Hail the King Chapter 129.1

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Chapter 129.1: Bunch of Madmen

Fei’s words had made those princes and emissaries kneel onto the ground.

Luckily, the purple and green swords didn’t transform into a blade whirlwind and blow towards them. Fei pointed at the two blade assassins and said, “Like before, use your weapon to save your own life. Win and live, lose and die!” Then, his body flickered as he reappeared in front of the crowd of Chambord city people, pointed at the beautiful mercenary Elena and then said, “Your opponent is her!”

This was Fei creating an opportunity for Elena.

The beautiful mercenary gradually came out from the dark into the light. She will be controlling some real power so Fei needed to let Elena demonstrate her strength in front of Bast, Brook and the other old leaders and acquire a certain amount of achievements. That will make it easier for her to integrate into the Chambord City’s leader community and receive everyone’s recognition.

When Elena walked out with her long bow, the two blade assassins slightly let out a breath. They knew that they were no match for the little Prince, but this vase-like woman in front of their eyes didn’t seem to be that powerful, so there should be no problem to win over her if they cooperated.

The battle soon started.

With a light roar, the assassins made their move.

These two people, one had a blade in their left hand, one had a blade in their right hand and both were dressed identically. One left and one right, the two transformed into two sharp blade lights, and the chilly blade breath shot directly towards Elena.

Bang bang bang bang!

Just when everyone was worrying for this beautiful archer with a slender figure, a series of rapid bowstring quiver sounds went off and four bright blue ice flowers rushed through the air. No one saw when Elena pulled out her arrows, as the arrows magically appeared when those pretty hands were placed on the bowstring.

The frost arrows exuded a chilly aura, as if it was about to leave a trail of ice through the air, sharply whistling.

No one could describe the speed of these four arrows, and those two assassins who were in the air had no choice but to take on the arrows head on.

Kacha kacha!

The sound of ice breaking came and the two blade assassins staggered back.

Layers of thin blue ice already began spreading on their body, and their movement instantly became slower.

This was frost bolt.

No one expected that this pretty girl was that quick with her arrows, and also that accurate, mercilessly occupying the absolute advantage with just one strike.

The blade assassins’ wood style energy storm from their bodies instantly shattered and melted the layers of ice.

But only they knew, right now their stiff and chilled bodies were still troubling them.

Both of them were beginner four-star elites, even their strengths as an individual weren’t below Elena. However, they were both injured quite seriously from before, causing their strength to drastically decrease. In fact, it was because of this reason, Fei was confident to let the pinnacle 3 star level Elena fight these two people.

After one move, both blade assassins fell into an extremely passive position.

Elena simply didn’t give those two any opportunities for close-quarters combat. The bowstring kept on ringing off, and in the air, “pew pew pew pew” frost bolt arrows ran down like heavy rain towards those two assassins. As someone that had long been battling devils and monsters in the Diablo world, Elena’s grasp on battle rhythm and opening even has far exceeded those two blade assassins.

During that moment, the entire Eastern Mountain top was full of a dense chilling breath. The running blood on the ground froze, the dead bodies were covered by a thin layer of blue ice, and those with weaker strength were already close to getting hypothermia. Fei stood in front of Angela, Emma, and Bast and changed to [Sorcerer mode] to channel magic and keep the temperature warmer around them.

Those people that were spectating this battle, at the moment already forgot to breath.

After three minutes, the sky-covering blue arrow rain finally stopped.

The two blade assassins didn’t get hit by even one arrow.

But, they have lost.

Because layers of blue ice already completely covered their body. The two were actually directly frozen by the chilling breath of the frost bolt arrows, turning into ice men in a giant piece of ice.  Their bodies from top to down were covered by ice of at least 50 cm thick, and they had long since stopped breathing.

Pa pa!

Elena shot out last two arrows.

They were not frost bolt arrows.

Just normal ones.

The two giant ice pieces that contained the two assassins were shattered into pieces, including the two assassins’ body. Their body were completely invaded by the cold and had long became extremely fragile, so after one simple knock, they turned into pieces.

Until this moment, the surrounding audiences were horrified to realize this peerlessly beautiful female demonic archer didn’t even move a single step, just stood in place and killed the two beginner 4 star level blade assassins.

Such terrifying rhythm control and battle talent.

Even elites like [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin and purple clothed girl Ziyan that were desperately channeling their energy to self-heal raised their eyebrows and remained speechless. Even they were put in that position, they probably wouldn’t have better control of the rhythm of the battle.

When Elena withdrew her longbow and gently stood behind Fei, everyone’s mind just returned to their body.

Another elite!

Chambord city actually had an elite of such a level?

Where did she come from?

Even some people on the Chambord City’s side haven’t met Elena before, and they were all surprised to see such a beautiful magic archer. Only the prison official Oleg knew a little insider information, and right now this fat a-s’s mouth was opened up to an “O” shape, thinking that thank god he had been paying quite a bit of respect to this madam. She’s really an elite that could kill people without blinking. Two lively four star elites were turned into a ground of shattered ice between the twinkling of an eye.

When the two assassins of the highest strength died, the remaining survivors on Paris’s side suddenly lost their spirit, just like homeless dogs.

Some people even knelt on the ground and started begging for mercy.

“Only the brave can walk down Eastern Mountain alive today, hum, dare to disturb my f*cking ascension ceremony, you guys are really courageous huh? Today I will give you guys an opportunity, now, take out your courage from an hour ago, no matter who you are, as long as you can win one match, you can leave here alive.”

As Fei’s words finished, the newly promoted Taurus golden knight Didier Drogba stood on the field like a giant.

“Me, let me go first!”

Seeing that the opponent they had to face was not the Fei that instantly killed a five star level elite, nor the demonic female archer with incredible strength, an one star level warrior quickly ran out before his companions. Anyone with the slightest strength could see that this muscular giant sent out by Chambord city this time only looked a bit ferocious, but there’s almost no energy fluctuations in his body, so he didn’t seem to be some expert.

Many people saw the chance of survival, but unfortunately this clever warrior rushed to the front and got the opportunity.


The warrior pulled out the long sword on his waist. Even when facing a weak opponent, he didn’t dare to slightly underestimate the enemy.

And other people just looked at this warrior with envy.

But soon they weren’t jealous anymore.

The emotion turned into deep fear.

They saw the warrior grin as he pierced the giant’s shoulder with the sword, but this giant with long hair acted as if he didn’t feel anything, and just smashed the warrior’s head like crushing a watermelon. Everyone felt a chill down their head. Very clearly, this giant carried forward the king’s sturdy combat style, not even frowning after getting his shoulder pierced by a sword, and just took the one star level warrior’s life with a backhand punch.

Is he still a human?

Could everyone in Chambord City be a group of people that didn’t care about death?

Table of Content

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