Hail the King Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: The “Obscene” Reward for the Clearance (2)

Although it was called a remote and impoverished kingdom, Chambord wasn’t actually as impoverished as most people thought. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Surrounded by green mountain ranges and the Zuli River, Chambord was quite an aesthetic and cheerful place.

In the afternoon, on the defense wall, a team of sharp soldiers was patrolling around the battlement. The plain across from the river seemed to feel the desolation of autumn; the green grass had turned yellow. Looking from afar, it looked like there was a golden carpet placed on the ground. A breeze blew pass by, and the long grass on the hills waved, as if they were tides. The scenery was just perfect.

Suddenly –

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of vague drumming noise came from afar; it was filled with the sharp murderous intent that came only from military troops. It instantly broke the peaceful atmosphere and picturistic view.


Michelle-Barak, the captain of this team waved his hand, and the patrolling soldiers paused their steps.

Barak toned down his breathing and listened carefully to this vague drum noise. His face slowly changed color. He jumped onto a battlement without say a word and took a detailed look. At the horizon, where the golden plain met the skyline, he saw a dense row of flags. The flags had various colors and symbols, and they all fluttered in the wind. Then, a group of people appeared; they looked like a huge mass of black ants from Barak’s view…… It was an army.

“Who could they be?” Barak was shocked.

This army that appeared out of nowhere and had at least a thousand men. They were all armed well; their weapons shined and reflected the sunlight into Barak’s eyes. This fully armed army was up to no good. But just in case that it was misunderstanding, Barack sent out a scout.

A fast horse with the scout on it rushed out of the kingdom gate. It soon passed the stone bridge and headed directly toward the army in afar.

At the same time, all the soldiers in the kingdom received urgent commands and were all rushing up the defense wall in formations.

After more than ten minutes, the scout had finally returned. Although he didn’t hear the report from the scout, Barack knew what was going on after he saw the blood stains and the few arrows on his back – this army who appeared out of nowhere was an enemy.

“Ring the bell and alarm everyone. Quick! Inform Mr. Brock about this situation now!” Barak’s agitated voice sounded in every soldier’s ears.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The huge bell that was about 2 yards tall and hung at the highest location on the defensive wall was rang.

A tense atmosphere spread in Chambord Castle as the bell rang by. The relaxed citizens who were wandering on the streets all panicked and rushed back to their homes. A few fast horses were rushing towards Chambord’s Civil and Military Academy and King’s Palace. Although the atmosphere suddenly changed from casual to tense, after the experience of the black armored enemies’ siege, people of Chambord who had lived through the war didn’t turn into chaos. All the preparations for battle were being processed accordingly.

Barak led forty soldiers out of the Castle; they rushed to the stone bridge.

During the battle on the stone bridge with the black armoured enemies, the god like King Alexander broke this ancient bridge who had been here for numerous of years in half with his brutal strength, and left a gap about more than ten yards(m) long. After that war, the two portions of the bridge were connected by ropes, chains, and wood boards. But under the design of his majesty, the simple and crude rope and wood board bridge was replaced with a suspension bridge made from iron chains and plates.

This suspension bridge was perfect for both attack and defence. It was like a gigantic beast that crawled in between the two side of the stone bridges. It served as a great first line of defence and perfected the Zuli River’s moat effect.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!

8 iron chains that were as thick as an adult’s waist slowly pulled up the iron suspension bridge like 8 godly arms under the squeaking and whining of the the huge iron wheel. The more than ten meter gap reappeared on the bridge. The fast current in the Zuli River rushed by under the gap, and cold mists were blown around by the wind, freezing the surroundings. There was also a mysterious suction force coming from the river, making everything more horrifying.

When faced with this gap, any army would have to fill the river with corpses before they would get by.

“Archers…… get ready!”

Barak drew out his sword. He licked his lips and didn’t bother hiding the excited expression from his face. Chambord Kingdom had slowly ramped up its military strength. As one of the twenty three strongmen who participated in the battle on the stone bridge and one of the Silver Saint Seiya, he was looking forward to this battle from the bottom of his heart.

He wanted the whole empire to see how strong Chambord was!

Behind him, many soldiers charged out of the castle to help them. Saint Seiya members such as Drogba and Ivanovic had lead the elite soldiers under them and joined the soldiers at the northern side of the stone bridge. On the defensive wall, both Bast and Brock who were the civil and military heads of Chambord had already arrived after the alarm. They were standing under the watch tower calmly.

This was a scary reaction speed.

Everyone was waiting for this sudden, mysterious enemy to arrive.



At the underground cave in the back mountains.

In the simple and crude stone room.

Fei had took off the last piece of soft leather inner armour for Elena; he tried doing so as he close his eyes. Although his shivering fingers had not touched Elena’s white, smooth and burning skin, he already felt a warm and charming sensation. Fei felt like his soul was getting a third degree burn by this Valkyrie’s beauty.

There was no time to waste. Elena’s condition was getting worse and worse. Fei shook his head as he hugged the female mercenary’s body. He felt a mystic sensation; his body was numbed by this soft, warm, unprecedented feeling. His head turned blank.

The fainted Valkyrie seemed to sense something; the frowning expression on her face relaxed a little bit.

Fei suppressed the dirty thoughts in his head as he thought back to the information he got in Diablo World. He looked at Elena’s beautiful face as he sighed in his head. At this moment, for some reason, another girl’s pure figure popped into his head. However……

After lightly separating the Valkyrie’s long and white legs, Fei finally slowly entered.

There wasn’t anytime to experience that moment of ecstasy. A stream of explosive power filled with destruction rushed into Fei’s body through the connection. Although Fei was anticipating this, that extremely painful sensation made Fei instantly cry out with a deep roar. He felt like that power had torn his soul from his body. His blood also gushed out of his body through the pores, filling the air with bloody mists.

Fei finally experienced the pain that Elena was enduring.

It was hard to imagine how this pretty girl was able to endure this pain; she didn’t even groan when she fainted…… This girl’s fortitude instantly shocked Fei!

He hugged the girl tightly in his arms, as if he was hugging the most precious treasure in the world.

Fei utilized his Barbarian physical power and tried to take on as much of that terrifying pain as he would. He could even clearly feel the four energy:lightning, fire, ice, and poison passing through the connection and entering into his body. He felt like all the cells in his body were ground into dust. Endless amounts of pain were generated through the conflict and fight between these four types of energy.

Under this pain that was more than ten times the amount as the pain he experienced after drinking 【Hulk Potion】, every second was longer than a century in his head.

Soon, ice, lightning, fire, and poison, the four incompatible energy gradually stopped fighting. They were like four guys who became friends after a long fight. The energies circulated in Fei’s body for a full cycle, and then completely returned back to Elena’s body through the connection like a whale sucking back the water it spurted out; none of the energy was left behind in Fei.

Next moment, Fei felt the beautiful body in his arms slightly moved.

This slight movement surprised Fei, and it instantly cleared his head. He immediately realized that it was very awkward between them, his lower body part was still…… Eh, he was going to say something and separate their bodies, but two soft, slender and smooth arms reached out and held onto Fei tightly.

He lowered his head.

He saw the hot mercenary blinking her beautiful eyes.

She had obviously awakened quite a while ago.

And she knew what happened.

A crystal clear tear drop slowly slided off of her beautiful face.

However, she didn’t let go of Fei; her arms still surrounded Fei’s neck tightly. Fei was even having a hard time breathing. It seemed like she was scared that the person in her arms would instantly vanish to thin air if she let go.

“Hug me tighter!” Elena murmured into Fei’s ear.

At the same time, Elena hugged Fei tightly like a burning fire

She pushed her hot body against Fei; Fei felt like he was about to melt into this warm flame. Her body lightly shivered in Fei’s arms; at that moment, she was no longer the invincible magic archer who covered up the heat from the sun by her frost arrows, she was just a brave yet timid little girl who had a low self-esteem.

Fei suddenly realized.

He finally understood that he was ignoring some before.

His heart felt warm and soft, as if it was wetting and melting into bits, blending into the body in his arms, and they could no longer be separated.

Seductive moans and heavy breathing gradually resonated in this stone room.

Elena raised her white, smooth, swan like neck, waved her hand, and a blue water curtain enveloped both of them in it. The sky blue light lit up this dark stone room, and made it as beautiful as heaven.

This was the color and tone of a dream.

Table of Content

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