Hail the King Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: I Shall Let You Live

Fei was a bit surprised.

For a moment, Fei wanted to slap 【One Sword】who had really left in the face and ask, “Are you f*cking dumb?” He really left in this tense situation after dropping a line. “Would you die if you stayed here a bit longer?” Fei thought.

As the powerful 【One Sword】calmly left, the Eldest Princess’ chance of winning dropped significantly. Fei could almost see the Goddess of Victory suddenly changing stances and flirting with the other party.

Paris, who was in white and holding onto a rose, was delighted. The smile on her beautiful white face got brighter and brighter. She slowly picked the petals off of the fresh rose one by one and released them to let the wind blow them away. It seemed so natural, but Fei felt an unprecedented cruelness from Paris’ actions.

“Hehe, I heard a long time ago that【One Sword】owed First Prince Arshavin His Highness a favor and promised to strike once for Sister Tanasha……. It looks like the rumor is quite true. This is unfortunate, Sister Tanasha. 【One Sword】would only strike once for you. He will only block our attack once for you…… Hehe, it looks like I still have a chance to kill you!”

She was holding onto a petal-less rose; she was smiling like a naive girl. Her white dress was flickering in the wind, but the stuff she said gave everyone a chill. This girl was like a combination of a demon and angel, like a sweet poison.

“You can try!” The eldest princess’ response was short.

It was as if she knew beforehand that 【One Sword】would leave like this. Her pure, ocean-like eyes didn’t show any negative emotions. She was still frowning. However, Fei could clearly feel that the reason why she was frowning wasn’t because she was worried about her situation, but rather because she didn’t want to talk to this girl called Paris anymore. It seemed like the eldest princess was deeply disgusted by Paris.

“Could it be that this b*tchy Paris seduced eldest princess’s man?”

Fei rubbed his chin and thought jokingly.

At this time, the golden morning sun had already rose above the clouds and got rid of the coldness on the peak of East Mountain. Looking from afar, the clouds flowed and twisted around and looked magnificent. Some mountain peaks were visible above cloud bed, and this was the most picturesque scene that one could see at the peak of East Mountain.

There were less than twenty people from Chambord who were still on the peak.

The strongmen such as Drogba and Barrack held their huge weapons tightly in their hands and guarded around the King’s Altar. They kept glancing around the crowd and the princes; they knew that there was still a hidden archery assassin in the crowd. This kind of hidden assassin was the deadliest. No one knew when they would shoot out the silent lethal arrow, and no one knew who the assassin was going to target……

Lampard and the severely injured Oleg guarded Angela and Emma tightly with a few servants. These two girls were the weakest people on the King’s Altar. They were defenseless in front of these mysterious assassins.

The atmosphere became very weird.

Although the eldest princess had more people on her side and enjoyed a numbers advantage, she didn’t have a high chance of winning.

【One Sword】only injured the five assassins he struck earlier, but they were still able to fight. On top of that, there was a hidden archery assassin and this girl Paris whose real power and strength were still a secret. In terms of people who were star warriors or mages, eldest princess would lose to Paris significantly. Those two hundred fully armoured cavalries were mostly non-star ranked, and they would be negligible in high level battles.

Paris had a teasing expression on her face, as if she wasn’t going to rush the decision.

This b*tchy girl glanced around, and everyone who met her eyes felt like she was flirting with them. Finally, her eyes landed on Fei. As if she found an interesting prey, she giggles as she gave Fei an flirtatious blink, “Little King, I can feel how tensed up you are. Hehe.” She pointed at the eldest princess who was standing beside Fei and said, “How about……  if you kill this woman, I will let you live. Deal?”

After she said that, Fei immediately became the center of attention.

“This deal…… isn’t fair.” Fei rubbed his chin and laughed, “Let’s change it up a little bit.”

“Oh? Say what is on your mind?” Paris’ smile got even brighter as the rose in her hand slowly dried up.

“Old hog, how about this. If you lick my toes, I will let you live,” Fei said seriously.

Paris’ expression finally changed.

“Little King. You will pay for your arrogance…… I know that maybe you are not afraid of death, but……” Her smiled was still bright, but her voice got really cold. She suddenly turned her head and looked at Angela who was being protected by Lampard and Oleg. Her expression became really cruel, “I guess that girl is your woman. Right? What a beautiful girl, classy and majestic, pure and innocent, as if she is a goddess who has fallen into this dirty world. Little King, think about it. If she was ruined by a dirty, smelly beggar and was sold to the cheapest brothel at Zenit Empire and touched by numerous disgusting men everyday, would she still look this pure?”

Fei’s expression got cold as well, “Bitch, you could try.”

People who were close to King’s Altar felt the temperature suddenly dropped right after Fei said that.

The atmosphere was breathtaking, as if thousand-pound rock was tied to the ceiling with a hair string and disaster would occur any second. Everyone was holding onto their weapons, and sweat slowly wet their palms. They could all hear their heartbeats, but none of them knew if their heart would still be beating the next second.

“Haha, I’m just joking. You are such a humourless man. Hehe.”

As if Paris was neuropathic, she suddenly started to laughed again out of nowhere. It made it seem like Fei was naming calling and swearing at someone who she didn’t know at all. She looked back at the eldest princess.

“Sister Tanasha, aren’t you curious at all? Aren’t you curious about why God’s Item【Inspection】didn’t sense them?” Paris was like a little troublemaker who was showing off her latest invention. “A total of five assassins were able to get away from【Inspection】’s scan and easily get to you. If 【One Sword】didn’t suddenly appear and save you, you would be dead by now.”

Tanasha immediately ignored her provocation.

Paris didn’t get mad at all. She smiled as she explained further, “I guess you must recognize this item.”

A sky blue sphere suddenly appeared and spun above the tip of Paris’ index finger. The sphere seemed transparent and had many symbols engraved on it. A blue mist slowly came off of the sphere, as if it was an ultrasonic aroma diffuser, but the mist soon disappeared in the air. The sphere might have seemed like a kid’s toy, but when it appeared, everyone felt like something was injected into their bodies, and they felt very uncomfortable.

“【Sky Screen】!” The purple dressed girl yelled in surprise.

“Hahaha, Sister Tanasha, you probably didn’t expect this. Emperor Yasin already gave the God’s Item【Sky Screen】to Dominguez His Highness. It looks like even the Emperor doesn’t want you to live anymore, so unfortunate……” Paris licked her lips with her red soft little tongue.

The eldest princess sighed, “Hilton-Paris, God’s Item【Sky Screen】doesn’t mean anything. If you want to use it to mess up my mind, then I would be disappointed in your progression after fighting with me for so many years. You really don’t know what father’s intentions are…… Nevermind, you don’t have to test and probe me with this boring chatter. I’m sure Dominguez did a lot of preparation for today’s assassination. You must have a lot of hidden cards, quickly draw them out. We will see if you can help him get rid of me, the nail in his eyes.”

“Hidden cards? Hehehe, my hidden cards will be only used at the last moment of course…… Hahaha, Sister Tanasha, try to handle the cards that I hide first……” Paris was still smiling, but as she said the last word, her face dropped and the smile disappeared from the beautiful face. A shocking, chilling word came out of her mouth as the wind fluttered her white dress –


As the sound was still resonating in the air, the situation changed –

The five assassins who were standing still moved immediately. The assassin who was using a sword struck at the Eldest Princess who was standing four yards away from him with full force.

At the same time, the assassin in white who was using a pair of metal claws disappeared from where he was standing and appeared behind the eldest princess and aimed at her back.

The two assassins who looked exactly the same attacked as well, but their target wasn’t the elder princess anymore. It was Fei who was beside the eldest princess. The two strange-shaped yellow blades were in front of Fei’s face in a fraction of a second.

An orange-yellowish flame flashed by and the tall and tough assassin dived into the King’s Altar.

Boom! As most of the people were surprised by that, the King’s Altar collapsed, and the two hundred cavalries on the King’s Altar lost their formations and went into a chaos……

The five assassins cooperated with each other intimately; they divided up the work in an instant.

Hilton-Paris moved as well. Her body drew a series of afterimage in the air as she targeted


Table of Content

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