Hail the King Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: A Man and a Dog Was on the Loose

Hershzen felt like he was in a freezer.

He couldn’t believe what had happened. His eyeballs almost fell out. The unstoppable anger had turned into a deep sense of fear.

“HOW……It couldn’t be!”

Hershzen trained and exercised earth attributed energy. For earth attributed warriors, strength and defense were their advantages. They were known for earth-like thickness and rock-like tenacity. Their physical bodies were harder than any other attributed warriors of the same rank; it was that fact that allowed him to use his fists to initiate the attack.

However, the cold hard truth destroyed his confidence.

The little king in front of him shattered the four-star earth attributed energy that he was proud of with a simple punch. Then, an unknown vicious force entered his body and cracked the bones inside his arms.

“How? Is he a five-star warrior already?”

It only took a little time for his confidence to crack down. After getting his pride and what he relied on destroyed, this huge gap in the real strength between them caused Hershzen to subconsciously amplify Fei’s power. It was that thought that scared the soul out of him. He no longer had the courage to fight. As he was flying back from the initial contact, he utilized all the energy he had and the orange-yellowish flame flashed through the dark back alley again. Like how he appeared, he suddenly turned into a pile of mud that had a human figure and disappeared as he drilled into the soil.

“Yuck, this coward!” Fei spit onto the ground as he yelled, “How could a coward like you become an assassin?”


This man had to know the things that Fei desperately wanted to know. Therefore, how could the king let go of such an important clue? Fei waved at the back, and the big black dog who was lazily lying there and counting the stars roared, jumped up, and rushed towards Fei like a tornado. Fei jumped up and mounted it as it chased the smell that the man left behind.

Fei had to admit that the stealth technique that earth-attributed warrior used was very effective around such a terrain; especially for people like Hershzen who were four-star ranked, their trace under the stealth technique was very hard to track down. On top of that, Hershzen seemed to spend a lot of time on the stealth technique. When he merged with the soil, nothing was visible from the outside, as if what happened in the back alley was an illusion, and there was never such as a person named Hershzen.

Unfortunately, this man was injured, and he wasn’t able to use the perfect stealth technique.

Fei also had locked Hershzen’s presence down, so there were traces. Fei carefully sensed the earth-attributed energy that was surging through the soil as he sped up 【Black Tornado】to chase after him.

Hershzen was very tricky.

After he merged into the soil, he tried to minimize and hide his presence as he slowly recovered from the damage that Fei dealt to him.

It wasn’t the first time that he had to escape.

He had successfully escaped from the chase of a six-star master before.

Therefore, after the initial panic, he had already calmed down. There was nothing in the world that would point to the true strength of the little King Alexander – a five-star warrior. This surprise shocked him, but he also felt very fortunate, “Thank god I reacted fast. After one encounter and knowing that I wasn’t his match, I didn’t hesitate, escape quickly and didn’t fall under the hands of that little king.”

“I have to inform His Highness Okocha as soon as possible. Otherwise, this may affect the plan.”

Hershzen traveled underground with some difficulty. The injuries in his arms had affected his traveling speed.

Fortunately for him, his mission was accomplished. He didn’t have to worry about not being able to face the prince’s questions and punishment.

But at this moment, danger emerged –

“Boom! Boom!”

Two loud noises sounded. They took Hershzen by surprise and he didn’t know what was happening. Before he could react, he felt two enormous forces break open the firm soil on top of him and continue to smash down.


That little king had caught up.

“He is using his brutal force to disrupt the ground to attack me? But……How did this damn king sense my existence underground?”

At this critical moment, Hershzen couldn’t think too much.

He gave up on protecting his injured arms and tried his hardest to rush forward. His travelling speed increased and he puked up a mouthful of blood as he did so. All of this effort was just enough to help him to escape from that attack. The two forces struck deep down into the ground and they missed Hershzen’s back by less than an inch (2 cm).

Before Hershzen could react, he heard another two booming sounds and another two forces struck the ground. The forces were aimed at Hershzen; they didn’t miss his location at all, as if that little king had X-ray vision.

Hershzen was scared to death.

His only option was to speed up and rush forward as quick as possible.

On the surface of the ground.

The big black dog【Black Tornado】really did turn into a tornado. It formed a strange route as it run forward. Fei continuously jumped into the air and punched at the ground. Under the dust, a series of fist marks were ironed into the soil and the forces from the punches cracked open the ground and formed numerous “spider webs” that spread to the surroundings.

Fei’s fists contained the monstrous physical power of the level 21 Barbarian. The power was sent deep into the ground and forced Hershzen to run around like a mouse.

Actually, more than ten seconds ago, Fei almost lost the man.

But at this moment, 【Black Tornado】demonstrated the tracking ability that surprised Fei – after the enhancement of the 【Hulk Potion】, this beast didn’t just increase in size and physical strength. The dog’s ability to smell things was amplified as well. During the high speed chase, 【Black Tornado】only needed to sniff the ground once to locate where Hershzen was; it hadn’t made a single mistake yet.

The beast was like a GPS.

One man and one dog were like cats teasing a rat, chasing after Hershzen on the ground.

At this point, Fei could easily capture the man who was previously acting like a dumbass. However, he suddenly realized that he should trace through the vines to find the fruit. He might be able to find more people who were hiding in the dark and more surprises if he followed this man. Therefore, Fei only tried to harass the man and not end his life.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Each punch that landed on the ground had just missed Hershzen’s body. As if Fei was playing a game of whack-a-mole, one man and one dog were having a lot of fun, and everything was going along Fei’s plan; where Hershzen was headed was getting clearer by the second.

He was headed to the inn/caravansary region at Chambord.

It was the place where all the emissaries from all the kingdoms lived.

“Sh*t, so it is these foreign people that are causing all the trouble…… I want to see which of these people dare to f*ck with me!”

Fei continued the chase.

It was already dark, and there were only a few people on the streets; however, there were Chambord soldiers guarding this region. After hearing the loud booming noise, they formed into a line as they yelled and tried to stop Fei.

“Back off!” Fei yelled as he approached them, “I command all of you to withdrawal from the caravansary region, this region no longer needs protection!”

“Ah…… It’s Alexander His Majesty!”

The soldiers quickly recognized that the person mounted on the big black dog was King Alexander, but they didn’t know where the enemy is. But after hearing the order, they didn’t hesitate and withdrew from the caravansary region like a tide.

Fei didn’t pause and rushed into the caravansary region.

There were about twenty emissaries from all the kingdoms and they were all concentrated into this region. Fei didn’t have the chance meet with all the princes and emissaries so he wasn’t too familiar with the surroundings. He just let 【Black Tornado】do its thing and follow the smell of Hershzen.

This quickly alerted the guests who were staying here.

“Who dares to cause trouble here?”

“How dare you, His Highness is already asleep, do you want to die?”

“Arrest him……”

A series of high pitched angry shouts sounded from the building on both sides of the street. However, Fei and the dog were too fast; normal people couldn’t tell what was happening at all. They could only feel a wind blowing through them as the booming sounds passed by. Some star ranked warriors and mages saw what was happening, but the sensation that the man and the dog emitted extinguished their curiosity and will to follow.

After chasing another two hundred yards, Hershzen traveled into a large stone building and stopped escaping.

“It looks like we found the source.”

Fei rode the dog and they jumped over the four-yard high wall easily. After getting into the yard of the building, many guards rushed out and surrounded them, but the most powerful warrior among them was only a one-star warrior. Under the enormous, ocean-like sensation Fei emitted, all of them had trouble standing there and breathing; none of them could yell or stop Fei.

“Bark! Bark! Bark!”

The dog sniffed and started barking at a location in the stone building.

Table of Content

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