Hail the King Chapter 122.1

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Chapter 122: Oh, That Was All Fake (Part one)

“Oh, no…”

Seeing the white-haired master Murphy getting blown away like a rag sack, Paris in the distance let loose a desperate roar. She consecutively dashed forward a few times in the air like lightning, and caught him right before he violently collided with the ground.

There were two shocking dents on the chest of this white hair old man – a pair of fist marks.

These two fist marks were 4 to 5 centimeters in depth, deeply printed on the white hair master Murphy’s chest, and one could clearly see the ridges of the knuckles. The violent force didn’t leak at all and was all directed into the Murphy’s body, almost completely destroying this sharp master’s heart and meridians. Large mouthfuls of blood spewed out from his mouth like a spring. Under Paris’s two arms’ support, this grand master that was just massacring the enemies now could barely stand in place.

Ten meters away.

That staggering figure of a knight that was almost drowned in the sharp energy waves, now actually straightened up his body and stood in place.

A strange smile appeared on his mouth, and as he took off the T-shaped protection helmet on his head, exposing sharp chestnut color short hair, a handsome face, a straight nose, and angular facial contours appeared in the panicking pupils of Paris and Murphy. This warrior was not too big, one could even say he was a bit weak-looking and skinny, but his body was filled with a characteristic military iron blood breath. He gently stood there, instantly giving people the oppressing atmosphere of facing millions of troops.

“Ar… His Royal Highness Arshavin?”

After seeing the face of this knight, the white beard white hair master Murphy and flirtatious woman Paris’s face all suddenly became pale, and the shock expression surfaced.

The dignified Elder Prince of Zenit Empire, [God of War] Arshavin actually appeared in person?

How’s this possible?

Paris clearly remembered in the information they received before, his highness should be in the imperial camp right now…. Damn it, at this moment, who could be the person that’s at the [Iron Blood Heroes] camp in the emperor capital? Paris was very smart, she almost immediately thought of the other possibility – very clearly, that Arshavin His Royal Highness at the Royal Camp was just a substitute used to cover their eyes and ears!

This was the final kill!

This was the joker card up the sleeve!

Who would’ve thought that the dignified Elder Prince actually didn’t mind to lower his position, be personally disguised and quietly mix into the Emissaries Group, come to Chambord City early, and then deliver a surprise attack at the critical time, easily seriously injuring the enemy’s grand master, reversing the entire situation.

The person that should not have appeared, appeared.

Then, everything was changed.

And at this moment, Fei that was still flowing and drifting around in the dust in [Assassin Modric] also became dumbfounded after seeing this scene, because he recognized this skinny and weak-looking chestnut-color short hair warrior. If he didn’t remember wrong, on the first day the Zenit Emissaries Team arrived at Chambord city, this warrior’s identity was the Elder Princess’s carriage driver.

At that time Fei’s Barbarian level just reached level 16, his feeling was not very accurate, and he just vaguely felt that this driver was a pro, but he never thought that this pro was actually m*therfcking high like a hundred-floor skyscraper.

And, from Paris and Murphy’s exclamation just now, Fei also finally knew that the chestnut-colored short hair warrior had another distinguished identity – the Elder Prince of the Empire Andre Arshavin, that man who would likely inherit Emperor Yaxin’s throne and rule the Zenit Empire, and the man known as [Zenit’s God of War].

This discovery completely shocked Fei.

Today, the things that took place at the top of Eastern Mountain were way too incredible. Famous figures appeared out of thin air one after another, and unexpected events took place one after another… All Fei could do was shake his head, as he noticed that he was still a little too lacking when compared to how these big figures planned strategies.

“Paris, you should tell them to stop.”

Arshavin looked at them with a confident smile.

But his face didn’t have the slightest joy of accomplishing something. Although this woman in front of his eyes once helped that not-so-friendly younger brother of his and brought him countless times of troubles and almost unbearable losses, and before this, he had dreamed countless times of killing her… But, now that the life of this woman was really firmly grasped by his hands, Arshavin suddenly had a little bit of feelings.

Such a perfect woman, unfortunately she couldn’t be on his side…

Paris quickly calmed herself, she sighed and gently waved her slim arm.

The entire battlefield instantly quieted down.

In fact, after Elder Prince Arshavin appeared, many people already consciously or unconsciously stopped this now-seemingly-meaningless fight, especially after seeing those two fist marks in front of Murphy’s chest. Almost everyone on the top of Eastern Mountain instantly realized, at this point, the outcome of this battle was actually already predetermined.

In the Zenit Empire, Prince Arshavin was a legend.

This prince of under 25 years old had already leveled his fire element energy to the 6 star level, where the energy could take physical form that was as sharp as blades, recognized as the Zenit Empire’s number one young talent within hundreds of years. In addition to his powerful strength, he was also a master of the art of warfare, experienced in battles, and bathed in blood for six years, during which he achieved a number of prominent military awards. The [Iron Blood Camp] was also as invincible, known to be undefeatable, and was the ranked one elite division of the Zenit Empire, enjoying the reputation of being the [Whip of the God of War].

If it was normal circumstance, the older generation’s Murphy could still contest this Zenit God of War, but after being caught off guard, he had been seriously injured with his meridians shattered, leaving him at the edge of death. But, Arshavin was only slightly injured when trying to resist the gold energy storm earlier, and now he still had about 70 to 80% of strength. Relying on his own power, right now this Royal Highness really had the ability to control the remaining battle.

As the two sides stopped fighting, the dust in the air also gradually settled.

Residual limbs and blood-soaked mud covered the battlefield.

Around the King Altar, the expressions of the survivors were a bit different.

There were clearly more people with red ribbons on their arm. They previously had control of the battle, but now their head count had completely no influence on the outcome of this battle. A six star elite like Arshavin could instantly crush them into slag with one finger. The people of Shanui Kingdom, Luna Kingdom, and Chata Kingdom immediately revealed the expression of fear and despair.

And the emissaries of countries that suffered horrible losses due to the surprise attack were all overjoyed, and some people even cried.

As Paris waved her hand, the crowd became separated very orderly.

After a burst of cautious footsteps, the assassins all stood behind the devil woman Paris, and the those with red ribbons all stood on Paris’s side in despair. At this moment, although they couldn’t feel more regretful about their actions, it was still useless. This is a suicidal gamble, and standing on the wrong side of this assassination operation basically declared the end of their lives and the country they represent.

And on the other side, the few innocent survivors were still frightened, as if they were small chickens that had found their mothers in the face of an eagle. They stood trembling behind the Elder Prince and Princess. In the crowd, the little prince Modric of Lake Kingdom was covered in injuries, but he also luckily survived.

The group ultimately divided into two.

The atmosphere was terrifyingly oppressing.

At this moment, Fei came out in his delightful footsteps and a big smile. He switched to [Barbarian Mode], it’s just that his body had some light injuries, and the King’s robe which he wore to this ceremony is already torn into pieces. The soft leather lining underneath also had bloody openings。 His face was covered in blood, leaving out only a pair of black eyes. Fei was completely covered in blood, almost looking like just a blob of blood standing upright, leaving behind a bloody print everywhere he stepped.

Such injuries, it was simply miserable to the point that people could cry sad tears from seeing this.

Everyone that saw this scene were all suspecting, would this little king just drop to the ground to go see Jesus in the next moment. What’s more sad was, the entire Chambord City, except for this unlucky little king that had his crowning ceremony screwed, all the guards and officials are all dead. Lampard, Drogba, Oleg, and Barak and so on, all their dead bodies lied quietly on the periphery of the ruins of the King Altar, fresh blood stained the stones and soil under their bodies…

“Ah, Alexander, it’s great to see that you are still alive!”

Table of Content

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