Hail the King Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Bylaw Enforcement Officer

Fei gently nodded.

He knew, these foreign warriors were the bandits that the cold-blooded, devilish woman Paris was talking about. Originally, in Paris’s plan, Chambord city wouldn’t have the slightest strength to fight back. Waiting after she successfully assassinated the Elder Princess at the Eastern Mountain top, she would kill Fei and the others on that mountain as well, then rob all the wealthy, noble, and royal families in the city, destroy the city, massacre the other citizens, and completely erase Chambord city from the map of Zenit. That way, the shocking assassination of Elder Princess will no longer have any witnesses nor leads for the investigators sent by the Emperor, and the robbed wealth could be used to strength His Highness Dominguez’s army.

Such means was already very familiar to Paris, as if she had done it for many times.

The legend said that on the land of Azeroth, there were kings that would bring his men and pillage because he was too poor, so Fei was not very surprised that Dominguez, as the second prince of the emperor, established a group of robbers to plunder wealth for him. Although real aristocracy did exist, most of them were dicks but also liked to brand themselves.

Fei, for a second, thought about the time he saw fire and smoke rolling into the sky when he was at Eastern Mountain. He still felt a bit uneased and he asked, “Um… Besides Viscount Louis and his big businesses, were there any damage to the rest of the city?”

“The palace was also attacked, but the enemies were fought off. As for other places, there weren’t any attacks…” Brook asked with a little suspicion, “What’s strange is, these guys seem to know exactly how the city’s strength and wealth is allocated, so they didn’t attack the normal citizens’ houses at all!”

Fei laughed out loud, “They are experts in robbering and murder, it would be strange if they can’t even figure that out… Haha, break the arms and legs of all these people, chain them up and keep them in the [Little Black Room]. If someone comes to redeem them, let each of them go for 100 gold coins. If no one comes to redeem them within a month, throw them all to the lake to feed the fish!”

“Yes Your Majesty!”

Brook was very efficient with taking care of things, and very soon, those 50 to 60 foreign fighters had their arms and legs broken in screams and were taken to the [Little Black Room].

“Your Majesty’s methods, indeed are… clever ah!”

Bast who had been silently looking at the Viscount Louis’s palace, suddenly let out an exclamation, and the way he looked at Fei became unprecedently serious. This old handsome bro who rarely showed emotion besides that time he was bitten by the big black dog, showed a very complicated emotion in his eyes. There was doubt, there was relief, there was surprise, and there was also…  a trace of fear.

Fei just slightly smiled, and didn’t say anything else.

He knew what his father-in-law was referring to.

That’s right, the destruction of Viscount Louis and some of the wealthy families, was indeed part of Fei’s plan.

In fact, it was at as early as on the first leadership expansion meeting after defeating the Black Armor army, Fei already clearly knew that the old aristocratic groups with Viscount Louis as the leader will not be used by him. They would have definitely become a cancerous tumor for Chambord City’s future. Fei could not let this kind of thing happen, so from that time, he had already began thinking about how to remove this rotten meat from this “fresh meat” of Chambord City. And then after these people frequently blatantly went against Fei’s orders in public and committed many acts that damaged the kingdom and the people, Fei finally had the intention to kill these clans to completely wash them away from the Chambord City.

This was the [Cleaning Plan] that Fei had been planning for a long time for.

Fei’s original plan was to let Elena and other female rogues wash away this bad meat, but when the storm was about to arrive, Fei’s prejudgement of the danger quickly told him, there was no need anymore.

This Eastern Mountain Assassination was a very good opportunity.

It was a chance to borrow someone else’s knife to kill.

Although Fei didn’t know in what form the danger will arrive in, it didn’t stop him from making some arrangements in the big picture. Fei told the citizens inside the city to temporarily move to the encampment near the Zuli River, Viscount Louis’s clan and the others didn’t listen, and that played right into Fei’s hands. Fei didn’t force them to retreat at that time, but allowed them to stay. Indeed, things progressed as Fei expected, Chambord City indeed was attacked, and this “borrow someone else’s knife to kill” strategy worked perfectly.

Now, the old aristocratic forces in Chambord city were completely swept clean by Paris’s people.

Then the loot of the robbers on Paris’s side also went into Fei’s hand. At this moment, all the old aristocratic clans and wealthy families didn’t have any heirs left, so according to the empire’s law and Chambord City’s tradition, this wealth was all added to the royal bank, and turned into the royal family’s wealth. To Fei, everything happening at the Eastern Mountain today was just a staggering money-making trip. Wait until the poor princes that joined this assassination plan were redeemed by their fathers, and wait until the promised financial support agreed by the Elder Princess gets implemented, the wealth accumulated at Chambord City will far exceed the total wealth of the past two hundred years.

And more importantly, Fei purified his “revolution army”.

From now on, Chambord city was truly Fei’s kingdom, and there won’t be anyone that dared to openly go against his orders, nor will there be people that secretly carried out sabotage activities in the dark. Fei turned himself into the only voice inside Chambord city, and the following series of development plans can now be implemented with assurance.

Time flew, and soon, the vast night shrouded Chambord City.

On the second day, Zenit Empire’s emissary group left Chambord City.

[God of War] Andre Arshavin already left without saying goodbye to the host Fei, and left Chambord City right away with a army of elite soldiers. Although this trip back to the empire was likely to be very dangerous, but considering that the secret of him leaving St. Petersburg was already leaked, time was pressing. Emperor Yaxin’s health was worsening every day. The storm clouds and winds changed mysteriously in the empire city and as the eldest prince was most likely succeed the throne, if Arshavin continued to stay here to recuperate, then his competitor Prince Dominguez might take this opportunity and eliminate his disadvantage at the empire. So as dangerous as it was, Prince Arshavin must risk it and head back.

Fortunately, that half bottle of [Vitality restoration potion] Fei left him already healed most of his injuries.

Surprisingly, as the indispensable military adviser of Arshavin, the most trustworthy think tank, Elder Princess decided to temporarily stay in Chambord city.

But these were not Fei’s concern.

For Chambord city, the change has finally come – the military and political reform plan that waited an entire month for, finally began to be implemented.

After Alexander was officially crowned, the first King’s order was finally issued under everyone’s expectations.

This was an order regarding the military –

Chambord City formed two large legions –

The Saint Warrior Legion.

And Chambord City’s Bylaw Enforcement Legion… Also, known as the Bylaw Enforcers.

If saying the first name was pretty acceptable for the leaders of Chambord city, then the latter name “Bylaw Enforcers” simply tested their imagination. Maybe they will never know, because this was another instance of Fei’s gross hobby of being an otaku exploding again – maybe to Fei, this was a reminder he gave himself, telling himself, what kind of world he lived in before. (TL: Bylaw enforcers have a negative connotation in China because they usually abuse their power and f*ck with citizens)

Table of Content

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