Hail the King Chapter 129.2

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Chapter 129.2: Bunch of Madmen

Everyone heard the sound of their teeth chattering.

Bang bang bang bang!

Drogba pulled out the sword and threw it onto the side, then licked his lips, landed a few punches on his wound, causing blood to spew out, a grinning and excited look appeared on his face, as if he couldn’t feel any pain, he shouted, “Who’s next? Come on! Hahaha!”

The group of people in front of him all got so scared that their legs got soft.

“You, get the f*ck out!” Drogba pointed at a muscular Shenhua Kingdom’s guard.

This guard walked out trembling, as if driven mad by fear, suddenly roared crazily, then he started waving his broadsword like a windmill and started charging over like an injured beast.


Still one punch.

This time the guard’s sword didn’t even get Drogba. This fool actually pretended that he’s not good at dodging, but who knew he actually dodged instantly when the sword came, and his punch shattered the guard’s head.

This guard originally has one star level strength, it’s just that his psychological quality is too bad, already been scared half dead. Plus, Drogba already went through [Hulk Potion]’s enhancement, his body size and power far exceeds normal people’s expectation, and plus this guy’s cunning as hell, actually instantly killed the guard with one punch again.

Seeing red and white brain fluids dripping on Drogba’s fist, everyone felt a chill rushing up their spine unstoppably.

Too brutal, too violent, too cruel!

Han couldn’t help but have a stream of black lines going down his forehead, why is this Drogba guy so obsessed with crushing people’s skulls? This is too abnormal! He needs to let this guy change it up a bit, otherwise it will affect Chambord city’s healthy and friendly image!

“You, get the f*ck out!” Drogba’s finger pointed across from him.

A disgusting smell came, this unfortunate fool that got pointed were scared to the point where feces and urine flew right out, and he directly collapsed onto the ground.

Five or six minutes passed, 4 and 5 warriors got their skull crushed, their bodies just casually lied beside Drogba. There’s only about 3 more blood holes on this guy’s body, still bleeding, but they are all not lethal, and there’s not the slightest pain showing on Drogba’s face.

Fei saw that’s enough, this fool’s shown off enough, so he waved and had him come back.

The one that took Drogba’s place is this Capricorn Golden Knight Pierce.

Everyone thought that after the madman who likes to crash other people’s head finally left, there would be someone normal from Chambord City that continues to fight. But, after ten more minutes, seeing the pile of minced meat beside Polo Pierce, everyone became lost in despair.

This white hair man is even more mad.

Doesn’t matter who the opponent is, he just shouts “Hail King Alexander, Excalibur!” Charges, then the opponent would be divided into pieces mysteriously and turn into a pile of minced meat, this is really too terrifying. This white hair muscular man as if can unleash an invisible blade force, unstoppably sharp, cannot be stopped at all by armor, shields, swords, blades. Seeing the grounded meat and shattered weapons on the ground, everyone has the feeling of wanting to cry.

A guy that likes to crush skulls left, and here comes a guy that’s into dividing bodies!

Is everyone at Chambord city all this mad?

All enemy kingdoms’ princes hugged into a bunch and are all shivering and crying.

The third one that stepped into the battle is Brook.

This man’s at least a bit more normal, unlike his comrades earlier. But the enhancement Brook got through the [Hulk Potion], his strength grew crazily, and people with strength of one or two stars is completely no match for him. After defeating 5 opponents in a row, he successfully finished his mission.

Fei is purposely giving his men opportunities for real combats, allowing them to gain the experience of one on one fights, in order to better prepare them for the upcoming Zenit Empire War Drill.

Of course, he also wanted to demonstrate Chambord City’s strength in front of the Elder Princess and [Zenit God of War] Arshavin.

Very clearly, Fei’s goal was achieved.

As the princes and guards on Paris’s side got mercilessly cut down by Chambord City’s warriors one by one, the Elder Princesses, Prince Arshavin, and the others’ eyes went from the initial anger and unhappiness, to shock and deep thought. Chambord city’s strength has already far exceeded their expectation, and there are also some mysterious factors inside that they can’t see clearly. At this moment, even Arshavin who was initially displeased with Fei privately letting go of the cold-blooded devilish woman Paris, now has no choice but to set aside the negative emotions and reconsider the future relationship with this Tier 6 Kingdom.

At the end, the only enemies left on the Eastern Mountain top are the princes of a dozen kingdoms.

These princes do have some strength, but how can these spoiled bitches get used to this kind of scene? They have already started hugging each other and cried for mommy.

But at this moment, Fei once again made a surprising move. He sent his father-in-law Bast who doesn’t have the slightest battle energy or magic strength.

“Could this old lady-like man who can’t even walk steadily be an expert too?”

[Zenit God of War] Arshavin couldn’t feel the slightest power from old white face Bast, not even physical power. He even thought that this old white face’s strength already reached the level that even he as the six star elite can’t detect, so his face suddenly became serious.

But who would’ve thought…

*Cough cough cough*

This old handsome man cleared his throat, pulled out a tally book and said not so fast nor slow, “Alright, according to my careful calculation, this time you disturbed the king’s crowning ceremony, destroyed property, stepped on plantation, delayed time… Um, in total caused 230 thousand empire gold coins worth of damage. If you are willing to double the price as compensation, my king is unparallelly kind and generous, he’s willing to let you guys leave alive!”

Arshavin who was in the process of healing himself sprayed out a mouthful of blood.


Indeed an elite.

But an elite at bargaining.

But these words were as if sounds from heaven to these shivering princes. Those people saw this old white face like an amiable white bearded sage descended from Heaven, almost wanted to crawl over to hug this old handsome man’s leg and cry out loud.

“Pay, we will pay! King Alexander is unparallelly wise, great, and generous!”

For the princes, Bast’s words were like sending firewood during winter. As long as they could live, who cares about how much they pay? Although the amount was a bit too exaggerated.

Almost encountering no resistance, the princes all scrambled to sign the compensation agreement with Bast, and in the blink of an eye, Chambord city received close to 800 thousands empire gold coins of “war repayment”, and made a staggering wealth.

This time, even the intelligent Elder Princess felt a bit incredible.

That easily… and that hug sum of money was now in his hands?

In the past, many people guessed that with the little king’s cruel personality, these princes will inevitably meet their doom. Who would’ve guessed, he actually used this method and took care of everything. Thinking about it, even the [Female Wisdom Saint] Elder Princess felt her eyes lit up, and couldn’t help but clap on the inside for this brilliant move. This would not only avoid hatred between kingdoms, but also gained a huge sum of money to develop Chambord city! This was definitely two birds with one stone!

She had a stronger feeling that she shouldn’t underestimate this little King named Alexander.

Very soon, guards came and drove these princes off the mountain like dealing with beggars, and Prison Official Oleg took them into the [Little Black Room] in the city. Before those kingdoms send over their “battle repayment”, these princes would be detained as hostages until the compensation was paid to Chambord City.

The sun has already risen on most of the sky, and the temperature had become slightly warmer.

The Eastern Mountain top now only had the Chambord city and Elder Princess’s people.

Approximately two hundred elite knights were reduced down to only 20, knight commander Roman and female swordsman Susan were all injured, the purple clothed girl Ziyan and [Zenit God of War] Arshavin were even more heavily injured, and they could only sit on the ground and channel their energy to self-heal.

This is supposed to be a moment of victory, some knights were even ready to cheer…


The atmosphere doesn’t seem to be as cheerful as they imagined.

The Elder Princess bowed her head and didn’t speak.

And Fei just stood there in place, quietly looking at the Elder Princess and Arshavin. The expression on his face was for sure not joy and obedience, nor respect or smiles…

But… indifference and disgust.

His eyes were even colder than he looked at Paris and the others.

Table of Content

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