Hail the King Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: The “Obscene” Reward for the Clearance (1)

Huge changes occurred on the 3D screen.

The seven characters who represented the Barbarian, Sorceress, Paladin, Assassin, Amazon, Druid, and Necromancer classes were still standing there vividly. The changes on them weren’t that obvious. The weakest among all the classes was the Necromancer, and it was now level 19 already. Every character had at least a level 5 【Magic Item】on them. The Sorceress character was the fanciest with a complete set of green 【Arcanna’s Tricks】emitting a green light sphere and enveloping the character in it. The items the sorceress had were obviously better than the items that the other characters had, all appearing in different colors.

Set items were great after all. On top of their power, their appearances were much sharper and different compared to others.

What surprised Fei wasn’t the appearances of his characters…… but rather a line of ancient red words filled the whole 3D screen. The words were clearly reflected into Fei’s pupil –

“Congratulation, young adventurer. After the test of blood and fire, challenges between death and life, choices for love and hate, you have complete all the quests from Act I in the Diablo World. Your miraculous skills, 【Summon】and【Give】, will be leveled up. Your conversion limit will be upgraded, the parallel universes will be upgraded, your mercenaries will receive a boost in strength…… There is a total of eleven level ups that you will receive as mysterious rewards. Slowly unveil the secrets of the Diablo World! Young man, a new adventure lies ahead of you. Prove you are worthy of God’s favour by using the swords and blades in your hands like a true warrior!”

Fei was only able to half understand it.

In between the lines, Fei sensed an unexpected aura of compassion, as if an elder was standing in front of him calmly, gifting him with all these rewards, and then patiently and carefully teaching and instructing him.

As soon as Fei finished reading the sentence, the line of words started to change. The words slowly fainted, and shrunk into small red dots. After dancing in the air like fireflies in a dark night, they suddenly rushed towards Fei like iron dust attracted to a magnet.

Fei couldn’t dodge it, and all the red-light specks instantly entered Fei’s body.

It felt really strange.

As if he was hugging another soul.

For the next second, Fei felt something appear in his body but it strangely felt like it belonged there. It was a force, like a cloud of information. It felt ancient, mysterious and strange.

Fei closed his eyes and slowly “read” the information.

Suddenly –

“S–t……  combining strength, so this is how, it’s bad……” A short message in this information surprised Fei. He didn’t continue reading the rest of the information; he instantly exited from the 3D screen.

The time was tight.



The back mountains of Chambord.

The autumn’s sun was warm and the weather was very nice.

There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, and the sky looked like a huge crystal blue gem that covered the top of the world. Deep in the mountains, deep and long roars from beast and animals sounded frequently. The yellow leaves fell from the tree branches and covered up numerous unknown secrets.

All the plants and greenery were turning yellow and golden brown, expressing their beauty brazenly.

Nearby, on one of the plateaus made of rocks with vines climbing over them, Akara smiled as she taught Angela and a bunch of kids how to identify herbs and their effects in making potions. The atmosphere was very peaceful and fun. Angela and the kids would gasp and laugh as they learnt the mystical effects of the herbs and random plants that they didn’t pay attention to before.

Akara was very pleased with the atmosphere, and she did her best to teach.

Not too far away, Elena, looking like a Valkyrie, was standing on a big rock as she held on tight to her bow. Her red hair fluttered in the wind, like a burning fire. Although there weren’t any huge beasts in the back mountains, the dangerous surroundings in the Diablo World had trained her to be cautious all the time. She guarded Akara, Angela, and the kids carefully. She was very sensitive to danger, and she knew what place that beautiful naive girl held in Fei’s heart.

Therefore, Elena felt she must help Fei to protect this girl.

【Black Tornado】was lying beside Elena’s feet lazily. Its eyes were sleepy and it opened its mouth and yawned here and there. Under the warm autumn sunlight, this smart beast felt very comfortable.

The scene was beautiful.

Suddenly, Blacky sniffed his nose.

It felt perplexed, and it raised its dog head and looked up. Its eyes focused on Elena and found the source of the abnormality – the autumn sun wasn’t hot, but a large amount of sweat started to drip from Elena’s forehead. The crystal sweats reflected all sorts of colours from the sun.

Drip! Drip!

The sweat landed on the rocks.

“Woff!Woff!Woff!……” Blacky got up and started to bark.

Akara who was teaching the basics of potion concoction to Angela and the kids also stopped talking and looked this way.

She also felt the change coming from Elena’s body –

At that moment, a few strong energies came from nowhere and were instantly injected into Elena’s body. These energies were all different attributes. They couldn’t co-exist with each other. Therefore, they were fighting aggressively with each other, and Elena’s body turned into a battlefield for these energies.

To any warrior, this situation was deadly.

The disruption coming from the energies of different attributes might instantly destroy one’s body and bones; the person might become a pile of flesh and blood.

Currently, there was already a layer of light blood on Elena’s soft smooth skin, and a lot of bloody mists were coming out of Elena’s invisible pores. From afar, it seemed like Elena was covered in a red flame. Numerous veins were becoming visible on her arm that was holding onto the bow. Her white teeth had bitten into her red lips so hard that blood gushed out.

The mercenary was definitely in huge amount of pain.

“What’s going on?” Even Akara who was very wise was surprised couldn’t understand why this would happened to Elena. In her long life, she had never seen any female rogues in any kind of similar situation.


There was no time to waste, Akara raised her hand and a series of white light flew out of her palm and into Elena’s body.

This was the special healing skill that priestesses of the Diablo World knew.

Akara had deep knowledge about magic as well.

With the help from the healing, Elena was doing a little bit better. However, the conflict between energies didn’t stop. In fact, it was getting more and more aggressive. Soon, more and more bloody mists gushed out of Elena’s body, and the beauty was covered in blood.

““Woff!Woff!Woff!……” Blacky started to bark like crazy.

“Sister Elena……” Angela was also terrified by what she saw.

Akara used the healing skill non-stop and didn’t reserve her magic energy at all. A series of white healing lights dashed into Elena’s body, but it wasn’t helping much.

“Damn……” Even Akara, who worshiped god, spat out swears.

“Ah……” The valiant valkyrie who endured all the pain couldn’t hold up anymore. She let out a deep painful cry.

At this moment –


A blue portal suddenly appeared on the rock, and Fei walked out of it. He took out a full bottle of 【Full rejuvenation Potion】and poured onto Elena’s body. He then held the hot mercenary who already fainted by the waist as he stomped the ground. Boom! The rock exploded into pieces as Fei leaped into the air and disappeared from Akara’s, Angela’s, blacky’s, and the kid’s eyes.

“Don’t worry, I have a solution!”

Fei’s voice resonated in the sky.

Akara felt a bit relieved, but became very curious. It looked like Fei knew what was going on inside Elena’s body…… But why? Angela on the other hand wrapped her arms around her chest as she felt very worried. This pure girl didn’t get mad or jealous of her fiance holding another woman.



Fei used Barbarian 【Leap】repeatedly and his body merged with the wind. He quickly arrived at a stone room in the underground cave within the back mountains.

He ordered the guards to not let anyone in as he poured the last bottle of 【Full rejuvenation Potion】he had into Elena mouth.

The hot mercenary was in a terrible condition.

There was ice, fire, lightning and poison energies within her body. The four types of energies were fighting inside her body. If Akara didn’t use healing skills to suppress the conflict and Fei didn’t use all of the 【Full rejuvenation Potion】he just converted to balance them out, the valkyrie in his arms would have broken into pieces.

“S–t! Do I have to do that?”

Fei looked at Elena who was still fainted, hesitating.

He knew exactly what was happening to Elena – this was one of the rewards he got for completing all the quests in Act I in Diablo World – Combining his strength.

This was the underlining purpose of this reward –

All the strengths from the other six mercenaries from the other six parallel universes that Fei’s other six characters were in would be combined into Elena – this wasn’t a surprise – only Elena was like a living being and the other six mercenaries were like rigid robots; they didn’t have any intelligence. Although he guessed that this strange phenomenon occurred because of the rewards he got, he didn’t expect it to have this kind of connection. Also, from the information Fei read in the Diablo World, this combination process was very dangerous. Without careful preparations, Elena might not be able to balance the energy in her body, and that would result in harming of her health, and even death.

At this point, all the potions that Fei converted were used.

But Elena was still in a terrible condition.

All four energies in her body didn’t show any signs of balance and calming down. In the conflict, they were more like kids who got into a fight. They were causing more trouble and getting more aggressive. Although Elena fainted, the pain was still torturing her. Fei’s heart was hurting just by looking at her unconscious frowning expression. The floor would soon be stained by Elena’s blood.

Fei quickly made the difficult decision.

He slowly placed his hands on the buckles of Elena’s armour.

Table of Content

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