Hail the King Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Gold Saint Sword – Excalibur

Fei and Warden Oleg arrived at the restricted area in the Back Mountain.

Fortunately, the intruder seemed to not know exactly where the entrance to the underground cave was at, and the intruder didn’t have a clear objective. The intruder randomly searched the back mountain. When the intruder fought with Pierce and Drogba, the intruder quickly left after a quick contact. The person came and also left quickly, so Chambord didn’t suffer any casualties or loss of any kind.

“The person wore a tight black suit, and their face was also covered. In the dark night, I didn’t capture any details……”

“The intruder was very strong. We couldn’t get within three yards of the intruder……”

“That person seemed like they didn’t want any trouble and didn’t want to kill anyone. The person left after a brief contact……”

“It seemed like the person was trying to find something……”

The guards for the restricted area, including Pierce told Fei what had happened last night with an embarrassed expression on their faces. Fei listened carefully and calmed down by the end.

It was obvious that the intruder was a high star ranked master. Although the guards had numerous years of experience in the military and on the battlefield, they weren’t a match for the opponent. Luckily, the intruder left after a quick search; the guards chased after the person but that didn’t help at all. They didn’t even find a single hair.

“Okay, I know what happened. Go back to your positions and be more alert from now on!”

Fei waved and sent the guards away. He carefully went around the Back Mountain and wanted to find any possible clue that the intruder might have left with 【Black Tornado】. However, he didn’t find anything; even the sensitive smell of the dog was of no use. Finally, the man and the dog stood on the tip of the Back Mountain and glanced far away. The chilly breeze of the autumn morning carried the dry yellow leaves as they danced in the sky. The golden light of the morning sun shined over Chambord Castle and painted it into a golden castle like how it was described in the tales……This was a beautiful and quiet pure land.

This was Fei’s only home on the Azeroth Continent.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, but if they dare to put their hands on Chambord, I will cut their damn arms off without mercy.”

Fei tightened his fists and swore in his mind.

The cold wind slowly calmed Fei down.

He quickly found out that his prior thoughts were all wrong; he was misled by someone. There was only reason why he was encountering troubles – he wasn’t strong enough. Both Fei’s personal strength and Chambord Kingdom’s strength were both too weak. Thinking about it, if Fei was a sun ranked master, or if Chambord was a Level Nine Empire, who would dare to cause these troubles in Chambord’s territory?

Therefore, the objective for Fei would be to increase his and his kingdom’s strength.

Then, he could take care of all the trouble with his fists.

After thinking it through, Fei felt relieved as he had found some light in this period of darkness. He directly entered the underground cave, found a stone room and ordered a soldier to guard the entrance. He chose the Assassin Mode in the 3D Diablo Selection Screen and started leveling up his assassin character.

After spending about three hours, Fei had completed four quests: 【Den of Evil】,【Sisters’ Burial Grounds】,【Search for Cain】and 【Tools of the Trade】, and leveled the assassin character to level 10. In the process, Fei acquired another female mercenary. Her name was

Ihrana; she was a young blue hair pretty rogue and she was a lightning magic archer. As Fei expected, she was similar to the mercenaries that his non-Barbarian characters got; this girl behaved rigidly. She didn’t have her own intelligence and thinking abilities; she was more like an ordinary NPC.

“This is strange. Why do only the NPCs at 【Rogue Encampment】in my Barbarian Character’s parallel world have intelligence and act like real people? In the other parallel worlds such as my Paladin and Sorceress characters, and even other maps in my Barbarian Character’s parallel world don’t have this intelligence.”

This question was always on Fei’s mind.

After completing the four quests, Fei calculated the time and decided not to continue in Assassin Mode and switched to Barbarian Mode. He spent half an hour learning the potion composition skill from Akara, and then he went to the big busted Charsi.

“Hey, beautiful forging master, how is that armour coming along?”

Charsi who was busy forging with the magic hammer didn’t say a word. She wiped sweat off of her forehand and threw a golden helmet at Fei; in the meantime, she was still hammering on a chest armour. “I knew you needed these sets of armours right away, so I worked all night long; but I only have this helmet completed……”

Fei caught the helmet with his hands, then said thanks and observed the helmet carefully.

The helmet had a misty gold light around it. It didn’t look like the standard T-shaped knight helmet that was common on Azeroth Continent. Two yellow bull-like horns were located on the sides of the helmet, which looked domineering and ferocious. A line of shorter yellow spikes was located in between the two horns and pointed up towards the sky…… This helmet had a mysterious magic. When you stared at it, you could almost see a tough bull showing its steel-like horns and charging at you.

Taurus Helmet!

“Perfect! Haha, this is perfect! Charsi, this is exactly what I wanted. Haha, you have perfectly made my design come to life. You are a genius at forging!”

+20 armour, and the user has the ability to cast the level 1 lightning spell – 【Charged bolt】

Although this helmet seemed a bit weak compared to the helmet that Fei was using, the additional effect was great. Plus, this helmet was only Charsi’s practice piece, and she could only use 【Chipped Gems】when forging magic items. Once her forging ability increased, she would be able to use better gems and make stronger armour according to Fei’s wish. Fei believed that one day this busty and pretty blacksmith would be able to forge out the perfect 12 sets of Gold Saints Cloth.

For the last half hour before he had to leave Diablo World, Fei utilized his time at Charsi’s and asked her to re-forge the blue magic sword that she made before.

The re-forged magic sword turned into a golden sword. The design was simple; there were no pretty patterns. Parallel blades, it had a long pointy tip, the body of the sword was thick, and the handle could be griped by two hands. The guard on the sword looked like an eagle that opened its wings…… Under the effect of the gems and magic power, the sword looked fascinating; it gave Fei an illusion that it could cut through any substance.

+20 attack damage, and + 20% attack accuracy.

This was the property of the golden sword.

Fei touched the blade of the sword and a chilling sensation came from his fingers, “From now on, this sword will be called Excalibur!”

Excalibur, it was the ultimate weapon of the Gold Saints Capricorn Shura in the Japanese anime series Saint Seiya. It could break any substance in the universe. It was indestructible, and showered in the light of the sun and moon. It was a weapon that even the gods were afraid of.

Fei wished that this sword could continuously level up and one day reach the sharpness and toughness of the true Gold Saint Sword.

After that was done, he was close to the time limit of the day. Before he exited the Diablo World, he reached out to the cold mysterious voice in his head and tried to convert the Taurus Helmet and the Gold Saint Sword Excalibur into the real world.

It wasn’t the first time that Fei tried to convert weapons and items into the real world.

Before, he wasn’t able to convert anything other than potions and gems. The answer he got from that cold, mysterious voice was that his level wasn’t high enough. But after considering that both items were newly designed by him and forged by Charsi, he wanted to try again.

“……Taurus Helmet , conversion success rate 100%, cost of conversion 10,000 gold coins. Magic sword Excalibur, conversion success rate 100%, cost of conversion 10,000 gold coins. Please confirm the conversions.”

What the voice said surprised Fei.

100% conversion success rate, it was unbelievable.

“Conversion confirmed!”

“Conversion calculating……successfully converted. Young warrior Fei. You have triggered one of the three legendary Miraculous Skills -【Give】. You can give Taurus Helmet and the Magic sword Excalibur to anyone to use. There are no limits on it.”

Fei was overjoyed.

In the underground cave inside the Back Mountain.

Fei returned to the stone room from the Diablo World.

He thought for a while and waved. After a light buzz, a blue oval portal appeared in the room and Charsi walked out of it.

“I have found you some assistants,” Fei smiled as he pointed at the blacksmiths such as Rock Samuel who were sweating as they forged weapons in the hall at the underground cave. “With helpers, maybe you could forge a bit faster……One more thing, if you could, please teach those guys a little. Their forging skills are far from good. It would be even better if you could take them as apprentices!”

Fei was like a creeper trying to trick kids with candies. He tried to entice Charsi so that the blacksmiths at Chambord could have the chance to learn Charsi’s amazing forging skills.

Table of Content

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