Hail the King Chapter 127.2

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Chapter 127: Give you a chance (2)

He switched to [Assassin Mode].

He started walking as his fingers shook in a pattern.

When he was about 20 yards away from Paris, he switched back to [Barbarian Mode] and released all of his power. His physical power started to rise and didn’t stop. The devastating power was like a tsunami, and everyone around him felt it.

His eyes glanced through Paris’ beautiful face, but it didn’t stop there. His eyes landed on the assassin who used the sword. Fei laughed, “You are a sword master. I’m willing to give you a fair chance. There are no magic traps in this 20-yard radius. If you can defeat me in a battle, I will let you go!”

At that moment, everyone felt the thirst for battle from Fei.

The assassin gripped his sword tightly as he turned around and looked at Paris.

“Alexander, are you really going to ignore all of your people and let them suffer? If you still don’t cooperate and waste time, your palace will be ruined, and your people will turn into piles of bones…… You need my command for those bandits to stop,” Paris’s expression changed a little as she threatened him.

Fei giggled, “Some people will be turned into bones, but it’s not going to be my people.”

“What do you mean?” Paris had a bad feeling.

“It means that His Majesty had already predicted this……”

A crisp female voice sounded on the peak. Soon, another beauty appeared in front of the crowd. She was in a set of red hot magic armor, and she was holding a golden long bow. The magic armour shined under the sun and it made her look like a valkyrie who was stepping on clouds.

Every man there felt like something in their minds was collapsing. For the women, they subconsciously scanned her body and made comparisons to their own; even Paris and Tanasha who were really intelligent were no exception.

It was a great scene.

Of course, the scene would have been even be more beautiful if she was holding a bloody head.


The head travelled a perfect trajectory and landed beside Paris’ feet.

“This b—–d had done some horrible things at Viscount Louise’s mansion, so I beheaded him. The other people have also been killed!”

Fei wanted to hug her and give her a big kiss on the cheek. The way the hot mercenary Elena said that was so powerful and cool that even Fei himself couldn’t have said it better.

Paris’ heart sunk to her stomach after she saw the head.

This man was the commander that she left in charge of the bandit groups. He was a 4-star warrior already. When all the powerful star warriors were centralized on the peak of Eastern mountain, no one should have been able to threaten his life. Paris never expected her henchman to be beheaded by someone and have his head thrown at her. Everything was crystal clear; since the commander had already died, the bandit groups wouldn’t be better off.

This assumption almost made her lose the ability to think.

Tragic! This was the first time Paris felt this way. Her situation was even worse than tragic; it was more like desperate. Every time she pulled a card out and gained confidence in her ability to win, reality turned brutal and made her confidence look like a joke. The little king in front of her was like a limitless god. He was able to destroy all of Paris’ preparations and turn one of the scariest women from St. Petersburg into a clown.

Paris had fallen into a moment of unprecedented depression.

She even felt powerless.

During this terrible silence, the big black dog [Black Tornado] started its catwalk again.

It brought Elena, Bast, Brook and the other leaders in Chambord through the magic traps and they all stood beside Fei.

All of the leaders had appeared at the peak of Eastern mountain.

This was a force that no one was could ignore, because a godly king was standing amongst them.

After seeing this, everyone knew that Paris’ last trick had failed. The princes and emissaries who were laughing and making fun of Fei were so scared that they almost s–t their pants. Their faces turned pale as they all regretted what they did; they wanted to slap themselves, and they didn’t know why they talked……

If people doubted the fake death strategy and thought that it only succeeded because of luck, no one could doubt that Fei had become the sole winner due to luck now. After thinking about the whole thing, the people realized that no matter how the situation changed, Fei was able to maintain his advantage the whole time. From the assassination and betrayal of the former head minister to pulling off the fake death strategy when the fight between Paris and Tanasha reached the climax, to using strength and intelligence to kill several high star warriors, to reviving all the corpse, and to somehow dealing with the bandit groups that should have been unstoppable…… Fei faced these series of tricky situations calmly. He was already better than most of the kings in Zenit Empire, and he was not inferior when compared to Paris or Tanasha who were known to be powerful and smart.

Powerful individual strength, unpredictable intelligence and strategies, tough and valiant personality……

“Is this the little king’s real side?”

While most people were only shocked by Fei’s individual strength and performance, Paris and Tanasha had sensed something. They were shocked by the overall strength of Chambord as a whole. This kingdom’s true strength was more than what they could see. Quietly eliminating a dozen bandit groups in which three-star, four-star, even five-star warriors and mages were involved…… it was really scary. How could a level six affiliated kingdom possess such strength? Chambord was far stronger than level 2, or even level 1 affiliated kingdoms.

“What happened in this kingdom?”

Paris fixed her hair that was messed up by a breeze as she smiled.

In such a desperate situation, this cold-blooded beauty smiled again. However, this smile wasn’t as flirtatious as her smiles from before; it was more natural and real, as if all the breeze took the mask off of her face. Like a girl who was rejected by her lover, Paris sighed and waved her soft hand.

Then, the assassin behind her took a step forward and stood between her and Fei.


The assassin took off the mask that was on his face, and a handsome face appeared. The sharp sword in his hand started to shake violently and buzz; it was the sign that this swordsman was about to attack without holding anything back.

“Ah! He is one of the [Two Hidden], [Hidden at Snowpeak] Swordsman Dani. He is the eldest prince of Nadeko kingdom, a level 1 affiliated kingdom. He usually trains on a snow peak on a mountain in Nadeko’s territory. I can’t believe he was willing to become an assassin for Paris!” Someone recognized the swordsman.

Fei was surprised as well.

After [One sword] showed off his unstoppable strength and left quietly after shocking everyone, he didn’t expect that he would see the person who was ranked second among all the young warriors and mages in Zenit.

“I’m willing to fight you fairly. If I lose, I will die; but if I win, please let Paris go.” This was the first time that [Hidden at Snowpeak] spoke. His voice was deep and was very majestic. Fei had to admit that this prince named Dani was a very nice man. The only thing was that he had a worried expression on his face, as if something was bothering him.

Fei didn’t expect him to beg for mercy for Paris by putting his own life on the line.

“We will talk after we fight.”

Fei suddenly stretched out his arms as he roared.

The next second, numerous bright flames appeared on his body. These flames were of various colors. As the flames burned, his chest armour, gauntlets, belt, leggings, and boots all began to emit a powerful sensation that covered Fei’s strong body. He was entirely wrapped in this mysterious set of armour.

This was a set of armour that was different from common armour on Azeroth Continent.

Every piece of the armour shined in a strange light and was engraved with magic arrays and patterns. People could tell that it was powerful by just looking at it. Although it wasn’t like a heavy knight armour, where all parts of the body were cover, every vital spot on Fei’s body was protected. Even all ten of his fingers were protected by the gauntlets. These gauntlets were stronger and more versatile than the metal claw that one of the assassins used. It covered his hands tightly. However, it didn’t affect the movement and the sensation Fei would get from touching stuff using his own fingers; the gauntlets were like a pair of iron hands that were born onto Fei.

Fei reached out.

A pair of green and purple dual swords appeared in his hands. These two swords were strangely shaped, but they were sharp and thin.

This was the first time that Fei summoned his barbarian set right in front of people.

After the most powerful set of items that Fei possessed was equipped on himself, Fei’s strength skyrocketed at a scary speed as the crowd watched in shock.

Four-star early-tier……Four-star mid-tier……four star-top-tier……

“She can only decide her fate by herself. Likewise, only you have the ability to save yourself!” When his strength peaked, Fei shook his head and said, “I will only strike once; if you are able to survive after this strike, you can leave here alive.”

Table of Content

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