Hail The King Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: A Sword’s Sudden Arrival

Everything took place in an instant, and it tested everyone’s reflex.

No one expected an assassination would suddenly take place targeting this young king during this crowning ceremony, and just when everyone was still digesting what was going on, something even more incredible happened-

The assassination of Elder Princess Tanasha.

Has this world gone mad? Someone even dares to target Her Highness? And, the first shot was already six merciless attacks.

That bright sword light that fell from the sky, carrying peerless force. It was just a brief silver flash, then one man one sword as if suddenly tore apart the dimension and came out head first, the sword and its wielder were wrapped in a silver flame. The friction between the edge and air even creating flashing sparks. The giant force that arrived with this strike directly pushed away the female warrior Susan, and the vulnerable skinny elder princess was deadly locked on by this terrifying force, not even able to move a finger. Her beautiful soft hair loosely danced in the sword’s breath…

This assassin from sky was at least at the 5-star level’s strength.

And the left and right blade light that suddenly appeared also exposed the other two assassins’ location. These were two very strangely designed yellow curved blades, and the blades’ bodies were engraved with strange inscriptions. Waves of light blue flames flashed passed the blade, its wind slicing through the air, mercilessly charging towards the Elder Princess’s soft waist. The soft and fierce contrast at this moment was extremely clear, as if before the blade could touch that blue cloth, the Elder Princess would be sliced into two by the blade’s wind, like a helpless doll.

The handles of these two yellow curved blades were held in two assassins of almost identical look, height, hair and clothing. Same expression, same coldness, and same murderous intent…. These two wood energy type assassins were at least above 4 star-levels of strength.

For a weak woman who didn’t know martial arts at all, carefully arranging three master level assassins was already being a bit too cautious. But in addition to the sword from above and two blades from side, the pair of white steel claws coming from behind was also carrying a force that was in no way inferior.

That pair of claws was completely forged in white hundred-folded steel, the dense ferocious barbs covered the assassin’s hand and part of his arm, bringing endless fear from just looking it at. It was directly going towards the Elder Princess’s heart from behind, and without a doubt, if hit, the Elder Princess’s weak and thin body will directly turn into a pile of meat and bone fragments.

Besides that, there was more.

There were those three silent white feather arrows, and a sharp white Zhanmadao (TL: literally horse chopping saber, go wiki it) in the hand of an yellow orange shadowy figure that suddenly came out from the ground…

Up, down, left, right, front, back.

Five types of sharp weapons.

Six relentless assassins.

All this, in a moment formed a death cage.

Every assassin’s strength was shocking, all the weapons all had locked onto the Elder Princess, making her feel like an ant under the pressure of a million-pound rock. Not to mention moving, she couldn’t even breath. Her scattering long hair became fixed in the air, the space of one-meter radius around her as if became solidified, even the fine dust floating in the air also quietly became still.

And the most terrible thing was, at this time, beside the elder princess, there was not even a guard or a meat shield.

The female swordsman Susan was already in danger and forced away by the fallen sword force, that girl in purple clothes of unpredictable force was hundreds of meters away from the scene due to chasing Bazzer earlier. The blonde baby face knight captain Romain was leading about 200 knights guarding the carriage below the king’s altar…

People started panicking but all had no time to save her. Some people were scared and closed their eyes, as if they already saw the vulnerable princess’s body getting torn apart by the six sharp matchless breaths…

At this moment, Fei was the one closest to the Elder Princess.

Right now he was in the [Amazon mode], and a 16 level Amazon warrior was only equivalent to an intermediate three-star warrior, which was basically useless right now, and the female swordsman Susan’s experience is the best proof. Now the strongest character Fei has [Barbarian mode]. A level 21 barbarian under full equipment and [Purple Blue Duo Sword], Fei can rival the strength of an intermediate four-star fighter.

But, not to mention that there was no time to immediately change class right now, the most important thing was, Fei could clearly feel the terrifying strengths of the four assassins, especially that sword from the sky, it was a strike with no counter. Fei didn’t doubt at all that even if he took the Elder Princess’s place in fully equipped barbarian mode, he still won’t be able to take that strike.

But, time was pressing.

The body’s instinctive response exceeded the speed of the central nervous system processing information.

Under the instinct of an Amazon fighter, Fei almost subconsciously reached out his hand. A golden ball of light flashed, and a golden long bow appeared in his hand. He gently pulled on the string, and six sharp arrows flashing electricity immediately appeared above the string, and then Fei let go…

This series of actions were all done in one breath, like a mirage.

Pew pew pew pew pew pew!

Six sharp arrows shot out piercing through the air.

The arrows’ bodies were pitch black, producing a harsh scream and waves of silver electricity as they cut through the sky.

The bowstring sounded once, yet 6 arrows shot out.

Moreover, the directions of those arrows were actually all completely different.

The first arrow went for the eyes of the strongest assassin that came from the sky.

The second and third arrow went for the space on the left and right of the Elder Princess, so if the wooden elemental assassins with yellow curved blades move even a bit forward, their waist will run into the long arrows covered in electric current.

The forth arrow went to the fastest one out of the arrows that were going towards the Elder Princess’s forehead, throat and heart.

The fifth arrows shot past the Elder Princess’s neck to the throat of the owner of that pair of white sharp claws.

The sixth arrow went for the back of the head of the assassin that just came out of the ground with his Zhanmadao.

Such arrow technique, it could be called miraculous.

Amazon warrior’s long bow skill [Strafe].

It can shoot out multiple arrows at once, and also accurately target the arrows to different directions, dealing a good amount of damage.

This was the first high class arrow skill Fei learned in [Amazon Mode].

This was also Fei’s pinnacle performance under [Amazon Mode].

Fei didn’t expect these six arrows to eliminate all the assassins, he just hoped that the arrows could slightly delay the opponents’ movements, allowing them to be slightly distracted and thus gaining time for himself, and also fight for time for the purple clothed girl hundred meters away to come back to help.

The six arrows magically shot out, and Fei immediately switched to [Barbarian Mode], and without any reservation he instantly went berserk and charged forward. At this moment there was no time for him to think if he could make it or not, or if he’s match for those 6 assassins. Save the Elder Princess, this was Fei’s only choice. No matter what, he couldn’t let the Elder Princess die on the King’s Altar of Chambord City.

But, Fei was still too slow.

The first arrow didn’t have any affect. That five-star elite’s surrounding force energy directly shattered the magic arrow into powder, dissipating into the air, not giving that assassin the slightest trouble.

The two arrows that went for the assassins with yellow curved blade also encountered the resistance of their surrounding force energy, finally exhausted and fell to the ground right before piercing into the assassins’ waist.

The long arrow that was shot at the assassin with sharp white claws behind the princess, was repelled away as the assassin swung his right arm, and that left arm is still going towards the Elder Princess’s heart.

However, the arrow that was shot towards the three large white feather arrows took effect.

This arrow miraculously hit the tip of the first arrow, and after a sound of “ding”, sparks appeared, and the first arrow was tilted with its back hitting the second white feather arrow’s body, and then the second one hit the third… The three white feather arrows’ course instantly changed, missing the Elder Princess…

The sixth arrow that was shot towards the assassin below, it actually hit that target. It’s just that a blood flower bloomed at his back, and that tall and big assassin actually endured the severe pain and his hands still tightly held onto the Zhanmadao, mercilessly swinging it towards the Elder Princess’s legs…

The six assassins’ reactions were all different, and it demonstrated the difference in their strengths.

The whole process happened within a second, and many people are still in shock.

And right now, Fei was only 10 meters away from the Elder Princess.

The situation, has come to the deciding moment.

Death has gently gripped the princess by her graceful neck. All it needed was a pinch and everything will become a foregone conclusion. The Elder Princess that possessed great power right now was like a helpless little girl… and this carefully planned assassination, will become a classic in the history of assassination.

And the consequence will be, the whole Chambord City getting buried along with the Elder Princess.

The female swordsman Susan desperately rushed forward, the knight captain Romain rushed towards the King’s Altar, the purple clothed girl hundred meters away, her stature flashed…


Right now, time is the most critical factor.

If someone could appear right now to block the assassins’ attacks… Just when everyone was already in despair, Fei actually did something that made everyone feel strange…

He suddenly shouted to the air in front of him…

“Still not coming out?”

Ding ding ding ding ding ding!

As if answering Fei’s raging roar, a series of crackle-like sound suddenly appeared in everyone’s ears, and they just saw countless sparks appearing about half meter of range of the Elder Princess. These sparks that formed as if is an invisible cage, firmly knocking the assassins’ weapons away.

A sword.

A very normal long sword.

This sword incredibly appeared in front of the Elder Princess’s body.

The firm but gentle sword’s breath conquered the air around it, tightly blocking all the fatal blows delivered by the assassin.

Table of Content

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