Hail the King Chapter 122.2

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Chapter 122: Oh, That Was All Fake (Part two)

This young prince Modric appeared to be extremely social after seeing Fei, He immediately went to support him. Before this, many people saw Fei getting directly hit by six star master Murphy. There was dust everywhere at that time and everyone thought this little king died. Who would’ve guessed, this guy’s life was even tougher than the mice in sewage pipes. Although he didn’t look that good now, he was actually still alive.

Modric supported Fei and stood behind the Elder Prince Arshavin.

“Paris, how fortunately, seems like, I won this round.”

Arshavin looked at Paris with a slight smile, lightly letting out a breath. Finally, this woman that caused him so much headache won’t give him any more trouble later on.


Paris gently clapped.

This devilish woman surprisingly restored her calm in the shortest possible time, while gently applauding. She sincerely said with her iconic charming smile, “To be honest, I completely didn’t expect the dignified Elder Prince of the emperor, would actually come to such remote and bitter cold country just for me, even willing to disguise as a lowly soldier to attack in surprise… Your Excellency Andrea, you should tell me, should I feel honored, or scared?”

Arshavin of course could hear the sarcasm in this woman’s words, but now he was the winner, so he maintained his smile and did not mind at all.

“However, I have to admit, this is really a beautiful move! These soldiers’ deaths are valuable, at least they confused Murphy’s eyes, making it possible for Your highness to successfully attack Murphy in surprise… However, Your Highness Prince, just letting them suicide like that, wouldn’t it make the remaining soldiers that survived will a bit cold in their heart?”

“Paris, things have progressed to this point, you should put away your little mind. Surrender to me, work for me, and I won’t kill you today.”

Arshavin still had a faint smile on his face, but these words were very domineering, without any room for negotiation.

“Hehe, Your Highness, I’m afraid that you are too confident in your strength. Although I can’t kill you and the Elder Princess today, but with my current strength, I am still capable of running, right?” Paris was still calm and smiling, as if chatting with an old friend, and her words were full of provocation and assessment, but she doesn’t have any meaning of surrendering.

“If you chose to flee in the beginning, maybe you would have a chance. But not anymore now.”

Arshavin still had that smile on his face showing that he had everything under control. Not knowing when, the Knight Captain Romain led the remaining 25 knights and firmly guarded the only stone ladder passage that goes down the mountain. Maybe the sword assassin and the others could hold Arshavin for a few seconds, but after that, if Paris cannot push away all the knights and Romain and escape down from the stone path, then Arshavin will have the chance to kill her with lightning means in the next second.

Paris saw this scene and her face slightly changed.

“Sister Tanasha, your luck is really admirable, if it wasn’t for this little King that screwed up my plan accidently, maybe the one dying today will be you…”

At this moment, Paris seemed to have accepted her fate, that peerlessly beautiful face showed a trace of unwillingness, as if she no longer wanted to talk to Arshavin and moved her eyes to the Elder Princess that was quietly standing in front of the crowd. Her tone of voice was sad, as if it was really a younger sister complaining to her older sister.

This woman was indeed a wicked being, she frowned and bit her lips, and the trace of sadness in her eyes suddenly made most men at the scene feel sympathy towards her, wanting to put her in their arms and comfort her.

The Elder Princess just slightly smiled, “Indeed, my luck today is better.”

When the female saint said that, it’s equivalent to recognizing the significant impact Fei has made in this battle.

Indeed, Fei was like a sh*t-stirring stick, stirring up the plots planned by both sides.

If Fei didn’t become angry for his love and forced Paris into a dead corner, she wouldn’t have summoned Murphy in advance, so even if the Elder Princess had Arshavin as the last card in her sleeve, it still wouldn’t be easy to win. After all, Murphy was also a six star master, and such an older generation master was a lot more experienced and his strength could not be overlooked. Even when confronting head-on, the [Zenit God of War] Arshavin still didn’t have the chance to win, and if Murphy was hidden in the dark, it would be even more terrifying.

Assassination was like dating, whoever initiates would be more likely to get hurt.

Hearing that, the Elder Princess openly admitted that she was indeed lucky, a strange smile suddenly appeared on Paris’s face, “But sometimes, just luck alone isn’t enough.”

“You…” The Elder Princess suddenly thought of something and her face changed color immediately, “Everyone be care…”

But it’s too late.

At this moment, something no one expected happened.

The eyes of Lake Kingdom’s prince Modric who stood beside Fei suddenly became colder and sharper and he suddenly moved like lightning. Both palms carrying hot energy were suddenly launched forwards like lightning, one left and one right, accurately striking the back of the hearts of Elder Prince Arshavin and Purple Clothed girl Zi Yan.

At the next moment, vigorous power broke out, and the flaming red domineering energy suddenly burst out in a series of explosive sounds.



Arshavin and Zi Yan’s attention were all focused on Paris and the other people, constantly making sure that this terrifying woman didn’t do anything crazy like a trapped beast. How could they think that their “own teammate” would attack them in surprise. At such a close distance, even though they were more powerful, they completely didn’t have the time to react, not even getting the chance to channel any defensive energy before they were firmly hit by Modric’s flaming red palms. Enormous energy was pushed into their body and both of them puked out a mouthful of blood.

Both of their faces were instantly covered with the expression of disbelief, angry, and shock.

After succeeding the first blow, Modric didn’t run, but turned his palm and struck again with a grim smile. A fire energy transformed into a long dragon, whistling as it flew towards the Elder Princess that was not so far away.

The event took place so suddenly, most people still didn’t react to what happened just now.

At this moment, no one actually thought about going up to protect the Elder Princess.

Seeing that this wise princess was about to become a burnt crisp, something magical happened – a blue spherical defense water screen appeared around the Elder Princess, completely covering her inside the water screen. When colliding with the fire dragon, the water curtain rippled violently, offsetting Modric’s attack.

“Despicable thing, go die!”

[Zenit God of War] Arshavin finally reacted, seeing that the Elder Princess was in danger, he gritted his teeth and endured through his painful injury and began frantically channeling residual energy, delivering an earth-shattering blow. Modric had no choice but extend his arm to block, and his arm suddenly became blood mist, as he spewed out blood from his mouth while flying high up into the air, landing before Paris and the others, luckily still surviving.

This change is just too extraordinary, instantly leaving everyone in a rock state.

How could such a thing happen?

No one would have thought that Modric, this little Prince of Lake Kingdom who was the least likely one to side with Paris, would suddenly attack without any sign. On top of that, no one thought that this little Prince’s strength has far exceeded the two star level from before, severely injuring master Arshavin and Zi Yan, the two strongest fighters on the side of the Elder Princess, even almost killing the Elder Princess if she didn’t have a high level water elemental magical defense item on her.

The atmosphere of the top of Eastern Mountain instantly changed.

This incredible dramatic change instantly brought tremendous shift in power.

Murphy, Arshaven, and Zi Yan were originally the three with the highest strength on this mountain, but now they were all seriously injured and were almost paralyzed. Now on the Elder Princess’s side, the only people that could still fight was Romain, and female swordsman Susan, as well as 20 or so useless knights and 10 or so emissaries from other countries, but on Paris’s side the original assassins and Modric with unknown strength all suffered different degrees of injury, but they still haven’t lost their fighting capabilities. Paris herself hasn’t suffered the slightest injury…

The strength comparison on both sides was instantly overturned.

The subversion occurred so fast, people simply felt that this was a dream.

Originally those with a red ribbon were already feeling despaired, but now their eyes lightened up, not hiding their ecstasy of escaping death. Their distraught expressions were replaced by grinning, one by one they all straightened up their back.

“Hehehe, sister Tanasha, you finally miscalculated once!”

The flirtatious smile of this devilish woman returned to her peerlessly beautiful face again, just like a little girl that successfully pulled off a prank. Until that moment, people just realized, all those sad words she said were just acting.

The Elder Princess remained silent

And although [Zenit God of War] Arshavin was very angry, his body was already beginning to shake uncontrollably. The damage caused by that blow by Modric was way too much. On the other side, purple clothed Zi Yan had her eyes tightly closed, bean-sized sweat drops ran down her white beautiful cheeks and purple flames crazily surged in her body. Clearly, she was anxiously seizing the opportunity to self-heal.

“Hehehe, thinking about it, this is really a pleasant surprise. Originally I just wanted to kill sister Tanasha to cut off an arm of Your Highness Arshavin (TL: metaphorically an arm), but who knew that I can even kill Your Highness God of War as well. Haha, the goddess of fate is too generous, I think His Highness Dominguez will be very happy to hear this news.”

With a charming smile full of murderous intent, Paris approached step by step.

Behind her, the assassin finally took off the thick veil on their face.

“What a pity, originally I wanted to have a drink with the two Highnesses, but in order to avoid nightmares later on, I have no choice but to kill you guys as soon as possible.

Paris’s tone is so gentle, but in the eyes of Arshavin and others, she was more like a reaper.

“Hehe, good move, but I’m just curious, if you kill Tanasha and I, how do you explain to father? There are so many people at the scene today, such a secret can’t be contained at all. Sooner or later one day, he will know what happened here. How long can you and Dominguez keep this away from him?”

Arshavin sat on the stone ground, trying his best to delay the time as he channeled the remaining energy inside his body. But, hope was very slim, he was injured too much, and he didn’t have much strength left.

“Hehehehe, Your Highness, is what you just said a joke to adjust the atmosphere? You know better than me, the beginning of this operation is a path of no return, do you still hope that I will let you guys survive? Kill or be killed, it’s a very simple thing. As for Emperor Yaxin, His Highness Dominguez will of course explain to him, it will just be the peasants at Chambord city rebelling. Sister Tanasha unfortunately died in combat. As for you Your Highness, aren’t you sitting safely at the [Iron Blood Camp]?

Paris’s words were light and delightful, but the message that it contained sank Arshavin’s heart.

The use of the substitute tactic was originally a beautiful strategy of a cicada casting off its skin (TL: escape by cunning and deceiving maneuvering), and it almost worked, but now because of the sudden change in situation, it became a fatal weakness. Paris has been very obvious with her words, if that gloomy little brother of his, Dominguez has that substitute under control, he might even be able to use the substitute’s hand to take over the entire [Iron Blood Camp] without any effort.

“Aobina, Modric, Hershzen, you three immediately take all emissaries and guards to blood wash Chambord city, and then set fire and burn this little city. Remember, don’t leave any survivors, make sure to create an illusion of chaos of rebellious citizens…”

Paris lightly waved her jade-like hand and issued the ruthless order to the assassins behind her.


The three assassins and the other countries’ emissaries with red ribbons all became extremely happy. This was a good opportunity to make a fortune, because they could just freely loot all the royal families and wealthy nobles in Chambord city. According to the situation right now, there should be no decent forces of resistance left in the city.


“Hey, wait up, so impolite. If you want to raid Chambord City, you should first ask if its owner agrees or not man!”

“You?” Modric had a look of disdain on and mocked Fei, “Such a heavy injury, you think you can still turn the situation around? Save some energy, so you don’t bleed to death first, hahaha!”

“Eh, you said injury?” Fei rubbed the blood off his face, his steps suddenly became no longer staggering, and he straightened his back, “I’m sorry, I was just faking it.”

At this moment, Fei was just jumping around, how did he look injured at all anymore.

“Come on, tell me, how come you would help out this ahjumma.” (TL: middle-aged woman in korean, wrinkly as fk and stuff) Fei placed his hands on his hips, He then looked and pointed at the two people behind Modric with hostility, “And you two, aren’t you guys dead already? How did you guys come back to life again?”

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