Hail the King Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: That must be a lie!

Water was rolling, and a cold breeze was blowing.

The nine kingdom alliance army gradually came to a halt a few hundred meters away from the south bank of Zuli river. Their formation was a bit scattered. The horses were making messy noises, and their footsteps were out of sync; after stopping, even their banners were not set up upright. Even people who weren’t familiar with the military at all could tell that these were a bunch of amateurs. In comparison to the Black Armor Army from before that moved back and forth like mountains and oceans, it was hard to be convinced that this nine kingdom alliance army was actually a regular one.

However, this miscellaneous army seemed to be pretty confident in their strength.

“A one-time assault is enough to take down Chambord City and let that stupid arrogant little King Alexander kneel down and beg for mercy!” The king of Shuani Kingdom whipped his horse on the a-s and said confidently.

“Pass on my order. After Chambord City falls, capture all the men from Chambord City as slaves and teach this evil country a good lesson!” Chamb Kingdom’s king already couldn’t contain his excitement, and the soldiers behind him had prepared iron chains and cages for containing slaves.

“I want that damn little king to kneel in front of my horse and beg. I heard that he has a pretty good-looking fiancée. Hehe, maybe she can clean the floor and wash the toilet when she comes over to Lunar Kingdom…” Lunar Kingdom’s elder prince raised the facial protection on his helmet and exposed a perverted smile.


Upon hearing the words of Lunar Kingdom’s Elder Prince, all the men laughed.

The muscular and stupid soldiers behind the kings all laughed, raising the weapons in their hand up high. Jewelry, wealth, and women – these have always been the strongest stimulants for fighters.

“However, I recommend giving Chambord City a chance. Send a messenger to tell them to immediately drop down the draw bridge and let out those rudely detained princes within one minute. Otherwise, even if we might be punished by Zenit Empire, we will still let this evil country disappear from the territorial map of Zenit.” Chishui Kingdom’s king glanced at the other kings by his side and said slowly.

The strongest army within this alliance was the Chishui Kingdom’s.

The army under Chishui King’s command was approximately six hundred people. They were the most organized team and had the highest morale among the nine teams. It even included a hundred heavy cavalry team that was self-proclaimed as the [Fire God’s Iron Fleet]. They were all covered in black iron armor and uniformly rode on a tier 4 Warcraft beast. These so-called Roaring Flame Beast tier 4 Warcraft beast looked very much like horses, but they had a sharp horn at the top of their heads. It was said to be the hybrid offspring of the sacred Unicorn beast, born with the speed of wind and could also carry an extremely heavy load. It was definitely the best mount for forming a cavalry.

It was said that the reason they were able to get that many Roaring Flame Beasts was because the last generation’s old king got really lucky and ran into a large mercenary group that was on the verge of death. He took advantage of the situation and acquired 40 or so Roaring Flame Beast cubs at a super low price. Then, after about twenty years of careful cultivation, they developed into today’s scale of over a hundred. This was also the reason why Chishui city was able to secure its tier-3 kingdom title despite having not many exceptional warriors. It was also said that even Prince Arshavin and Dominguez, who were in vicious fight for the throne, had both tried to extend their branches to Chishui Kingdom just because they had their eyes on the [Fire God’s Iron Fleet].

The [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] single-riding cavalries carried at least six hundred pounds of weight, yet they could still travel like the wind. If they were allowed to sprint on the field, their direct impact force could overturn even a wall. According to the legends, this heavy cavalry army was invincible among the 63 subsidiary kingdoms in the Zenit Empire.

Hearing the Chishui King speak, all other Kingdoms’ leaders weren’t completely convinced, but since the greatest power had spoken, the majority of them still agreed to this plan. It was only the aristocratic magician who were previously scared sh*tless by the wave of arrows from Chambord city who didn’t really agree to this advice; he clamored about entering right away to set the city on fire. However, this alliance army was clearly not unified. Everyone thought for themselves, and no one was an idiot. After seeing Chambord city’s dangerous terrain, they were all thinking about how to preserve their kingdom’s strength, so although they all treated the little aristocratic magician from the Royal St. Petersburg respectfully, no one really listened to him.

It was just that the arrogant leaders of the armies didn’t expect that before they even sent out their messenger, a burst of creaking noise from iron chains suddenly sounded. They saw that Chambord city had already taken the initiative to let down the draw bridge. With a loud bang, the 10-meter tall iron bridge heavily landed onto the south bank of the stone bridge. Among the skyrocketing smoke, it looked like a terrifying, yet holy dragon suddenly landed on the bank.

“The draw bridge is down… Could it be that they were scared even before the battle began and wanted to surrender?” A king arrogant laughed and said.

The smoke scattered.

The alliance army were shocked as they saw rows and rows of Chambord soldiers come out orderly and begin to get into formation. There were twenty shield soldiers in front lined in groups of two, each carrying a 3-meter tall iron-tower shield. Their steps were heavy, and each could leave behind a deep footprint. Looking at the iron-gate-like tower shields, the 9 kings and the soldiers behind them that were just mocking Chambord city suddenly felt a chill.

Behind the 20 soldiers carrying exaggerated shields were fifty archers.

In comparison to the intimidating shield soldiers, the archers didn’t look too extraordinary. They didn’t even have any complete pieces of armor on them. They were dressed in weird clothes, with dark beast skins covering their shoulder areas which carried longbows. The longbows on their back were a bit larger than usual, and everyone carried less than 100 arrows in the quivers on their back.

“The small number of archers aren’t even enough to fill the gaps in our teeth. My soldiers just need to swing their swords once and they will all be dead… Hahahaha, Chambord really is a real shabby tier 6 city, what an embarrassment!” Lunar Kingdom’s elder prince pouted and said in disdain, and the soldiers behind his back all laughed and banged the weapons in their hands in agreement.

Across from them, Chambord city continued laying their formations.

After the archers were 30 or so muscular men. They were also not wearing any armor, and the pieces of broken clothes on their body made them look like they were the definition of poverty. However, the weapons in these giant men’s hands were a little scary – everyone was holding enormous axes. The 2-meter long giant axes reflected a cold light under the sun. The design of these axes was way too exaggerated. If the axe’s body was completely forged completely with black iron, then the weight of the axes would be at least 3 to 4 hundred pounds. Normal soldiers would have trouble even lifting it.

“Oh, how is that possible? They must be made with wood and painted with black and silver dye. Fake, it must be fake!” The Black Water’s King was slightly startled as he murmured.

His view was also recognized by everyone around him, and even the wind-type magician from earlier spoke, “It’s certainly fake. Only fools would be scared by those tricks. Haha, I think that even those tower shields at the front are fake; they are probably pieces of woods nailed together!”

Having said that, the Alliance army’s morale was clearly affected by the shocking formation, as if a roaring flame was poured out by a pot of cold water. No one was thinking about charging first anymore, and everyone just stood in place.

Immediately following the giant axe wielding muscular men was a 50-unit infantry array.

This formation was more normal than the others, and it was not just a little worse in comparison to their comrades that walked out before them. The weapons in their hands were greatly diverse. One person held half of a sword, another held a bamboo stick, another held a rusty cleaver, and one even held onto a flat hammer that was usually used by blacksmiths… The formation was also a little disorganized. They varied greatly in height, and none of them were muscular. Instead of looking like soldiers, they looked more like peasants that were trying to spectate the fight with popcorn in their hands.

“Haha, look! Chambord city has finally exposed their true form. This is the real level they are at!” Someone contemptuously mocked.

“They are just a group of farmers… Fighting against this kind of an enemy is simply an insult to my army!”

“Such a country, there’s no need for it to continue to exist!”

All the leaders of the army became happy and optimistic again, looking at Chambord city as if they were looking at a circus performing.

At this moment, new changes took place again on the bridge.

A team of about 20 people arranged in a sharp cone formation slowly moved out, and every one of their bodies were completely covered in heavy knight armor. It seems like the heavy armor was staggering the soldiers’ pace, making it very difficult for them to move. They would take a break after every three steps and look out of breath. Their heavy armor didn’t even get to protect their masters before it wore them out.

“Oh my god, I think their stupid king has really gone mad. He actually had infantry units wear the armor of heavy knights…” Chishui Kingdom’s king started laughing. His laughter was filled with disdain, “The [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] just needs one breath of time to turn all these upright-walking monkeys into a pile of garbage!”

“It is a pity for these twenty or so sets of heavy knight armor to go to waste. They will all be mine now!” Shuani Kingdom grew envious; anyone could see that the armor was good equipment, and if they were equipped onto real knights, it would definitely form a powerful vanguard cavalry troop.

“Whoever grabs it first gets it!”

All the other kings’ eyes were also shining with greedy. How could they just leave such a piece of fat meat to other people?

What they didn’t know was that as they were watching the hundred or so heavy knight regiment from the opposing alliance, His Majesty Fei, who was just finishing his business in the cave and came to the scene after hearing the news, was also drooling and clamoring, “Hahaha, this is too awesome! It’s actually the entire 100 Roaring Flame Beasts; they are all going to be mine! Hahaha, they are all mine now! Pass on my order, you must capture those things alive… These kings are too enthusiastic. I just wanted them to pay a few gold coins for their princes, yet they actually came to my door to hand me such high tier equipment!”

Table of Content

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