Hail the King Chapter 127.1

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Chapter 127: Give you a chance (1)

Both the eldest princess and Paris chose Chambord, a remote little kingdom, as their battlefield without talking to each other. They had never even considered the citizens and the king of the kingdom in their planning. In their eyes, these people were like ants. Therefore, there was no such need–to be honest, even their subordinates didn’t treat Chambord like a kingdom, but rather like a piece of land that belonged to the Zenit Empire. They didn’t respect Fei or his people in the slightest.

In the minds of many people, as soon as the kingdom called Chambord was chosen as the battlefield, the kingdom and its king Alexander had been considered a tragic joke. It was only going to be a minor accompaniment to whoever won this lethal battle in witnessing the glory of the winner. Its destiny was to fall with the loser and turn into a pile of ruins and bones and end up in hell.

Under the law of the jungle, no one cared about the cries of the weak.

However, what people were seeing contradicted all of their understandings.

The party that they labeled as powerless and weak didn’t cry. Instead, it used its barbaric fists and palms to smash many proud and arrogant faces into pieces. Then, it used its dirty feet and kicked these people into the gutter. It forced these people to suddenly swallow their shame and shock!

Who was the clown?

It definitely wasn’t the little king who was standing in front of them.

Who was the ruler?

It definitely wasn’t themselves like they thought it was.

The morning sun was turning a bloody red color, and the peak of Eastern mountain had never been this chilly before.

“How is this possible? How did you do it?” The cold-blooded beauty asked with her shaking voice; she asked the question that was on everyone’s mind.

“It’s easy! Pretending to be dead…… it’s nothing too technical……” Fei said as he poured the last bit of water onto Emma’s face. Emma was the last corpse that was still lying on the ground. She was smashed in the chest by Paris and was somewhat injured. Fei helped Emma who was semi-conscious get up as he continued. “Hehe, powerful and influential people like you guys only look up at people above you or on your level. Would you pay attention to garbage like us?” Fei threw a question back, but this question quickly shut people up.

They didn’t even care about the lives of Chambord’s people to begin with. They treated them like dirty bugs, without giving any respect. During the fierce battle, no one wasted their time to see if the people from Chambord were really died or just faking their deaths……. That was their blind spot, caused by their error in judgment.

However, Paris wasn’t dumb. She refuted as she frowned and pointed at Angela and Emma who were standing behind Fei. “Impossible. I clearly felt that her heart stopped beating. In terms of this little blonde girl, I smashed her right on the chest……”

Fei glanced at Paris as if he was looking at an idiot as he swung a delicate female chest armour in his hands. The armour that was made from refined iron had a concave mark of a palm on it. “You are right; if it wasn’t for this chest armor, this little girl would be dead. I was very scared when you did that to her!”

The crowd was surprised.

No one expected this barbaric king to pay this much attention to details. This king wasn’t cheap at all, as he even armed one of his worthless maids to the teeth. It was reasonable that this girl could survive under a strike from Paris with the help of this thick armor.

Paris was the only one still shaking her head.

She knew that the real reason wasn’t this simple; however, if this b—–d wasn’t going to disclose it, she couldn’t get anything out of it even if she tried.

Until now, Paris realized that she could no longer understand or see through this king. “What kind of person is he? An idiot? A genius? A hero? A liar?” Paris was very confident in her instincts and was confident that she could see through a man in a few seconds after meeting him, but the truth was that she thought she understood Fei about three or four hours ago. However, she had to throw out all the comments she made about him and redefine who this king was. For a while, she couldn’t find the right word to describe the king.

Under the stares from the crowd, all the people from Chambord who participated in this battle at the peak of Eastern mountain had revived. Gradually, many people were able to tell that these people entered a “fake death state” by utilizing some kind of magic potion; they were able to “revive” after getting stimulated by the cold water……However, they still couldn’t accept the truth after seeing all the corpses lying around. Did this mean that all the powerful star warriors from both Paris’ and the eldest princess’ sides died and the people from Chambord who were destined to die were not harmed?

“Haha, let’s talk about it. How do we want to deal with these bastards?”

Fei really wanted to shame his enemies, and there was no better way than by doing this. He casually sat down on a rock that was about one yard tall as he crossed his legs and pointed at the influential people like Paris without worry as he asked the guards around him.

None of the guards from Chambord were nice, especially from how they acted.

“Easy! Kill all the men and keep all the women……Hehe!” Golden Taurus Knight Drogba laughed obscenely. If it wasn’t for Emma who gave him a deadly stare, he would have definitely said something appropriate for kids.

“Eh, it’s at Your Majesty’s discretion,” Barrack said after Drogba. He was very loyal to Fei.

“How about we hand them over to the eldest princess?” the short guy Essien seemed dumb, but he was intelligent.

“……” Lampard didn’t say anything. He simply gripped his huge black sword tighter.

“Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!” The big black dog barked at Paris viciously.

Fei didn’t say anything. He chewed on a grass root he got from somewhere and smiled at Paris.

His joking demeanor made the people on Paris’ side really angry.

“It is a bit too early to celebrate, don’t you think? King Alexander, I have to admit that you have shocked me again, but unfortunately…… Do you think that by restraining us here, you have controlled everything? You are too naive. Hahahaha…… Look at your kingdom from here. Listen carefully!” After she said that, Paris recovered from her huge shock; the flirtatious smile that could excite any man came back on her face.

As if it was trying to prove Paris right, five to six huge lines of smoke raised to the sky. People on the Eastern mountain could clearly see some buildings in the kingdom caught on fire. They were burning very quickly. They could also hear crying and screams vaguely.

The people from Chambord were shocked.

Confidence was restored back to Paris as a big bright smile shined on her face. “Hehe, this is quite sad. I just remembered that I set up a dozen bandits before I came to the peak of Eastern mountain. Alexander, if you take back the magic traps and let us leave, I might be able to stop them before they rob and kill all the nobles, including your palace……”

After she said that, she didn’t continue. She just smiled and looked at Fei.

She was very confident. Although Fei used the strategy of faking the deaths of his people to control the situation on the peak of Eastern mountain, that did not mean he would be the final winner of the day. Paris had one more card that could help herself and her troops back out of the peak of Eastern mountain safely.

After hearing her words, the princes and emissaries from the various kingdoms had regained hope. They were arrogant again. Paris was definitely one of the two most scary women at St. Petersburg. She still had a hidden card all this time. A lot of princes and emissaries couldn’t stop but to make fun of Fei –

“Haha, little king, why don’t you destroy all your traps right now. Otherwise your kingdom will be turned into a pile of ruins……”

“If your kingdom is destroyed, then you will become a nobody, haha!”

“You are lucky enough to dodge a disaster; it would be smart to know your limits!”

“Alexander, is it worth more to show off or protect your citizens? Your citizens are crying and screaming; you consider yourself a generous and kind king, so won’t you think for them?”

These words were from people from Shanui Kingdom, Luna Kingdom and Chata Kingdom. Prince Boyou was the one who was yelling the loudest, as if he was the one in control, not Fei.

Fei’s expression changed, but he didn’t panic.

He turned around and looked at the eldest princess Tanasha, and this [Goddess of Intelligence] seemed to understand. She sighed as she lowered her head. She didn’t say anything, but the swordswoman Susan shouted, “Alexander, you can’t let them go! Kill them right now……”

Fei sneered as he looked at Arshavin, [Zenit’s God of War].

“If you help me kill this woman, I promise you that I will grant you three castles that are way larger and more prosperous than Chambord. You will still be a king under Zenit Empire!” Arshavin said.

Fei humphed coldly, but he didn’t respond.

Table of Content

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