Hail the King Chapter 119

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Chapter 19: The Wind Blew up a Girl’s Skirt.


Fei’s hands grasped into the air and a pair of purple and green swords appeared in his hands. Although there weren’t any fancy energy flames, the pure physical strength of a level 21 Barbarian exploded and shook everyone on the peak of East Mountain. The dual swords turned into two shiny shadows and accurately hit the two yellow blades.

Tink, tink!

Two clusters of sparks appeared in the air like magnificent fireworks.

In terms of strength, the level 21 Barbarian was way stronger than his opponents. The impulse from the collision of the weapons sent the yellow blades back with their owners. The two assassins were really surprised. They would have never imagined the amount of strength that the little king had; they didn’t sense any energy on the king after all.

After Fei blocked the attack, he stomped on the ground and initiated Barbarian【Leap】and chased after Hilton-Paris quickly. At this moment, Fei no longer cared about protecting the eldest princess; his own fiancée was under great danger.

That b*tchy women was very fast. She got to Angela within seconds.

“F–k off!”

A blue and red energy flame flashed as Lampard and Warden Oleg stood in front of Angela and protected her. Lampard was a three-star warrior. Under his full power, the blue flames grew and burnt around him wildly. It even covered up Angela and Oleg inside of it. The black sword on Lampard’s back started shaking. He gripped the hilt and drew it out forcefully. Splash! In a loud water splashing sound, the blue energy flew out of his sword and struck toward Paris like a huge tidal wave.

Oleg was weaker. However, he still endured the pain and struck his sword with all the energy inside of him. The red energy was like a rope and whipped at Paris.

Paris had a cold smile on her face. She pressed down at the air as she was still in mid-air.

Boom! Boom!

The blue energy tidal wave and the red flame energy whip disappeared instantly. Lampard and Oleg were hit severely by something invisible. They both coughed up a mouthful of blood as they were knocked off of the King’s Altar.

Both of them couldn’t defend against Paris’ single strike.

They didn’t earn any valuable time for Fei.

A white shadow flashed by them and appeared behind Angela.

A soft and thin hand lightly strangled onto Angela’s swan-like neck just like how it held onto the rose. Paris smacked away Emma who was trying to jump up and help Angela easily and smiled at Fei who was charging at her. She didn’t hide her playful look at all. That made Fei’s heart sink to his stomach.

This woman captured Angela within seconds.

“Let her go!”

Fei had to stop five yards away from her. He put away the set of purple and green swords and stared at Paris sharply, as if his stare was a lethal frost arrow. He couldn’t wait to nail this bi*tch in the head.

“Hehehe, are you nervous?”

Paris’s smile was still very flirtatious, and her face was very seductive. She didn’t mind the coldness in Fei’s eyes at all. One of her hands was still on Angela’s neck, and the other hand slowly combed Angela’s silk-like black hair. Her movement was very intimate, as if she was helping her girlfriend get ready for a big night.

“Little king, do you still remember my words? Hehehe, your woman will be ruined by the lowest beggar and sold to a dirtiest brothel and be a prostitute for the rest of her life…… What do you think? Are you scared? Heartbroken? Angry? Hahaha, Little King, kneel down like a beggar. Kiss my feet and beg me. Maybe I will spare you!”

Fei’s heart sunk even more.

This woman was crazy.

She gave back what Fei said to her, word by word.

Obviously, the reason why Paris attacked Angela who posed zero threat to her was because of what Fei said earlier…… This woman was beautiful, unparalleled, and one of a kind. You would think she would have a graceful, goddess-like temperament. However, she was also stubborn and crazy to the max. Normal people couldn’t even imagine nor understand it. She wanted an eye for an eye, and was even more cruel than a demon. She had a teasing expression on her face. She slowly applied more force onto Angela’s neck and caused the girl in her arms to suffer from pain and lack of oxygen as she enjoyed Fei’s anxious movements.

At this time, the peak of East Mountain had turned into a living hell.

The assassin who used a sword didn’t get too much out of his deadly strike; it was blocked by the purple-dressed girl. It seemed like they had a similar level of power. They fought as the different attributed energies mixed with each other and their bodies were nowhere to be seen. All that could be heard were the sounds of weapons colliding.

On the other side, the assassin in white who was using iron claws was battling with Knight Captain Romain. The assassin’s movements were very tricky and unpredictable. It felt like his claws were able to tear up the space and could attack from anywhere. Knight Captain Romain who had a baby face and always had a smile on his face used a wide two-handed knight’s sword. His style was very different from the assassin. He only used simple and straight forward fundamental attacks such as the slash, chop, sweep and cut. Although they were simple, they were extremely effective. He blocked all of the attacks and was even able to keep the assassin three steps away from the eldest princess.

The dual assassins who used the yellow blades didn’t chase after Fei; they turned around and attacked the eldest princess.

At this point, there were no more star ranked mages nor warriors to protect her. However, the two hundred Zenit’s cavalries demonstrated their iron will and character. None of them backed off. They yelled as they charged in front of the eldest princess and surrounded and protected her in the middle. They literally built a great wall with their flesh and bones. Even if they were going to die, they would die in front of the eldest princess to protect her. The scene was very tragic.

The two assassins became enraged. Although they were way stronger and more powerful than the cavalries, every single strike of theirs only beheaded a few soldiers….. When faced with an iron army of fearless warriors, they couldn’t get close to the eldest princess in a short time……

The King’s Altar made from huge white stones was damaged from the foundation by the earth attributed star warrior. It started to crack and break down. Large pieces of stone started flying around and the spider web-like cracks on the ground got wider and wider. Many cavalries fell into the crack and died instantly after stones hit them in the air.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Sharp arrows were shot out quietly. With the dust and chaos as their camouflage, they pierced cavalries’ foreheads, eyes, throats and hearts…… The assassin who was still hiding in the dark took away a life with every arrow, as if he was the real grim reaper.

An expected scene appeared around the King’s Altar.

The princes and emissaries from other kingdoms also started to fight.

People such as Prince Layo from Shanui Kingdom, Prince Boyou from Luna Kingdom, Emissary Yaley from Chata Kingdom, and representatives from a dozen other kingdoms all did one thing when Paris yelled the word “kill”. They all tied a red ribbon onto their arms, and then drew their weapon and attacked the people around them who didn’t wear the ribbon.

“Kill the eldest princess, His Highness Dominguez will reward you heavily!”


“Kill Tanasha, don’t let anyone live. Don’t let anyone from the Royal Coronation Legion leave here alive!”

“Hahahah, kill, kill all these dumb emissaries and guards!”

The golden sunlight had a hard time getting through all the dust on the ground. The peak of East Mountain had really become a living bleeding hell. Weapons were struck at each other as broken limbs flew everywhere. The blood spilled onto the ground like a rain, and screams and cries resonated on the peak and echoed in the sky.

The two hundred people were divided into two groups.

The ones who had a red ribbon on their arms definitely knew this would happen. They were prepared and reacted quickly. They sneakily attacked, were tightly organized and got the advantage in a matter of minutes.

The ones who were here purely to congratulate Fei on his coronation ceremony were taken by surprised and suffered severe casualties. More than half of them were injured or killed in a few moments. They tightly gathered around and struggled to defend themselves. However, they were faced with tough enemies; they were like a small boat on the ocean and could drown any second.

Fei glanced around and quickly knew what was going on.

The coronation ceremony had turned into a battleground for two superpowers. This was the source of danger and conspiracy that his intuition sensed before. Although Chambord didn’t have anything to do with this fight, it was chosen as the unfortunate host and its extinction was decided for a long time ago.

“What are you hesitating for, little king?”

Paris smiled at Fei, as if all the blood and screaming was unrelated to her. “Come here and beg me, crawl here……kneel down. Hehehehe, I might really let you go.”

Fei looked at Angela.

The beautiful girl was like a lonely lily standing in the blowing dust. She was a bit pale, but her expression was staunch and valiant, and not a single sign of fear was seen on her face. Her sky blue dress was stained with drips of blood that were blown here by the wind, and the dress soon lost its sky blue color from the grey, brownish dust.

This dress was designed by Fei before the ceremony. It was specially made for Angela. It was majestic and unique, and it outlined and highlighted the girl’s intriguing beauty.

Fei rubbed his hands together.

And at that moment, a strong wind blew by and it blew up the edges of the girl’s dress. It exposed a portion of her white, smooth, jade-like legs, and that enchanted and calmed Fei at the same time.

Table of Content

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