Hail The King Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Death Trap

The middle aged valet’s finger quickly shook and a short chant quickly shot out of his mouth. A bright red light shined on his body. The entire King’s Altar suddenly became hot, and the people who were around the altar had to look away because it was too bright. A sword made from fire suddenly appeared in the mid-aged valet’s hand and he thrusted it toward Fei.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye.

The people who were around the altar didn’t even have time to react. It was very quiet; no one screamed or gasped.

The mid-aged valet was behind Fei. Fei wasn’t able to sense this sudden sneak attack at all. The scorching hot fire sword drew a bizarre arc in the air and was about to cut open Fei’s back and pierce through his heart……

But –

At this moment, the situation changed.

Fei’s body suddenly tilted toward the right side strangely. This action seemed unconscious, but Fei perfectly dodged this life threatening attack. The fire sword strike missed.

Until this moment, the emissaries from all the kingdoms just realized what was happening. They were shocked as they all gasped subconsciously.

The guards, such as Drogba, who were standing closely to the altar reacted faster. They yelled: “Protect the king!” as they drew their weapon and was about to charge up the altar……But after a few steps, they all stopped. They were confused, seeing that their king was waving at them, telling them not to come up.

Fei’s right hand had grasped the fire sword.

“Four-star fire attributed mage? Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?”

Fei’s Barbarian gloves appeared on his hand. It was a pair of silver magic gloves. It gave Fei 21 armour, and reduced the fire attributed and lightning attributed magic damage by 25%. With the help of the gloves, Fei was barely able to grab the sword that was made out of fire. From the magic sensation that Fei felt from the sword, he was sure that this valet had just advanced to the four-star mage rank…… But the problem was that, he didn’t recognize this person. Why would this person assassinate him? Could it be……this person was ordered by someone else?

After missing the sneak attack, the mid-aged valet let go of the fire sword and rushed back.

“How did you dodge that?” After the person had escaped to a safe distance for a mage, he asked with surprise.

He couldn’t figure it out. How did Fei dodge the attack that was sneaky enough to kill a god. To prepare for this attack, he practiced numerous times. He meditated for ten days and ten nights continuously to accumulate his magic power, and used many precious magic items to shorten his chanting time to increase the suddenness of the sneak attack…… But who knew that the operation that was impossible to fail had failed in the end. There was only one explanation – Fei knew beforehand that he was going to sneak attack.

The middle aged valet had an surprising expression on his face, but he didn’t panic and try to escape.

It seemed like that he didn’t mind the fact that he was surrounded by a lot of guards. He must have a plan B or was trying to calculate the chances that he could attack again.

Of course, he was also waiting for Fei’s response.

But at this moment, something unexpected occurred

Suddenly, the sword pierced through this mid-aged valet’s left shoulder.

Drip, drip. Drops of blood dripped onto the ground.

The mid-aged man was shocked, and suddenly realized something. A deep roar came out of his throat. He swung his hand backward and a few fire chains appeared out of nowhere and whipped at the person who was holding onto the sword. “Hiss-” after a deep painful cry, Warden Oleg flew backwards and puked a mouthful of blood.

The person who sneak attacked the middle aged man was this fatty who acted dumb.

“It’s you?!”

The mid-aged man shouted angrily. He didn’t need Fei’s explanation anymore, he instantly understood why Fei was able to dodge his sneak attack – It was obvious, this fatty who seemed scared and surrendered had tricked him, and used a method that he wasn’t aware of and notified Fei beforehand.

“Of course it’s me. Who the f–k are you? How dare you order me around!”

Oleg laid on the altar, and puked out more blood. However, a proud expression appeared on his face. He laughed as he scorned at the mid-aged valet: “Hehe……it is unexpected, isn’t it? I……cough, cough, I’m no longer that old timid Oleg who was afraid of death……Cough, cough. Mister Bazzer……Cough, cough. You made a mistake from the start. You handled me the old way…… Cough, cough, cough. I’m willing to die for King Alexander, why would I betray him!”

Oleg was severely injured, he would puke a mouthful of blood before he could finish a sentence. But fortunately, after the transformation that the [Hulk Potion] put him through, his body was tougher than normal one-star warrior. That’s why he was able to survive under the full attack of a four-star mage.

What he said surprised a lot of people.

The four-star mage was Bazzer.

The former Head Minister of Chambord. The most wanted criminal who committed treason.

Fei frowned.

He was only able to pick up a few things from Oleg’s eye contact before the ceremony started. He knew that this middle aged valet wasn’t on his side, and he should pay more attention to the valet. He never would have thought that this person was Bazzer who had disappeared for a long time. This former Head Minister obviously used some trick and changed his look and appearance. But after some detailed observation, Fei was able to draw some parallels between Bazzer and the valet in terms of body size and temperament. However, no one knew that this guy was a four-star fire attributed mage.

The series of unexpected incidents had created a lot of noise among the people who were around the altar.

The first stream of light had travelled through the clouds and shined on the peak of East Mountain. The best time to crown Fei and announce his official status had passed by. The emissaries and princes from other kingdom stared at the altar in surprise. On the altar, Tanasha, the Elder Princess of Zenit Empire had placed the golden crown back on the silver plate that a servant was carrying and backed off a little. She looked at Fei as if she was watching an interesting drama.

Fei stared at Bazzer as he slowly let loose of the power inside of him.

“Since this guy appeared voluntarily, I should take the opportunity and execute him. Otherwise, if he really wanted revenge, a four-star mage’s damage to Chambord would be catastrophic.”

At the same time, Bazzer was thinking fast as well as he covered his wound with his hand.

After feeling the power level that Fei had, he knew that he couldn’t successfully kill this damn king today. He was frustrated. He didn’t expect this to happen after he advanced to the four-star rank and the level of preparation he underwent. It looked like his plans needed to be delayed again……

“I didn’t expect you to become such a loyal dog.” Bazzer stared at Oleg who was lying behind him. It seemed like he made a decision. A series of chants quickly flew out of his mouth, and his body grew hotter and hotter as his power level became stronger and stronger. It seemed like he was showering in a cloud of fire.

He suddenly shouted at Fei. “Die!”

The fire around him burnt violently as he charged.

It looked like a smaller sun rose on the King’s Altar, bright and hot.

Everyone thought Bazzer had no escape and gave up his own life by igniting his core magic essence to kill Fei. Fei thought the same. As he prepared himself to take Bazzer’s attack head on…… Who knew that after a few charging a few steps, three roaring beasts made out of pure fire jumped out of Bazzer’s body. The direction that these fire beast went wasn’t toward Fei……

The target was Elder Princess Tanasha!

“Hahaha, Alexander, I will kill this woman. I will see how you explain this to Zenit Empire…… The entire Chambord Kingdom including you will die under Zenit’s anger. Hahaha!”

Bazzer laughed crazily.

He dared to attack the Princess of the Empire?

Everyone was shocked.

This was the attack of a four-star mage who ignited his core magic essence, it wasn’t something that Susan, the three-star warrior could defend against. The three fire beasts shot at the Elder Princess and left a trail of flames in the air. They easily absorbed the blue flame energy that Susan put up to defend.

Fei was scared for a moment.

He subconsciously used Barbarian [Leap] and jumped toward the Elder Princess…… He had to save her. If her highness dies on the Peak of East Mountain at Chambord, Chambord would vanish under Zenit’s anger.

At the same time, Bazzer chanted another spell.

A pair of fire wings appeared on his back as he rushed toward the exit of the mountain – the [Chain to heaven]. Like a meteor, he instantly passed by all the emissaries. Although he was injured by Oleg, and his magic power was almost depleted after the two full attacks, he was still able to rely on the [Chain to heaven] to escape as the peak of the East Mountain was thrown into chaos. After that, he would still have chances to mess with Fei.

As the distance to the cliff and the [Chain to heaven] was shortening, a smile appeared on Bazzer’s face.

“Alexander, just wait. I will be back, you won’t be able to sleep and rest peacefully ever again! Hahahah!”

He jumped and was about to get away.

But –

“Poor bug, how dare you attack her highness!”

At this critical moment, a cloud of purple flames appeared in front of the Elder Princess followed by that shout. A beautiful slender girl was in the flame. Her face didn’t even change expression as she casually pointed at the air. The three fire beasts instantly vanished into thin air without any signs of resistance.


The fully attack of a four-star mage was wiped out this easily.

The next second.

The purple figure flashed and appeared in front of Bazzer who was about a hundred yards(m) away.

“Don’t even think about escaping after attacking the princess!”

The girl in purple struck her strange short sword down, and the invisible energy smashed on Bazzer. He screamed as a terrifying wound appeared on his back; the blood spurted out of like a water fountain……

That wasn’t done.

After that, a blue crystal arrow was shot from the direction of King’s Altar; it accurately pierced through Bazzer’s back. A chilling energy instantly surrounded Bazzer’s body. In a cry, Bazzer’s body frozen as it fell off of the cliff and disappeared into the cloud!

It was Fei who shot the arrow. After converting to Amazon Mode, the frost magic arrow dealt a ton of damage.

After getting severely injured, Bazzer couldn’t survive after falling off such a high cliff.

Fei lightly sighed.

It seemed like everything had passed and the danger was gone.

But the next moment, his sense of danger was triggered like never before! Something unimaginable happened –

A bright, eye catching sword appeared out of nowhere and pierced at Elder Princess Tanasha’s skull from above.

Two bone chilling blade appeared out of nowhere and struck toward Elder Princess Tanasha’s waist; one from the left and one from the right.

Three death-calling metal arrows were shot from the crowd around the King’s Altar and was aimed at Elder Princess Tanasha’s head, throat and heart.

A pair of iron claws ripped through air, appeared behind Elder Princess Tanasha and thrusted toward her back; poison was applied on the claws as the tip of the claws glistened with a blue light.

A cloud of orange energy flame flashed by and a strong figure crawled out of the rock on the King’s Altar beside the princess. The person had a sharp chopper in his hand and swung it at the princess’s legs.

Five strikes appeared at the same time and was about break through the princess’s body.

Any one of the strikes would take her life away.

It was obvious. This was a carefully planned assassination.

A death trap!

Table of Content

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