Hail the King Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Blood and Sword

Hearing Fei immediately refuse his request, [Hidden at Snowpeak] slightly frowned and no longer spoke. He was someone with few words; these types of people were usually persistent and tough, and the things they decided would not be changed even if nine giant dragons tried to pull the words back.

However, silence didn’t mean surrendering.

While channeling a crazy amount of energy, [Hidden at Snowpeak] Dani’s swords began ringing as it turned longer and clearer; it was breathtaking. Lower star level soldiers became dizzy and started vomiting, while other people couldn’t help but cover their ears tightly. The blade was buzzing at an indescribably terrifying frequency, almost turning into a ball of dazzling silver light under the golden sun.

[Hidden at Snowpeak], White Robe Long Sword.

Among the young generation royal family elites in the 250 subsidiary countries in Zenit Empire, Dani was definitely a first-class figure with his five-star strength. Even though Fei displayed a whole set of barbarian equipment and his power began skyrocketing again, he still didn’t dare to let his guard down.

Fei adjusted his breath and tightly held the purple and green twin swords.

The atmosphere was oppressing, and there was a brief moment of silence before the storm.

At this time, the most powerful elites on the peak of Eastern Mountain that had the most complete reservation of strength, now began a life and death duel.



The sword is out!

No trembling cry, no energy rushing around like crazy, no earth-shuttering, and not even the dust on the ground flew. The two shadows’ speed already exceeded the perceptual limit of the human retina, and the people suddenly noticed Fei and [Hidden at Snowpeak]’s locations had already quietly switched.

Then, a burst of crisp clashes of metal blade and sword exchanging blows finally passed into everyone’s ears.

A whirlwind brought up the dust on the ground, drowning the crowd’s attention.

Dust fell.

Then, blood spewed out from Fei’s shoulder, turning the mysterious armor on his body red.

Those people on Paris’s side began cheering at the same time on the Eastern Mountain, but very soon, [Hidden at Snowpeak] Dani’s clothes began turning red in areas as well, and his figure began crumbling, unable to stand firmly.

Struggling to turn around, [Hidden at Snowpeak] looked at the countless small wounds that suddenly appeared on his body, and a desolate bitter smile appeared on his pale face, “You win, but, Your Majesty Alexander, I beg to you to let Ms. Paris go!”

With the sword supporting his body, blood began crazily surging out from the countless small wounds and very quickly moistened the stones and soil nearby. The crowd audiences finally saw very clear. It turned out that just at that instant both sides’ figure clashed, Fei’s purple and green duo swords already left countless small wounds on the [Hidden at Snowpeak]’s front chest, arms, legs, abdomen.

Everyone was in dismay. Holy s–t, in that instant that couldn’t even be captured by the naked eye, just how many strikes did this little King deliver, in order to cause such surprising injuries on a master like [Hidden at Snowpeak]?

Just at that moment, some people have begun to sympathize with this Tier 1 Nadeko Kingdom’s prince. The rumor says that he chose to give up his place because he fell yin love with Paris, and he had been in seclusion on a snow mountain peak for training. Presumably, this time it is also because of Paris that he decided to become an assassin. Unfortunately, this might be the end of this hero’s path, not only couldn’t he save the life of his love, he might not even be able to survive.

Heroes treasure heroes, maybe this little king should grant [Hidden at Snowpeak]’s last wish, right?


“I’ve told you before. Your sword can only save yourself. Her life will be decided by herself.” Fei shook his head, then brutally refused, “You survived one round, I allow you to leave alive!”

[Hidden at Snowpeak] slightly hesitated.

He laughed once bitterly, left a trail of blood-dripping footprints, slowly walked past Fei, and returned back to behind the cold-blood demon girl Paris. Then, he never talked again, just tightly holding onto the long sword covered in blood.

During this process, Paris didn’t have any reaction.

Her eyes were fixed on the rolling sea of clouds in the distance, not even looking at [Hidden at Snowpeak] once, as if this man in front of her eyes is now completely unrelated to him.

“My turn now?” Paris looked back at Fei calmly, “How many strikes do you want me to take?”

Fei shook his head, with a quite strange smile he said, “You are not my match, so you don’t have to fight me. Although some people want to kill you to eliminate future troubles, but I just need you to do one thing for me, and I can immediately let you leave the Eastern Mountain unharmed.”

“Oh, what can I do for you?”

Fei turned around, walked towards the king altar ruins, Paris and others looked over with puzzled eyes, and they just saw Fei slashed a few giant rocks with his sword, and retrieved something from below. Light and delicate design, full of stained blood, yet still exuding golden glory under the sun, flowing a different kind of noble and gorgeous scent.

That’s the crown of the king.

This crown which should be placed on Fei’s head by the Elder Princess who represents the Zenit Empire, and the crown represents honor and power, symbolizing the identity of aristocracy and recognition of all gods. However, the series of events that took place interrupted Fei’s coronation ceremony, the guard that was holding the crown was also killed in the battle, the King’s Crown was also stained with blood and buried under the gravel

Fei gently waved off the dust on the King’s Crown, then returned to Angela’s side. He put on the brand new set of sky blue King’s robe Angela prepared for him. One hand holding the duo swords, one hand holding the crown, Fei looked at Paris and said, “You crown for me, and I will let you leave the Eastern Mountain.”

After those words came out, all the people’s face suddenly changed color.

“Crazy? Alexander are you crazy?” The female swordsman Susan snapped, “You actually let a conspirator that attempted to assassinate Elder Princess and Prince, a shameless woman without the slightest sense of nobility honor to perform the ceremony for you, do you know what you are doing?”

“You are mad, you shouldn’t do this!” The princes and emissaries on the Elder Princess’s side also started talking.

“Alexander, I think you know very well, what kind of meaning this action entails.” [Zenit Empire God of War] Arshavin’s eyes slightly narrowed, the thin body revealed the murderous scent of iron-blood battlefield.

“Of course I know what I’m doing.” Fei didn’t care about the threat inside Arshavin’s tone at all and sneered, “I just want the enemies to bow, to willingly put on the crown for me!”

Letting the enemy put on the King’s Crown for him?

The Eastern Mountain top suddenly quieted down.

These seemingly plain words, actually leaked out a domineering breath. Through the ages, in the continent of Azeroth, there hasn’t been a king that was crowned by the hands of an enemy, nor was there any king that can do it!

The Elder Princess’s sky blue pupils slightly lit up, but, there wasn’t the slightest resentment.

Fei walked to Paris’s side step after step, handed over the golden crown that’s still stained with blood, “Surrender to me, place the King’s Crown for me, then I will leave you a life and let you leave.”

“What if I refuse?” Paris suddenly started laughing, reaching out her hand to gently brush her hair that was made a little messy by the wind.

“If you refuse, I’m afraid that there will be one more female ghost on the Eastern Mountain of Chambord City!” Fei’s smile looks extra bright under the golden morning sunlight, but the murderous scent inside the words also made Paris’s heart shake.

A breath of wind blew past.

The cold-blooded demonic woman Paris finally reached out with her slim hands, and under the gaze of everyone’s eyes, she gently took over the golden King’s Crown. Peerless beauty, shining crown, blood stain, morning bright sun, chilly wind, this is a scene that will eternally be carved onto the souls of everyone on the Eastern Mountain. Paris lowered his arrogant and stubborn head, highly held up the bright King’s Crown, and placed it solemnly on the winner’s head.

No flowers nor fireworks, no cheers and screams.

What’s here was the Altar ruins, dust in the wind, broken limbs all over the ground, bloody soil and black birds that were flying in the sky that symbolized evil.

This was an unprecedented crowning ceremony.

Looking at this scene, all the survivors of the Zenit Royal Emissary group lost all color on their faces, angry but helpless. Without question, this Chambord city’s little king was already dissatisfied with the Emissary Group, so he used this way to not only cast the unique glory on himself, but also give a big slap to the face of Zenit Empire.

“God bless the king!”

Chambord City’s people all kneeled on the ground, witnessing the birth of another King of Chambord City.

There was no scepter in Fei’s hand. Wearing a blood-stained golden crown on his head, stepping on the broken ruins, carrying two swords that dripped with blood.

Blood and swords!

This was the main theme of this new generation’s King of Chambord City.

Paris stood with complicated expression in front of Fei. She looked blankly for a bit, then carried the [Hidden at Snowpeak] who’s covered in blood, and flashed in a very strange path, and disappeared from the Eastern Mountain. Fei didn’t chase, he knew that this woman observed the path that the big black dog took earlier and remembered the places without magic trap, and that’s how she could leave this easily.

But what Paris didn’t know is, Fei could have easily changed the location of these magic traps under [Assassin] mode. But he didn’t do it.

Seeing Paris and [Hidden at Snowpeak] abandoned them and left by themselves, the emissaries and princes of Shanui Kingdom, Chata Kingdom and such all suddenly became speechless due to fear. The two assassins with yellow curved blades also wanted to follow the escape path taken by Paris, but were stopped at their original place when Fei’s two swords startled.

“Did the king, I, allow you guys to leave?”

Table of Content

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