty mighty. It should be a mutated species, its mighty look suits the mighty me!”

Arf arf arf!

As if it sensed the unwanted attention projected onto it by those kings of the Alliance army, [Black Whirlwind] barked and issued the most severe warning.


Across from Chambord, almost two thousand people all invariably sprayed out water in their mouth. A few kings that were “severely” shocked even almost fell off their house. Oh god, that…… is actually a dog? How can there be such a big dog? The kings on the horses were busy wiping their eyes on horsebacks, and the two thousand or so soldiers also began chatting unbelievably. That big idiot king of Chambord city is way too crazy, he actually rode a big dog and came out… The taste is really… unique…

[Black Whirlwind] felt pretty satisfied with the little chaos it caused, so it “arf arf arf” barked a few more times.

And after that, even the people with the slowest reflex could finally confirm – Chambord city’s King was indeed riding a dog.

And at the same time, Fei’s eyes were also red as he drooled while looking at the Alliance army.

In his eyes, this group of vicious-looking guys came to deliver weapons and treasure! Although Chambord city’s soldier’s strength was recently greatly improved, due to its remote location and poor mineral reserves, there isn’t enough steel to forge weapons, armor and weapons had always been scarce. Until now, besides the original king’s guards, there wasn’t enough to form a 100-men fully-armed infantry army. If it wasn’t for defeating the Black Armor Army and looting some weapons and armor from before, then right now Fei really would have no choice but to carry a bunch of peasants holding farming tools to go and fight the enemy.

Just when Fei was thinking about how to greet these “charity donors”, among the Alliance Army, Chishui Kingdom’s king riding on the roaring flame beast slowly walked out of the formation, contemptuously glanced over the Chambord City crowd for a while, and then shouted, “Where’s the King of Chambord city?”

He obviously saw Fei and also recognized his identity, but he deliberately pretended to not know it.

Fei also wasn’t angry, he smiled and patted [Black Whirlwind] on the a-s, then the big black dog growled and slowly walked up.

“All nine kingdoms allied to come visit me, could it be to fulfill the war compensation agreement signed by the prince? Did you bring enough gold coins?” Fei completely disregarded the aggressive alliance army that stood in front of the city.

“Hahahaha, arrogant! I think you’ve gone insane. Just a little tier 6 subsidiary kingdom dares to ask for war compensation? You think you can conspire to capture the princes and blackmail us? You must’ve gone mad from being too poor!” Chishui’s King started laughing out loud as if he heard the funniest joke, “I give you ten days to hand back the captured princes, and then surrender all royal treasures, and one hundred maids as compensation. Otherwise…” He pointed at the nine kingdom alliance army behind his back and shouted triumphantly, “Otherwise today we will burn your Chambord city to the ground into ashes!”

“How does that make sense? Your twelve kingdom’s princes openly destroyed the King’s Altar during the crowning ceremony, it’s already light to ask for compensation, and you still dare to bring army to invade? Do you still have the honor of a warlord?” Fei pretended to be dumb and replied.

“The glory of warlord only belongs to the victor!” Chishui’s King laughed, “Your little Chambord city, don’t flatter yourself.”

Fei kept his calm expression and purposely tried to provoke them, “Since there’s no compensation, then why are you guys here? To suicide? Now the King I give you all one last chance, pay the amount that was stated on the compensation agreement and I will spare your lives today, or I won’t even give you guys the chance to cry under the sharp edges of Chambord City’s Bylaw Enforcement Officers!”

“Go f*ck yourself! You little r—-d whose brain is crawling with maggots, looks like there’s no need for Chambord city to exist anymore…” Chishui’s King didn’t expect the king of a little tier 6 kingdom dare to go against him, especially that attitude of not taking him seriously, it made his rage skyrocket, “What the f*ck are bylaw enforcement officers. My [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] just needs one chance, and I can make your Chambord city disappear into smoke!”

“Arf arf arf… ROAR!!”

The big black dog became furious seeing its master being humiliated. Waves of fierce light shot out from its eyes, and a beast-like roar was issued from its throat. A ferocious atmosphere was suddenly released out of its body, and all happening in an instant. Then the Roaring Flame Beast below Chishui King’s crotch, as if scared by a high tier magic beast or something, suddenly softened its legs and fell to the ground while white foam began coming out of its mouth. All the horses under the other kings all suddenly panicked and began moving back!

The Chishui kingdom king that was high up there just a second ago became like a wooden man. He was caught off guard by the roars and the horse screams, and fell head-first from the Roaring Flame Beast, covering his face with dust, being embarrassed in front of the entire Alliance army.

Who would’ve thought that a dog could have that much power. One roar was enough to terrify a tier-4 magic beast to s–t itself. The alliance army only felt that it was not a dog that was standing in front of them, but a powerful tier-7 magic beast. That violent and dangerous atmosphere made every single one of their hairs stand on end.

“Ahahaha! Look, their stupid king almost died from falling!”

A wave of laughter came from Chambord city’s camp. Even the kids that stood on the hill further away were also clapping and laughing, and those soldiers that were originally a bit nervous were also affected by the funny atmosphere. Each one of them started clamming the weapons in their hands together and cheered in ridicule, with the army morale climbing insanely.

Fei was also shocked for a second.

Good dog!!

He intimately caressed the dog’s head. He didn’t think that this b—–d actually had this skill, one roar could retire a mighty force, looks like he still underestimated this b—–d in the past. Then, he suddenly thought, if he uses the [Hulk Potion] to feed some other animals, would he be able to breed more mutated species like the big black dog? Or maybe even breed a black dog cavalry regiment?

“Danger! Protect the king!”

Seeing their own king falling from the enemy dog’s bark, Chishui kingdom’s soldiers suddenly felt their faces burning like someone threw s–t at their faces. They were scared that the enemies would take this opportunity to launch an attack so 20 guards immediately rushed to the king and formed a defensive formation and escorted the king back to their camp. Who knew, during this entire escorting process, Chambord city’s people were watching the scene as if it was a comedy and completely didn’t mind whatever the Alliance army was doing, making the Alliance army’s vigilant formation look as ridiculous as a bunch of desperate w—-s trying to show their slutty side towards blind people.

“Ahhhhhhhh! F*ck! Attack! Kill them all!”

The Chishui King pushed away the guards as furious as a lion that got his mate stolen during sex. He immediately jumped back onto another Roaring Flame Beast, pulled out his sword and waved. Then, the [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] began advancing in an arc towards Chambord city. They wanted to pull the charging distance to maximize the impact of the cavalry’s impact. At the same time, a hundred or so infantry units with long spears and shields also roared and began their assault!

The murderous force shot right into the sky.

The battle began.

Boom boom boom boom boom-!!

Chishui’s soldiers ran at a neat rhythm, from the initial slow start to gradually becoming faster, and the earth began trembling under their feet. They were worthy of being the strongest armed forces among the Alliance army, each soldier wearing light armor, holding a kite shield in the left hand, carrying a two-meter long javelin at a 35-degree angle in their right. The sharp tip of the spear flashed with a chilling feel under the sun. Using the momentum of running, such a spear, if thrown was enough to instantly penetrate four or five enemies.

On the yellow grassland, the running soldiers were like a rolling torrent.

When both sides’ gap was closed to fifty meters, the javelins could be thrown, and it would be a kiss of death.

Or maybe before the [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] arrives, just with these hundred spearmen would be enough to finish Chambord city’s peasants… Look at those group of trash soldiers, did they really come here to fight? The gap between two sides is just too big!

Almost every king in the alliance army thought this way.

Table of Content

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