Hail the King Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: You Have Problems.

When Fei exited from the Diablo World, the sun had begun setting to the west. However, the sun was still warm; the golden light passed through the incense tree’s branches and scattered all over the floor. There was still the sweet scent in the air.

He sat up from the bench, sleepily looked around, and noticed that the Princess Highness that previously had her eyes closed on the bamboo chair was now having dinner. On the stone table laid golden yellow barbequed meat, dozens of slices of grey rye bread, and a golden cup containing wheat oat soup.

This Princess Highness’s dinner was very normal.

At her side, there still not wasn’t even one guard. The female guard Susan that took Fei into the small yard never appeared again, and the blonde knight Roman Pavlyuchenko who always had a smile on his baby face didn’t bother making an appearance. He didn’t know where those two people went.

However, the 20 or so scents of powerful existences were still here closely protecting the princess. Fei could tell that about half of those scents were obviously different from before. Clearly, some guards had changed shifts.

“Ehh… I was asleep?”

This was Fei’s first sentence.

He wiped off the shining drool that flowed down during his sleep on the corner of his mouth, and without any formal or anxious expressions, he asked with a grinning face as if asking an old friend. Then, Fei stood up and stretched himself, and then rudely sat down on the stone chair across from the princess, and then leaned over to sniff the smell of the grilled meat…

“Umm… Smells really good, let me try some!”

When he picked up the knife and fork beside the silver plate and started skillfully cutting the golden brown meat with honey juice, Fei could clearly feel that the 20 or so scents hidden in the shadow intensified, just like 20 siege crossbows aimed at his back and ready to launch… Then, Fei saw the First Princess waving her thin hands as if shooing away flies, and then immediately after, the guards concealed their scent again and hid quietly in the shadows.

“Hey, this dinner isn’t prepared for you.”

This was the first time that the emperor’s First Princess who had beautiful and deep eyes spoke to Fei in front of him. Her voice was a little hoarse, but the feeling it gave was a very peaceful one – so peacefully quiet that it was a bit cold as if rejecting Fei a thousand miles away.

But Fei could clearly feel it; this feeling of apathy came from the bones, without any pretentious elements. It seemed like the owner of this pale white and weak body had gotten use to speaking to everyone with this attitude.

“You are the Princess. You don’t have to worry about food and clothing, so why are you so stingy?”

Fei just laughed in front of the Princess’s scolding, didn’t care at all, and the knife in in his hands shined under the sunlight, gently slicing the meat, and then putting another golden juicy barbeque meat into his plate.

The royal crowning emissary group brought their own chefs, and their craft was clearly a lot better than the ones at Chambord City’s royal palace. Fei enjoyed the meal very much, and at the end, he took the delicious oatmeal soup in the golden cup and took a sip.


A slight tone of mood swings rarely appeared from the First Princess. Her sapphire-like eyes glanced at the golden cup that Fei had drank from, and saw the soup stains and a clear lip print on it. Suddenly, she reached out, and then poured the rest of the soup onto the ground, and then stared provocatively at Fei.

This scene almost dropped the jaws of those guards hiding in the shadows. Some people even almost revealed their traces. This was really incredible; they had all been old guardians for Princesses Tanasha for a long time now, but when had they ever seen Princess Tanasha, who had been secretly known as the “ice asura” by the Saint Petersburg aristocracy, show such a childish side of her?

Unfortunately, Fei didn’t know all this.

He just kept on slicing and putting more meat into his plate. He didn’t even look at the oatmeal soup on the floor and just focused on chewing the meat on his plate. His eyes were smiling, as if saying, “I’ve already drank it, so I don’t mind the rest getting poured out.”

Her Royal Highness First Princess was shocked for a second.

Then, she started doing another thing that almost made the guards in the shadows bite off their tongue: she started fighting for the meat with Fei.

The two started a “war”.

The knives in their hands touched together every now and then, issuing a “tink tink” sound. Princess Highness’s body was skinnier and weaker, and her strength was also almost non-existent. She indeed didn’t know any martial arts, just like a vulnerable normal human. No, to be more precise, one should say that she might even be physically weaker than a normal human being, seeming a little bit morbid.

The “war” obviously ended in Fei’s victory.

He successfully dragged ¾ of the roasted pig onto his plate, and Princess Tanasha had about 1/8 in her plate, and the remaining 1/8 were eaten by Fei before the “war” even began.

Then, the two didn’t talk, and stared at each other and began the meat-eating competition.

This time, the Princess actually won. Although Fei ate at a faster rate, he had a lot more meat on his plate. After the Princess Highness finished her plate, she stared for a second, and then reached out her knife and began pillaging the meat on Fei’s plate. Ding ding dong dong ding dong dong. The waves of sounds of knives colliding sounded quite nice.

For the guards hidden in the shadow, at the moment, their heads had long been in a blank state.

They almost couldn’t believe everything they were seeing right now: the highly and cold as ice “Ice Asura” had disappeared, and what was presented in front of everyone’s eyes was a childish girl. Who would’ve thought that the Princess Highness would have so much “fun” with a lowly little king? Was this still the emperor’s female saint, whose wisdom was like the sea with a meticulous mind, whose one word could save thousands of lives and with one thought could destroy a noble family?

Fei didn’t know about all of that.

He thought that this princess was quite interesting.

After a hearty meal, Fei looked up and down at the woman in front of him, and then his face gradually became serious. He stared right at the Princess’s face for awhile, and then finally asked in puzzlement, “You got a problem?”

This sounded completely like swearing.

Sure enough, her Royal Highness Princess rose her brows, and a hostile scent flashed through her eyes.

At that moment, Fei suddenly had an illusion that the woman who sat in front of him had suddenly changed into another person. It was no longer the plain woman that was joking around with him like an old friend, but rather an ice cold peerless female hero that could control tens of millions of lives with a single thought.

“King Alexander, I commanded Susan to summon you because I want to ask about the coronation in three days. How’s the preparation going?” The Princess’s voice resumed its coldness from before, looking at Fei like a stranger, revealing the majesty of the Imperial Princess.

Fei heard and smiled, got up from the stone chair, and then lazily stretched himself.

“The coronation’s preparation… Well, it has been going on well, but I’m not too clear on this task. Later, I will let the herald Best who’s responsible for this to come report to your Royal Higness Princess. Hehe, you guys know each other anyways.”

Fei was the typical type of person where soft treatments worked on him, but tough treatments wouldn’t. Seeing how the princess was acting high and mighty now, he knew things wouldn’t be fun anymore. To be honest, he really didn’t care too much about Zenit Empire, so he just lazily answered the question and turned around to walk away.



*Sou sou sou sou* Four quick sounds broke the air, and 4 purple armored guard charged out from the side and cut off Fei’s path. These people were about the same in height and weight, and they were all wearing the unified purple light armor. The long swords at their waists were half-drawn from the scabbard, reflecting a cold light. They were all emitting a powerful force; everyone was at least at the peak 2-star level.

“Ignorant savage, quickly kneel down and beg for forgiveness from her Royal Highness Princess.” The bodyguards shouted, with their eyes coldly staring at the little king as if the moment he moved unexpectedly, they would be prepared to fully draw out their swords to kill him.

“Hehe, just you guys? You can’t stop me.”

Fei lazily raised his eyebrows, and a much stronger force came out of his body. The invisible pressure weighed down heavily onto these 4 purple armor guards. Not to mention drawing out their swords, they couldn’t even move, or even talk with ease. Even the other guards that were still hiding in the shadows were tightly locked by this sharp force, not even daring to breath heavily.

“It’s okay… Let him go.”

Her Royal Highness Princess who was watching all of this silently suddenly waved her hands and withdrew her guards.

At the same time, Fei smiled as he withdrew his force.

The four purple armor guards suddenly felt the pressure on them disappear, and they looked at each other in horror, completely not expecting this lowly king in their eyes to actually have such a terrifying level of power. If they really fought, they were afraid that even if all the colleagues hidden in the yard came out, they would still not be this “little” king’s match… The four guards all bowed to the princess and then disappeared.

Fei then started heading out taking big steps.

After taking a few steps, he thought of something, suddenly stopped, then threw out a little purple bottle onto the grass in front of First Princess Tanasha, and then proceeded to leave without even looking back.

“I’d say, proud Princess, your problems don’t look that light, and it looks like you can’t hold out much longer. For today, seeing as how you accompanied me for dinner, take this bottle of liquid medicine. Perhaps it will provide some help to your frail body.”

These were the last words Fei left her.

Table of Content

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